WR A.J. Brown


Sunday, Nov. 8, 2020

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(on his 40-yard touchdown catch being rated as Next Gen Stats' most improbable catch)

I've got a question for you. Where do people come up with the improbability of a catch? I kind of drilled into Ryan (Tannehill)'s head all week whenever the play is called and I get an opportunity one-on-one to throw the ball, and he trusts me and I made a play for him. So, you know, hopefully we can keep it going.

(on if there was miscommunication on the third-and-nine play early in the game)

Unlike some other passes, we just didn't connect on that one. I don't know if on that play it is a question for him, but didn't connect on that one and a couple of others today.

(on what it is like adding new players on the field)

Just got to stay ready. I think all week long it depends on how the game goes. You never know what can happen. It's about being a pro, staying ready so you don't have to get ready. Credit to the guys coming in and helping us. They're not normal starters but they are doing a great job coming in and playing a role.

(on his touchdown celebration)

For some weeks I have been thinking about jumping on the goal posts and I forgot. They got to at least honor that first, you know? Just try to have fun when I am out there and whatever comes to my mind I try to do, but I got to handle my business first and then I celebrate.

(on how important it is to show that he has downhill running ability)

It's at least got to be on film that you can take a guy over the top, then they got to worry about something else. They got to worry about the catch and run ability, so couple of things added to the arsenal is not a bad thing.

(on the importance of the team winning today to get back on track)

It was real important to get this win. It's midway through the season. A lot of teams go down, a lot of teams go up, a lot of teams stay the same, been preaching that all week and that's true. Last year we started going in the up direction. Every game, every week we just started focusing and get the win. It doesn't matter how you get it. It can be ugly, it can be pretty, it doesn't matter, it's about winning games.

(on if there was miscommunication earlier in the game on the deep incompletions and having an opportunity later in the game on a deep shot)

It was nice period just to take a shot, because the first two balls, number 24 (Buster Skrine), whatever number, jumped both routes. So, we had to let them know we will take them deep. We had to let them know, just a thought so he can sort of back up a little bit and be a little more conservative. At first he was kind of trigger happy, so we had to try to see if we could take him off the top. So, we got him to thinking a little bit.

(on not concern about taking hits as other receivers)

Yeah, you worry about the hits you don't see of course. That time I braved myself. I don't worry about getting hit. I try to do the hitting. But that time I had gotten a chance to gather myself and get some yards after the play.

(on getting more comfortable in the league)

My confidence is still growing. I like to tell myself I haven't done anything yet, never too high, never too low. I'm still working every day, always trying to improve something to my game. I am nowhere I want to be, but I feel like I am getting there.

(on if he wants to score to be a tone-setter on offense)

I am always trying to find a way to get the ball, get the team going no matter when it is. I like to be a spark whenever. But I got to do what is necessary, do other things before all that takes place and not worry about the ending, so that's my mindset when I am out there. Do little things first and the big stiff happens afterward.

(on when he met cornerback Desmond King II and seeing him score a touchdown in his Titans debut)

I met him yesterday in the locker room, he introduced himself, talked a little bit. We were talking on the sideline how about his first game getting a touchdown. That's crazy. He played a good game today. I am excited for him to be a part of the team.

(on early miscommunication and adjustments made)

Like I said earlier, we just wanted to let them know we will take them deep because he was jumping. He jumped the first two routes so we had to at least put the thought in his mind even if we didn't complete it that we will take him deep, we will go deep on them. I don't know if Ryan (Tannehill) was trying to look off the safety or whatever, but the second time we connected and he threw a great ball. I finished the play.