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WR A.J. Brown


Sunday, Dec. 13, 2020

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(On his one-handed touchdown catch) "I didn't really see anything until I got to the sideline, that I caught the ball with one hand. We dream of catches like that, but we don't try to do that. Well, at least I don't. But he was holding my left hand and I just tried to make a play on the ball."

(On what changed for the Titans as an offensive unit to help carry them through the end of the game) "Just trying to put it together. We're just trying to put it together. During drives, keep the momentum and just put it all together, making plays here and there, keep converting on third downs."

(On how he approached this week that helped him and the Titans bounce back from a loss to the Browns) "To be honest, none of us care what people think, what people say. We're not being mean, we really don't like it. It's highs and lows, so you're not going to go out and have 100-plus yards every week. You're going to do whatever, so I just don't care."

(On if he felt he was in store for a big day after his touchdown) "I mean, it definitely gave me the momentum and the confidence, after the catch. We're just trying to make the most of it, every opportunity I get. That's what I be thinking about."

(On what it would mean for him to reach 1,000 yards receiving again) "To be honest, it don't really mean anything at this point. We're trying to get wins, we're trying to go to the playoffs. I'm just trying to answer the call when my number gets called to make plays. You get all these stats and stuff, they don't matter. That's my mindset about it."

(On what he's doing physically to try to hone in on his pass-catching) "I'm catching balls every day. That's been since day one, you know. Even when I'm dropping balls, I'm still doing the same routine. I believe in my routine. Stuff happens, you're not going to catch every ball. I'm trying to catch every ball. I'm not going out there to drop (it). So each and every opportunity, I'm just trying to make the most of it. (I've) been in my own head a lot, but that's it, I just stopped caring what people think."

(On focusing on the fundamentals first when making a catch) "Most definitely. I go back and watch my drops. I'm ready to run after the catch so that's what happens with most of my drops. Like the one today, I knew the guy was coming out, I knew the guy was breaking on me and I was just trying to catch the ball and then make sure I get the first down, but I have to do the little things. I have to make sure I secure the ball with my eyes first and then I can do everything else after."

(On seeing the offense play well in the run and the pass game) "[It's] complimentary football. It's definitely fun when we all hit it. Derrick [Henry]'s doing his thing, offense's doing its thing. It's definitely fun to get a win, period, already."

(On wearing Falcons WR Julio Jones' jersey during pregame warmups) "I just wanted to show him a little love today. it wasn't for something big or trying to be seen or anything like that. It was just to show love. He's the best dude in the game. I know I want to be [like him]. That's who I'm chasing. I have to remind myself even before the game that's who I'm chasing to be great."

(On playing similar to the end of last season) "I'm not going to jump the gun about anything too current. It's a tough league week to week. You have to show up every week. [We're] definitely going to try to use this as momentum going into the next week. [We have to] keep working every day."

(On keeping the defense guessing) "We're watching film just like they're watching film. We're watching things that they don't like, and we try to put it in our game, put in our arsenal. So we're on film just like they're on film, too. It goes both ways."

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