WR Adam Humphries

Sunday, Sept 20, 2020

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(on if he felt the offense was more crisp today)

Yeah, offensively we were able to stay on the field and ultimately get in the end zone, which is something we struggled with last week. Overall, being able to put some drives together and put points on the board is something we can take away from today.

(on quarterback Ryan Tannehill's decision making and how it helped the entire unit)

Ryan (Tannehill) was definitely on point today, as he was every day in practice this week. He did a good job of seeing what the defense is giving him, if there's pressure, or if there is a certain look that the play is not going to work great going into it, he will change it. He did a good job of staying poised and putting us in right play.

(on Ryan Tannehill's toughness to take a hit and still deliver him a touchdown pass)

That's awesome. That's what you want out of your quarterback as a receiver, just to trust you to go get it when the ball in is air. I didn't see the shot he took, but it was great he was able to put it out there and give me a chance to go up and make the play.

(on the overall confidence level of the offense)

Our offense is playing with some confidence right now. We've got confidence in Art (Arthur Smith) calling plays. We've got confidence in Ryan (Tannehill) leading our offense, and Derrick (Henry), and the entire offensive line through the receivers and tight ends. We've got confidence in all of our guys. So it's great to walk on field every Sunday and have confidence in our team like that.

(on how important the timing was on Ryan Tannehill's throw for his touchdown)

The ball to be in the air that long gave me a chance to peek at the free safety to see where he's at. I knew if I needed to go up and get it, or if I could run under it, or if I needed to go up and protect myself from a hit, I was able to peek to my right and see where he was at. Ryan (Tannehill) threw a great ball with pressure in his face, you can't say enough about it, and we executed it to perfection.

(on the importance of being 2-0 and if there is carry over from last year's run)

Being 2-0 is all we can ask for right now. When we watch the tape on Tuesday there will be a lot we can fix and a lot we can get better from. I do think there is some carry over from last year with our offense, with the way we've been able to work and communicate this offseason. Just to be on the same page is a great way to create confidence in our offense and we've been able to do that.

(on if they knew the passing game would have to step up today given what running back Derrick Henry has done to Jacksonville in the past)

Going into every game week, we know we all will have to step up in one way or another. Derrick (Henry) is our guy and our workhorse, he's going to do what he does. Today they made some good plays to stop him and not allow him to get some of those big plays he normally does. But its complementary football so we have to pull our end as wide receivers and tight ends. We were able to do that today and put points on the board.

(on if his touchdown play was emblematic of Ryan Tannehill's aim to be the steady hand that guides the team)

Yeah, he's our leader and we look to him in every situation. He's handled every situation and he handles it the way a NFL quarterback should. He leads our offense every day in practice and meetings and sets the example for us. He's tough. He stands in the pocket and takes some hits and delivers great throws to us. As receivers and tight ends, that is all we can ask for. He's a great leader for our team and we are just happy to be 2-0.

(on defensive back Joshua Kalu's squib kick play to help set up the field goal before half)

That play was awesome. It's a look we prepare for, the squib kick allowing them to run more time off the clock and not giving us a chance to score points. He was able to stop that kick and it put us in good field position. We worked a lot in practice in that situation with Firk (Anthony Firkser) and (Ryan) Tannehill to make that throw and get us down in position to get three points, because that was obviously a big play in this game.

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