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Weekend Mailbag: Titans Fans Weigh in Following the First Wave of Free Agency


NASHVILLE – There's been a flurry of activity in Music City in the past week.

The Titans signed seven free agents – receiver Calvin Ridley, running back Tony Pollard, center Lloyd Cushenberry, cornerback Chidobe Awuzie, linebacker Kenneth Murray, quarterback Mason Rudolph and offensive lineman Saahdiq Charles – in the last two days.

The team has also reached deals with some of their own free agents, and more visits are on the horizon.

Meanwhile, others have departed.

I've heard from plenty of you during the process.

Let's check the pulse in this weekend's Titans mailbag…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Ben Mead from Cherry Valley, Arkansas
Comment: Hey Jim. Whoa, what a week! Alot of big sightings that point to the idea that Titans feel they can compete for the division this year. I love it! Alot of people are saying the Titans overpaid for Calvin Ridley. Honestly with the huge increase in the salary cap this year everyone's price is going to go up, this is simply the first wave. Also I recently learned that teams must spend a minimum of the cap anyways. So why not shoot your shot on a guy that can completely change this offense. Ridley let's Burks move to the slot where he is probably better suited. I'm not considering Chig a lost cause I think he can blossom with this amount of talent around him. And with the addition of Pollard having two capable receiving backs running wheel routes and screens! I guess my question is are you as excited as I am to see this offense in action next year! I fell in love with this team because of their hard-nosed style. Run the ball, stop the run and wear them down physically and mentally. But I'm ready to get some popcorn and enjoy the show! TITAN UP!!!!!

Carlos Perez from Columbus, Indiana
Comment: Hi Jim, I bet your inbox is already full! No question today, just want to say the biggest THANKS to The King! We all knew he was not coming back but I had some hope to see him finish his carrer in the two-tone blue. Will be tough to watch my Titans without him. Besides the 99 yards run, my favorite Henry memory is watching him at Indy (when Murray was the starter) running over the Colts in the 4th quarter, (2017 season) it was amazing watching him playing live for the first time, my son and I knew he was good, but that day we realized he was a special talent. Like a good Titan, I hate the Ravens, but at the end of the day, better them than the Texans. A new era is starting now. Thanks and Titan Up!

Daryl Stjohn from Panama City Beach, Florida
Comment: Saw the Ridley signing. I have not been this happy in a long time. Thank, the team looking so very good in excited already go titans.

John Deane from Wellingborough, United Kingdom
Comment: Hi Jim. So its official no more 22, can't really understand how Pollard is a better deal in either yards or dollars. I expect if he is used properly by Baltimore he will prove my theory. Lets be honest last year's alleged downturn was due to his reduction in touches, with him not being used at the business end of games. I doubt if any other running back other than 22 would have gained 1,000 yds with a Balsa wood OL. I have to apologise to you for banging on about his under use for most of last season. Just hope the GM has his finger on the pulse.

Mike Knecht from Wappingers Falls, New York
Comment: Hi Jim. Thanks for keeping Titans Nation informed. We knew this was coming, but it still hurts. Derrick Henry signed with the Ravens. Sorry but I believe Pollard, and Spears don't add up. I know we are in a rebuild, but I would have resigned Derrick, and not signed Pollard. Does that make sense? Hopefully we get a good offensive lineman in the first round. Thanks again Jim, just still hurting.

Jonathan Leavitt from Riverside, California
Comment: It has been a long time since I last wrote in with a question/comment.
I just do not understand the direction our team is headed. Was Derrick Henry a problem for the new coaching staff? The large cap we have coupled with the signing of a 30 year old Pollard to a 3 year $24 million deal vs the 30 year old Derrick Henry deal with the Ravens at 2 years for $14 million. So if my math is correct - Pollard is $8 million/year and Henry $7 mill/yr.
While the same age, Henry is bigger and faster with more years playing experience. There is a huge difference in rushing yards with DH at 9502 and TP at 3621 and their receiving numbers are comparable. On paper, Henry is the winner as I view the numbers. Why didn't we keep the better of the two backs? How does this help our team?
Guess I will not purchase anymore new Titans jerseys as whenever I do it is the kiss of death for that players tenure with our team!
Goodbye Derrick Henry!
You will be missed and forever loved in Nashville!

Dan Baird from Nashville, Tennessee
Comment: I'm sure the "That's it! Henry gone? Me too!!!" are pouring in.
I'm here checking in as a counterweight.
I wish Mr. Henry the very best in his future, even if it's with the damn Ravens.
And yes, I watched just to see him run for those special years. Was absolutely a dream come true. But as our O line got too expensive to keep intact, those holes he blew through weren't there anymore. Part of the business.
Of course it hurts us as fans. This time of year it's ALL business, and us fans don't know squat about an NFL franchise's business.
Good luck with the "never again" fans.
You should keep a list of them. They ask you any question, reply with their original dismissive email. I know you won't, but the idea has to be tempting.

