WR A.J. Brown


You guys get this win to take a commanding lead in the division. How big of a win would you say this is?

"This was a heavyweight fight. This was blow for blow, we score, they score. It was a really tough game and we found a way to get the win."

What is it about you that you that you come up big in big games?

"For me guys, it's really not me. It's (Ryan) Tannehill. Like some of the throws today, he couldn't have put it in a better place. I was more hyped about the throws than what I did, what I did with the catch, but he's been spot on. He's always been accurate, but he has been balling."

They made you wait a while for your first touch, was it super special to take it to the house?

"Of course, I've learned over a period of time to stay in the game. If I don't get a catch in the first quarter or the second quarter, just stay in it because I know that they're going to come to me eventually and right there I made the most of the opportunity."

How big was that when you score on that play right after the whole deal with the interception and fumble and all that?

"I think that was the play where we tied it up 14-14. That was big to give us momentum to just change the game around because like I said earlier, it was a heavyweight fight today. It was blow for blow."