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WR A.J. Brown


(on the contrast between having a good individual performance on a day that was a down day for the team)

It wasn't good enough. I'm kind of kicking myself in the butt for plays that I felt like I should have tried to break a tackle or something, you know? The outcome – this is not the outcome we wanted. So it wasn't good enough.

(on the finality of the season being over)

Pointless. It doesn't matter. We didn't get the job done. We're not here to see how good the regular season can be. We're trying to win the Super Bowl.

(on if the nine sacks tallied by the defense adds to the frustration of the loss)

Oh, most definitely. We definitely had our opportunities to finish drives and we didn't. Defense bought us out over and over again and we didn't.

(on why this loss isn't just quarterback Ryan Tannehill's responsibility)

I can't speak on none of that. That's not my job. I'm going to stand up here and talk about 'We' as a group, myself most importantly. It wasn't good enough as an offense.

(on being confident as a team the last time they had the ball)

All day we were just shooting ourselves in the foot. It wasn't really (anything) they were doing. We were stopping ourselves.

(on if something is missing after two years and two playoff losses and where the team goes from here)

That's not my job to try to pinpoint what's missing and what's not. But I think collectively as a group, we have more than enough talent in that locker room. It comes to execution, and today we just fell short. We had opportunities and we didn't get it done.

(on if there was a route mix up when he got open deep in the first quarter)

That's just one we missed on, you know? It be like that sometimes.

(on if it feels like progress when the season ends like this no matter what the team has done)

I don't want an award trophy, a participation trophy. I mean, that's not what I'm in it for. So no, not for me.

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