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WR Cameron Batson


(on being a smaller receiver but having a 'dog' mentality)

Yeah, me and the guys were joking, they would say like, 'They can't measure your heart,' and that's the thing, like I have a big heart. You can measure my height, my weight, but I'm going to go out there and give it my all regardless of my size.

(on what the competition has been like in the receiving room)

Yeah, it's a great group, we know the competition is there. We try to push each other, compliment each other, and that's the biggest key is building a foundation, being teammates. When one guy does good, try to compliment them, and you know, the next guy makes plays as well.

(on trying to make a statement in the final preseason game)

Oh yes, for sure. This is the last day of camp obviously, so it was being on me to try and go out there and try to solidify my spot and try and make this roster.

(on if he has given advice to younger players who haven't been through the roster trimming process)

Yeah, the biggest thing is you can't control anything besides your play and what you do on a day-to-day basis. So, every day you just have to take one foot in front of the other, keep going out there and pushing regardless of the circumstances.

(on putting in the work to be in a position to make plays)

It's definitely a lot of work, timing, quarterback trusting you. Quarterback putting it in a good spot where you can get it or no one can.

(on what the reaction will be on the final roster decision for the receivers)

It's definitely hard to say. Obviously, you are going to have some guys who are down, but the biggest key is just being together as a unit. You know the guys that are there, we built a foundation and team camaraderie with one another, so we don't have any decision over that. We just go out each and every day for opportunities.

(on how tough the competition has been among the receivers)

Oh yeah, it's a talented group. I embrace the competition. I feel like…I have been prepared for this since high school. A lot of my friends, we competed every day in college. We had guys who went out there and competed, and it's just part of the process, part of what you sign up with football. You know it's going to be a competition each and every year, there is going to be a guy coming in and trying to take your spot. You just have to go out there and solidify yourself.

(on what it was like seeing Stretch (John Streicher) in a different role tonight)

Oh, it was definitely great seeing Stretch (John Streicher) out there. Stretch (John Streicher) is a great guy, knows the game in and out. When Vrabes (Mike Vrabel) told him he would be taking over his duties at least for the night, I know Stretch (John Streicher) was happy and he actually made a good playcall when he threw the red flag out there on that catch, so kudos to Stretch (John Streicher).

(on if he knows who told Stretch (John Streicher) to throw the challenge flag)

I don't know who told him, I am sure he told himself. He saw it up there on the big jumbotron.

(on if it was odd not seeing Head Coach Mike Vrabel on the sideline)

Oh yeah, you are always looking to hear Coach Vrabes' (Mike Vrabel) voice, looking to the sideline. He is always animated, he's hyping, he gets the guys going, so it was definitely different not having him on the sideline.

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