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WR A.J. Brown


How do you think Ryan Tannehill played today?

"(Ryan Tannehill) did a good job. Especially on the one where he broke the tackle. That was a 1-2 playing. He got away from the defender and threw the ball down the field to Nick (Westbrook Ikhine). That was a huge play I think to score. We scored that drive and changed the momentum."

You think there is some momentum for the passing game now to carry over?

"I think so. I truly believe we just do what we're told, you know. We run the ball, we block. Whenever we throw the ball, and we do what we do. We just try to do our job when our number is called.

It was mixture of both, a little more on the passing side today in the first half, and we showed."

How big was it to get Julio Jones involved?

"Man, it's good just to have him out there, man, doing what he does. Just like I said, just him being out there, you got to account for him. I'm glad to see him get in the end zone. He was excited."

Did you see the play where Ryan Tannehill escaped the near sack?

"For sure. I saw it. I thought the play was over. I saw the dude jump on his back. I immediately stopped because I'm like, man, it's a sack. But somehow, he came out and saw Nick (Westbrook-Ikhine), and it was a great play."

 What did you tell Ryan Tannehill at the end of that drive?

"Oh, I didn't say nothing to him, but it was a great play though. Everybody was saying something, though."

What do you think that says about Ryan Tannehill?

"I think -- I ain't gonna say I think, I know. Ryan has been showing that all year. He's been getting hit, and he's been staying in the pocket delivering balls. That was just one play. He's been showing toughness all year."

How important was it for you guys to get the No.1 seed?

"It definitely gives us an advantage, home field advantage, a lot of momentum, but we still got to come out and play ball. Clean up a couple drives in the second half, clean that up, and just do what we do. So, I'm excited. I know we're excited. But at the end of the day, we know we got to be clean because playoff ball is different. It's a new season."

Given the rest you guys are about to get, what else do you guys think you can do to benefit from the bye week?

"Watch a lot of film, study and take advantage of each and every day. And Everybody get treatment, you know. Just like I said, just take advantage of the day, just being a pro."

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