Harry Prentiss from Sunbury, Pennsylvania
Comment: Jimmy hope you and yours are well and thank you for keeping us fan in Eagles and Steelers territory informed. I think Pollard is a good back but it doesn't really seem like there's any difference between he and Spears so I think resigning the King would've made more sense. I hated to see Al-Shaair leave but I like the signing to replace with the Chargers guy and Cushenberry and the corner (Awuzie) were great signings but I don't think we helped our offense out with losing our best player. I've rooted for this franchise since 1965 and I'm used to all time greats finishing elsewhere and I keep the faith but it just seemed like a lateral at best move. Thanks for letting me ramble

Steve Glenn from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Comment: Not so much of a question here. So far, I am a bit disappointed. We look to be signing Pollard for essentially the same money Baltimore gave Henry. This feels like the King definitely wanted out. As a proud season ticket holder, I was at the final game where Henry gave that speech. While it felt like a goodbye, I truly thought the Titans would push to keep him a Titan for at least another 2 to 3 years. But again, if his mind was made up, I definitely wish him all the best. Cush seems to be a massive improvement over Brewer, so that's something to look forward to. Shaair, in my opinion would've been the better option to keep around over Murray. I'm curious to see what other moves we make and especially how the draft goes. Here's a question. With Higgins wanting out of Cincinnati, do you feel we make a push for him? I'm not sure he's worth the money he'll be after. As always, TITAN UP!!!

Nico Beckers from Bonn, Germany
Comment: Hi Jim. After seeing that we signed Pollard, I already knew/suspected that Henry will not be resigned. But seeing now, that we pay Pollard 24mio for 3 years and the Ravens pay Henry 16mio for two years, I am super confused as to why we didn't keep Henry, even though they are the exact same price.
I've already told you, that I was not too happy about the firing of Vrabel. But this is another thing that is hard for me to wrap my head around. Is it some kind of "business" thing, that Henry would have cost more, if he would have stayed in Tennessee?
I just don't see how you can prefer any RB over Henry at the exact same price.

Donley Canary from Raymore, Missouri
Comment: Good Morning Jim. Well, when you think it can not get worse, IT DOES!!!! Jim, do the Titans think they know something that no one else does? Kenneth Murray? Really? We expect this dude to wear the green dot? Failure for 4 years with the Chargers and the Titans sign him to be our #1 inside linebacker. I thought stupidity had left the building with JR and Vrabel. This ranks right up there with Caleb Farley, Isiah Wilson and Treylon Burks signing through the draft. Murray ranks in the bottom 10% of NFL linebackers and has consistently been there for 4 years. Titans are headed to be one of the WORST if not the Worst teams in the NFL next year.

Luis Macouzet from Cd. Victoria Tamaulipas Mexico.
Comment: Hi Jim, God bless you.
Has the king really left? Well I guess the "experts" know what they are doing, another great player we lose.
Go to the crows page to read the news, they are happy and think that with King Enrique they will win the super bowl... Again time will tell...

Christopher Lea from Reno, Nevada
Comment: Hey Jim, I've been a lifelong fan of the Titans and even attended the infamous Patriots blizzard game in Foxborough as a kid. I'll get right to it, this team has always found success in great coaching and running back play. How are the Titans going to separate themselves, if not this year, but over the course of the next few years from other AFC teams? Under sub-par coaching, this team usually turns to turmoil. The Texans have made giant roster moves to enhance their divisional success, and so have the Jaguars, so how can the Titans truly compete in the AFC, let alone their own division, for the next decade or so, while the Texans and Jags have their franchises QBs and a loaded roster to run in parallel to them? How can the Titans' organization make the fans feel like we aren't just a retirement and 'second-chance' free agency mill and can actually win Super Bowls? What makes Ran's perspective of the team different from any fan out there? What is he doing to assure the success of this team? I wouldn't have this many questions, if I did not care so much. While attending the divisional playoff game in Baltimore a couple years back, someone died in a seat right next to me. I've witnessed the fan side of football for so long, and I just would like to know this team is headed in the right direction. I don't want to wait another 20 years to see an AFC championship birth. Is there a way to get a message to the team directly? Let them know the fans really care about this? I watch every Sunday and the energy I saw last year was an embarrassment to the fans. It felt like we got spit on and punched in the face watching that offensive line sink the ship every week. Our receivers couldn't create separation, but our corners could. I understand like life, football has many ups and downs, but what happened to that killer mentality on the field? Where did our competitive edge go? Did we get complacent, because we thought we had the division carried on Derrick's back? You see, as a fan, I am just confused and hurt at the effort. If I could inject the competitiveness of Will Levis into each of our players, I would. I guess overall, I had a bunch of questions for you Jim, and probably a million more. Maybe one day I'll understand the inner workings of the NFL financially and fiscally enough to see where we are truly falling short as a team. I can assure you the passion from our fans is not waning, at least not mine. I want to see this team win the whole thing at least once in my lifetime. All the best. -

