What They're Saying About Ken Whisenhunt


Former Cardinals QB Kurt Warner

"I thought he did a great job with us at Arizona. He brought honesty, integrity and consistency in his approach. It was enormous for us because we hadn't won. He convinced us that we could win, that he had a plan and it will work. His biggest challenge was to convince us that we could do it.

I consider him a players' coach and I say that in a good way. He listens to players and takes their input. Now he may not always do what the players want if he doesn't believe in it, but he has an open door. He also had a good pulse on the team and what we needed. His style also gave us ownership in the process, knowing that our voice could be heard, which was huge for us. It also helped the leaders on the team solidify those roles knowing we could have an impact with the coach. It helped the leaders be leaders.

Offensively, what I loved about him was his flexibility. When he got to Arizona, his background in Pittsburgh was mostly two back/two tight end offense. But that wasn't how we were built in Arizona. He was flexible to ideas and learned how I saw the game and fit the offense to what we had. We were able to develop an offense that was one of the best in the NFL and that input from those in the offense gave them an ownership and buy-in that helped us as well. You saw that in San Diego too. He was multiple in what he did there and was flexible to cater to what they had on the roster. I think he has grown a great deal in the last five or six years in his offensive approach and you see the success he has had.

I appreciate his consistency, especially when you see coaches change because of success or struggles. He is a man of integrity and never wavered from that. He says what he is going to do and follows through on that. As players, sometimes you might not agree with it, but you know where he stands and you can battle for guys like that."


Former Steelers Head Coach/Current NFL on CBS Analyst Bill Cowher

"He spent time with us (at the Steelers) as both a tight ends coach and offensive coordinator and he works great with players. He played the game and he was respected by the players for his knowledge. He also was innovative and creative but always sound in what he did. He would put players in a position to be successful and get the most out of them. It is important in the NFL to be able to create those situations for success, because the challenges change on a weekly basis.

I think it is a great hire by Tennessee. You look at what he did in Arizona and when he had stability at the quarterback position, he was very good. He will get the most out of the talent that they have there. I wish him nothing but the best."


Former Steelers RB Jerome Bettis

"First and foremost, Ken believes in old-fashion football. When you look at the playoffs this year and you see the teams that are having success, they have the ability to run the football. The running game wins games and wins championships. Ken understands this. He also believes that a strong defense is a critical component to any championship team, it isn't just about the offense.

I believe he is a great hire. He is going to breathe life back into the running game, whether CJ is there or not, because he will find a way to run it. That franchise has a proud history of running the football and being in the playoffs and Ken will bring those things back to Nashville."

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