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WR A.J. Brown


(on how big it was for the passing game to lead the offense in the first half today instead of leaning on the run game)

For me, personally, I was just trying to make a play each and every time the ball came to me. You know, we try to just keep going and wear guys down at the end of the game. We got out to an early lead so, unfortunately, Derrick (Henry) can't break a long run like we would normally see, but he definitely has carried the team and he's going to continue to do that.

(on what today's performance means after a tough start to the season)

It means nothing. I tell myself I haven't done anything. I've got to keep getting better, got to keep working. I'm on to the next.

(on if Friday was the turning point for him after battling food poisoning)

Yeah, it was like on Friday that it got a lot better for me.

(on if he's been able to eat a lot of food over the last few days)

Not a lot, not a lot. A lot of fluids, though.

(on the confidence level to see what the team is capable of)

For the team, huge wins against two great opponents. You know, it's definitely going to give us momentum going into the game next week.

(on if this was one of the most complete team performances he's seen in a while)

I think we did well in all three phases today. Defense stepped up big time. They stopped them a lot. They've got some really good players over there. To hold them to three, that tells you everything you need to know. They had a really good day today on defense.

(on what was clicking for quarterback Ryan Tannehill and his passes today)

I don't know. The first ball, Ryan (Tannehill) literally dropped it in the bucket. You know, you'd have to talk to him. That was a great throw for him. He always does a good job of giving me the ball, on target. Like I said, he couldn't put it in a better place the first one.

(on playing 60 percent of the snaps today and retaining his energy and fluids)

I was fine. I was fine. You know, some plays you get fatigued, but for the majority, I was fine. Definitely moving in the right direction.

(on momentum and flow in the passing game from Monday through today)

We definitely used the momentum. It's just the approach, a mentality we brought into this game. We started out pretty good and kept going and defense backed us up.

(on if he lobbied for the call to be looked at that was initially ruled incomplete)

Oh, for sure. I looked directly at him (Mike Vrabel). He told me to relax so he knew I wanted him to challenge it.

(on if the team put Monday night behind them and was ready for today's game)

I can't – to be honest, I don't know. I came (to practice) on Friday so that was my first time seeing the guys on Friday. But on Friday, I definitely feel we had the right mindset going into the game.

(on how much weight he lost and if he got it back)

I lost a couple of pounds. I'm still trying to get it back. It definitely was tough. You know, not practicing on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday. Just trying to get my wind up, prepare for the game. It definitely was tough but I'm headed in the right direction.

(on the team being close to a 'pick your poison' offense)

I don't like to – I don't want to say. I definitely think we are moving in the right direction. This is one game. We didn't win the Super Bowl today. We're not going to get a big head about one win.

(on if the back-to-back wins have put the league on notice about the Titans)

The league is going to do its thing. They are going to say, 'Look out for the Titans. They beat the Chiefs. They beat the Bills.' But, I mean, for us, it's week to week. It's a week-to-week league and it's tough. We've got to come in and we've got to go work every week. No matter what the gameplan is, like nobody knows who is going to win when you go out there. You can have the perfect gameplan and it can all go wrong. Like I said, it's a week-to-week league and we're going to try to stay focused and worry about next week against the Colts.

(on being impressed by the Titans defense)

Most definitely because those guys, they've got some really good guys over there. You know, to hold them to three, flying around, making tackles, doing whatever, picks, fumbles. Of course, I'm very impressed.

(on being up 7-0 early with the screen to running back Jeremy McNichols and how big of a moment that was)

Seems like Jeremy (McNichols) always comes up with some screens, comes up on third down with a screen. You know, he does a really good job and help converting. That gave us some momentum, you know, to not get a safety and get up out of there.

(on running back Derrick Henry being a stronger MVP candidate after today's touchdown)

I'm always going to say Derrick (Henry) for MVP. He got a throwing touchdown under his belt, a passing touchdown. Yeah, for sure, for sure. You've got to account for that.

(on keeping his bland menu)

I'm going to try not to. You know, I got to eat. You know I like to eat so we'll see.

(on it being impressive the team has so many injuries and still earns wins)

Injuries are part of the game. It's a next man up mentality in this league and for us. We've got guys who are stepping in and stepping up big time for us, plugging in, and we're just going to try to keep going.

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