WR A.J. Brown


Sunday, Nov. 29, 2020

# # #

I'm sure that you saw that drop in Nashville in your sleep for a couple of weeks. How much pressure had you put on yourself to make up for that one today?

"Oh, I replayed it. It was in my mind for like two weeks, to be honest. It was definitely a rough week. I was just trying to just shade back, but I have learned, it's week-to-week, some highs and lows, you've got to appreciate the lows because it gives you more motivation, so yeah."

How big of a moment was that for you guys up 28-14 and Coach Vrabel calls timeout, takes the punt team off the field on fourth down and really lets you guys go for the kill shot there?

"It just shows what type of confidence he has in us. He has an aggressive mindset. He tells us all the time that we need to be aggressive, so we were cool with the call."

How big of a statement is it the last two weeks going on the road and beating Baltimore and then Indianapolis?

"It's always tough to win on the road. Obviously, that's a really good team over there. It definitely says a lot, though, but we know that's not what we are trying to do. We still have a long road ahead. It's week-to-week, like I said. We're trying to be 1-0 every week, no matter if we're playing home or away."