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WR A.J. Brown


(on what is like returning to play)

Very grateful, I feel very grateful just to play football again. I tweeted I missed playing football because I did. I was on IR watching the games, tough losses. It was tough to watch. I know it was tough for our guys to be in those games, losing those big games. It was tough for me to watch them. I really feel like this is my purpose of living, you know, so it was tough.

(on team coming back strong in second half)

Our motto at halftime was just make a play and then make another and then make another one. That is what it came down to, just making plays. Do your job and let the chips fall where they may.

(on if there is anything that caused the success on third downs)

That's the money down, that's the money down. You've got to convert, keep these drives going. It's a tough league. That's a tough defense. They welcomed me back, very physical, you know especially the first half.

(on the process of his recovery)

It was tough, it was tough, but I wasn't able to get my heart rate up for like two weeks. So, I couldn't do nothing. So, when I got back, you know I was dying. I was doing a lot of conditioning even doing conditioning on my own. So out there between periods, I was running and trying to get as much as I can to build that. It was tough, they worked the hell out of me.

(on if he had any issues returning to game action)

No, I felt fine. I mean, the shot probably wore off, but I felt fine.

(on his return having impact to entire team)

This game kind of goes off momentum. They make a play, you make a play. (The defense is) the one that got the pick down there in the red zone. They turned the game around for us. We feed off each other. I was glad that I could give them a boost and give them a boost. To be honest, I just am having fun playing, just playing and having fun.

(on how he thought his teammates felt on his return)

They kept saying welcome back in the middle of the game. Keep going, keep going. Keep carrying us, keep carrying us. So, like I said for me none of that was on my mind. I was just having fun. Everybody was saying calm down, settle down. I was enjoying myself, not trying to get too carried away. Like I said, I am just grateful just to be back out there and play the game that I love.

(on if he thought his return was a relief)

I wouldn't say all that, man. I was just trying to make plays with (Ryan) Tannehill. He told me before the game, we tell each other, 'Make plays for me today, all day.' That's what I was trying to do. We had guys step up. Nick (Westbrook-Ikhine) had a couple of big catches on third down. So, all that's behind us, we are moving forward.

(on reconnecting with quarterback Ryan Tannehill after his play in his absence)

It was good to be back out there. I am not speaking on anything happening when I wasn't out there. So, I wouldn't dare on speak on anybody else.

(on describing the play before the touchdown)

I know exactly the play you are talking about. I had like a crossing route, not going to tell you the route. Jimmie Ward is a great player, physical player. As soon as I straightened him up, he grabbed me. I just got him up off me, I had to play through him. I can't let him stop me from where I am trying to go. I am pretty sure 49ers fans said that's PI, but you know he grabbed me first. I do have the right to get him up off me. So that's what and I did and he just fell down.

(on his pass attempt)

Yeah, let's talk about that pass. I thought it was a pretty good pass. But that's why we are in the NFL. They pay those guys to make plays and the big bucks.

(on if there was motivation with his friend and 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel)

Yeah, yeah we talked all week. He told me be careful man, their defense out there hits. He didn't really want me to come back, but that's my guy, man, that's my brother.

(on picking up where he left off with quarterback Ryan Tannehill)

We do have a good connection. We do have a good connection. We missed some throws tonight, that's just because I have been out. But we do have a good connection. I am excited to fill the void for him, and take a load off of him.

(on if it has made a difference working with Ryan Tannehill for a period of time)

Of course, of course that started (at) practice over and over again, putting in extra hours when nobody is watching, offseason, you know, that's it.

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