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WR Calvin Ridley


Q: You claimed that everybody would be fine. How did that feel?

CALVIN RIDLEY: It felt good, especially coming off last week. It felt good. We worked hard this week. We got the win this week. 7-3, right?

Q: Is this what this offense is going to be like when Trevor [Lawrence] has the time to look down the field? Because he had that time today.

CALVIN RIDLEY: We knew we are an explosive offense with explosive players. We know that we have a lot of players that can make plays. Like I said, we just have to be in those moments and on the moment and win, win no matter who we are playing against. We just got to do that.

Q: Do you take as much satisfaction out of drawing a PI (passing interference) that goes for 35 yards than the catch?

CALVIN RIDLEY: No, I don't like that. I want to make the play. I want to make the catch to get the yards. It moves the ball for the team, but it doesn't move it for team, so I want to catch it and move, you know what I am saying? I want to make the competition.

Q: We have seen some need passes from Trevor [Lawrence]. How perfectly (thrown) were those two touchdown grabs?

CALVIN RIDLEY: Honestly, the first one we practice it. I can show you the practice clip. It was the same exact route, catch, look and that is how you play football. The next one, I thought [Christian] Kirk was going to get it, but they left me. Usually, they take me, and they left me. Made a great throw and catch for a touchdown.

Q: The play toward the end of half near the sideline. The big one. I bet you want more of those right? More one-on-one opportunities to win?

CALVIN RIDLEY: They are giving me that, I am not going to lie. I am on it. They have been giving me that. I just have to win, make the plays. Today, I made the plays and that I what I know I can do that all day and all game. So, I just have to be on the moment, be where my feet are and make plays for my teammates and this organization.

Q: Do you think you were going to have a big day?

CALVIN RIDLEY: Yes, I did. I knew today was going to be my day.

Q: How much of Zay's [Jones] return help open things up for you?

CALVIN RIDLEY: Obviously, Kirk is a beast and Evan [Engram], but when we complete core, I mean, come on. You know what I am saying? When we have our complete core, we are more comfortable. We communicate better. Zay is one of the leaders in our room. It just helps the offense settle down and we have a lot of options to more ourselves a part of the offensive style.

Q: Last year, those guys you just mentioned, seemed to hit a new level with Trevor, comfortability-wise. Do you feel that you are about to hit there?

CALVIN RIDLEY: I am going to do whenever I can to help my coaches feel ok and help this team win games and helps keep going. That is what I am about. It don't matter. Winning games and I want to be happy with my teammates.

Q: Is that a real thing though, comfortability-wise, you guys are new together. Does it just take time?

CALVIN RIDLEY: It takes time. Sometimes it takes three to four years. Just pop, pop, pop. I can promise you we can pop. We can pop good. We can. We won, we are 7-3 and that is how I see it.

Q: You have a big one next week. How big is it?

CALVIN RIDLEY: It's pretty big. The kicked our butt last time. We owe them. Divisional game. We need to go in there and be the big brother day.

Q: You have been confident all year, but today is seemed like you were on a new level. Is it almost like a weight off your chest a little bit thing. Like I have been going for a year and a half, but now I am back?

CALVIN RIDLEY: No, I did that in camp. I just need to make the plays. Make everybody know, I know, that is outside of this building that I am C-Rid. I am definitely confident in myself for sure.

Q: Does that matter to you what other people think?

CALVIN RIDLEY: No. I promise you. I wish you can feel my soul. I don't care about you all that much. Not you all, but work is my job. Sometimes my job is hard. I have a hard job, but I am confident in my ability to play football. But I don't care too much what people be talking about. I tell you that.

Q: You made your job look real easy today.

CALVIN RIDLEY: Man, I am happy. How about that? I am happy.

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