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WR A.J. Brown


(on the Titans winning back-to-back AFC South titles)

It feels pretty good. Me personally, I feel like this is the new standard here, but we want more. It feels good to go back-to-back, but it's not the end goal. Just to be a part of this special group just moving forward, it feels great. We are excited. We appreciate it. But this is not where we want to stop. 

(on the success in the run game over the Dolphins)

The plan coming in was to run the ball. Be more physical. And we ran the ball really well, so D'Onta (Foreman) and all the other backs did a really good job today. It kind of took it out of our hands, but we threw it when we needed to. Most important, we got the 'W,' so it's not a problem.

(on how good it is for the Titans control their own destiny in terms of seeding)

It's not all the way in our hands yet. It definitely gives us a level of comfort, but we know we've got a lot of work ahead, and we've got to do what we've got to do. We have to come out and play, no matter who we are playing, no matter what the seed. The extra week is going to feel good for rest and to get everybody back healthy. But we know we have a long road ahead. It is important to have the playoff games here. They come here. We don't have to go anywhere, and we have homefield advantage. All that stuff plays a part. That's the great thing about it.

(on the importance of ball security)

Protecting the football each and every game is important. You can't win these tough games in the NFL with turnovers, so it was just another week. He (Mike Vrabel) is going to preach that every week. Protect the football, no matter who we play.

(on if the team had extra motivation to beat the Dolphins with Miami being quarterback Ryan Tannehill's former team)

Oh, most definitely. All week I never heard Ryan (Tannehill) say anything about the Dolphins, until the last little drive. He wanted to go and put it on them. I can't tell you what he said.

(on the Titans getting charged up by the fan support and enthusiasm today against the Dolphins)

Man, that gives us tremendous confidence, when the fans are on our side and cheering their butts off. It helps us out a lot. We feed off their momentum. And our fans shouldn't listen to naysayers out there, either. We appreciate them.

(on knowing how important it was to win today and going out and getting a victory)

Most definitely. We had to worry about ourselves and we had to win today. We are not really worried about anyone else no matter what cards we were dealt. We had to win today, and we got the win today. Next week, it's going to be winning next week, against Houston. We know that right now, it's playoff football. And we are already trying to get in form, because it gets tougher.

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