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WR A.J. Brown


(on the illness he had coming into the game)

It was food poisoning. I had some bad Chipotle. I got three IVs. I got two this morning. I got bag and half before the game. I didn't know if I was going to play or not. They expected me to play, but you don't really know.

(on if there was any doubt in his mind that he was going to play)

Yeah, it has been a rough 48 hours. Leading up to the game it was still, without a doubt, there. They gave me a whole bunch of medicine, as much medicine as I could take. Really hoping this interview can hurry up so I can go and sit down.

(on if the illness affected him at all during the game)

I kind of forgot about it. Third quarter it got a little better for me, then the fourth quarter it hit me all over again. I was definitely just trying to fight through it.

(on if tonight could be an example of the offense they have always wanted to be)

I think so. Second half we started competing. Derrick (Henry) was doing his thing early on. Once we can do both, no telling where this offense can go.

(on being able to connect so effectively with quarterback Ryan Tannehill)

He was leaning on me. He told me he needed me. I was just trying to fight through as best as I could and make plays for him. It was good.

(on if he felt like he could have scored on a play across the middle if he was 100 percent)

I think what was going on was it was a three-man rotation. Three- or four-man rotation and I was already gassed. I was trying to do the best I could to get down. It had nothing to do with my hamstring, I feel fine.

(on where this game ranks in his list of all-time favorites)

It is probably top two. My rookie year against the Chiefs, that was a really good game. I am pretty sure that came down to the end. That is all I can think of.

(on the resiliency of the team after losing players to injuries)

We always preach next man up. It is sad to see guys go down, but it is kind of what it is in this league. We just keep going. Pray the guys get healthy so they can come back, but it is next man up mentality, and we did a really good job today.

(on the final play of the game)

That was crazy. I didn't really know what happened, but I saw a celebration and everybody celebrating so I assumed we must have stopped them. We tend to stop a lot of people on the goal line. I am happy for the defense, they picked it up big time.

(on his hamstring)

Hamstring is fine. Let's clear this up, when I said Week 10, that was for me. That was for as far as I could go conditioning-wise. I am not on any snap count. That is just as far as me. I think by Week 10 I should be able to go play-for-play the entire time, like, not coming out one time. That is what I mean. I know you guys had a good time with that.

(on what his phone was like after the game and how much it means to win on a national stage like Monday Night Football)

Phone is going crazy after the game. That was a really good game on Monday Night Football. Pretty sure we gave the people what they wanted to see, a really good game on Monday Night. That is a really good team we played today. Looking forward to next week against another really good team.

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