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WR A.J. Brown


Sunday, Oct. 18, 2020

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Q. AJ, for starters, just your touchdown play to force overtime, walk us through that play? Did you have any doubt that you were in, and how much did you pay attention to the replay after you had scored?

AJ BROWN: That play, when he called the call I knew it was coming to me. Just make sure I secure the catch and make sure I try to get my feet down. And to be honest, I didn't feel my left foot come down. I was kind of nervous, but like I said, I thought my shin or knee was down, so I made it close, but next time I most definitely would double tap my feet.

Q. When you watched Derrick Henry do what he did today, 94-yard touchdown and to win the game in overtime, does he keep finding ways to surprise even his teammates?

AJ BROWN: To be honest, Derrick is very special. We know we've just got to try to do as much as we can. He's going to do the rest. He's a big power back. He has that breakaway speed as we seen today. Waiting on that on all season, and moving forward going to hopefully see the same thing, but we know we will.

Q. How much confidence do you guys have in Ryan in these clutch situations to make the right play and move you down the field? And two, am I crazy to think he might be getting into the conversation for MVP? I know it's early, but he's doing going some things that's not many guys are.

AJ BROWN: We always had confidence in him, to be honest. When he took the quarterback spot we had confidence in him then. Like I said, and I say it every week, he's a gentlemen. He tells us what he wants and he demands what he wants so he can deliver a good ball. MVP stuff, I don't think you're crazy. I think he's playing really well right now. Like I said with him, only thing he cares about is wins. He doesn't care about stats and all that. All he wants to do is win.

Q. Talk just a little bit about the transformation. This offense as gone from being one that was decent last year and had its moments to kind of being explosive all over the place in the run and the pass this year.

AJ BROWN: I think it goes to show like our work in the off-season. It was tough. We had to do it virtual. But just like last week, we had to tune in mentally, and that's what it comes down to. I think we're all locked in. Shout out to Arthur (Smith). He's given everybody opportunities to make plays. It's not one person making plays. It's everybody doing what they're supposed to be doing, everybody holding each other accountable at a high level.

So I think winning is fun, it's fun, and right now we love this feeling. Next week we going to try to do 1-0 again.

Q. You mentioned that you knew that pass was coming to you. We assumed it was going to be a spike play. Is that something you guys work on specifically to kind of hurry up? Anything you can tell us about how much you guys worked on that and what that play is?

AJ BROWN: I can't tell you the call, but I just told him to throw me the ball no matter what. Just throw it up. I'll make a play. Like I said, I knew the ball was coming to me because he was going to give me an opportunity. It was on the left hash and a shorter throw. Like I said, I knew he was going to give me a chance, and he delivered a good ball and I made the catch.

Q. You said you told him?

AJ BROWN: Yeah, I told him. Yes, hell yeah.

Q. I guess I wonder how the knee was holding up. I know you weren't in there for the first part of the big drive. And also during the game time drive, what was kind of the chatter in the huddle there? You guys have been in that situation so often this year.

AJ BROWN: We try to thrive at two minute when we're under pressure. We spend a lot of time and practice on two minute, and we try to come up clutch one more time. Everybody doing what they're supposed to be doing. When things went bad, when Ryan threw an interception, we went back out there. We were still comfortable. We were still comfortable. The huddle was, let's go. We got this. We've been here before. Let's go. We do this.

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