Tony Chisholm from Jacksonville, Florida
Comment: Hey Jim. My question is why doesn't management make a commitment to the team or is there a goal to draft a quarterback in 2 years because the ones. We have on roster but not get us over the hump and I look at what we did in the off season and free agency and I looked at our upcoming roster we going to be in last place this bothers and hurting me has been oil slash Titans fan for over 40 years. I've seen Levis play at Kentucky in the SEC and he looked average at best I have traveled. To see him play in the a game that he started in and level of competition that we played we should have won I live in Jacksonville they are sorry and dysfunctional team . They lost their last seven out of eight quarterbacks. I was not impressed with our quarterback please look at the film I went to the games and he just not the answer. He holds the ball just like Malik who for some reason is not even giving a fair chance. So, I believe we should just cut him and bring in and experience backup quarterback to the challenge for the position. This is team and roster so far reminds me of the era after Vince Young and that was tough to see . the only team that had a so call chance to make the Super Bowl the NFL experts predicted . were the Miami Dolphins and if for not our stellar defense. They would have won.
Are we going to address the offensive line. Do you believe that ownership is committed to putting a winning product on the field. Or they just happy with getting a piece of the 9 billion dollar Plus that the NFL generates each year. The legacy of Bud Adams is starting to become tarnished.

Alberto Armando T�llez Salcedo from Durango, Mexico
Comment: Buenas tardes Jim mas que nada es para decirle gracias al Rey Derrick Henry a donde quiera que vaya espero le vaya bien. Por otro lado es tambien dolorosa la salida de Denico Autry debido a su productividad y bajo costo, desafortunadamente lo veremos dos veces al a�o en contra. La perdida de SMB y de Azeez Al-Shair no se me hacen tan fuertes e irremplazables.
Aqui mis calificaciones de los jugadores recien llegados.
Tony Pollard A-
Lloyd Cushenberry III A+
Chidobe Awuzie B+
Kenneth Murray B
Lo anterior con respecto a la necesidad de acuerdo a la posicion y a la calidad de cada jugador.
Pollard es un jugador que se puede complementar excelentemente con Spears, son buenos receptores, bloqueadores y corredores muy habiles que con Haskins seria un grupo muy completo, para correr como las ofensivas actuales en comite.
Lloyd Cushenberry es el mejor centro de la NFL bloqueando contra el pase, solo 2 capturas permitidas en las ultimas dos temporadas, es muy grande y fuerte en comparacion a Aaron Brewer.
Awuize es un esquinero muy fisico que debera cada vez verse mejor, pues esta sanado completamente del ACL sufrido en 2022 y de su problema de hernia de disco del a�o pasado.
Murray es un jugador que me encantaba verlo en Colegial con Oklahoma, es un apoyador muy grande, veloz y fuerte que puede ayudar mucho en los blitz y en la tacleadas para perder yardas en la corrida.
De lo que queda en el mercado me gustan los DT DJ Reader y Arik Armstead, los apoyadores Devin White y Willie Gay, los WR Calvin Ridley, Curtis Samuel y Tyler Boyd, los edges Chase Young y Danielle Hunter, los esquineros CJ Henderson y Kenny Moore, los TE CJ Uzomah o Logan Thomas, el PK Grefg Joseph, los safeties Kamren Curl, Justin Blackmon, Jordan Fuller, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson y Jordan Whitehead son opciones que hay en el mercado y que podrian ayudarnos a ir completando un Roster competitivo.
Saludos a toda la aficion Titan en todo el mundo.

Joni Daniels from Antioch, Tennessee
Comment: I can't pretend to understand the business side of the NFL but I was under the impression that there was plenty of cap space available to keep and bring in an abundance of talent in free agency. Why, in heaven's name, have the Titans let Denico Autry get away?

Bud Stein from Jacksonville, Florida
Comment: Top of the Afternoon Sir. u know who in Jax
hope all is well. Sent prior emails use one of those or this one short and sweet Tony Pollard to replace Derrick Henry RU KIDDIN ME??? Will Pollard have time to concentrate on football or social media??? NO respect for what a player has done past seasons. Maybe Thou I hate to see it maybe Derrick henry is the lucky one go somewhere to be appreciated. Shame Shame NO Fame in titan Land the Titanic Titans sinking fast into another last place finish Proof in the pudding. Thanks. Respectfully.

Anthony Cappadona from Brentwood, Tennessee
Comment: Calvin Ridley sure isn't lacking in confidence or motivation, I hope he has a career year next year! #Titanup!!!

Richard Colestock from St. Cloud, Florida
Question: Hi Jim. It's me again, a Titans fan surrounded by Dolphin & Bucs fans.....but we all have our own crosses to bear....right?
Anyway, sounds like exciting times in Nashville......the Preds are on fire and the Titans are looking far as I can tell
I'm not all that thrilled about the $$ spent on Ridley......I think they paid for a Cadillac and got a used Buick instead....but time will tell. At least he gives D-Hop some breathing room.
Also, don't you think we need some experience behind Levis?? Flacco would have been a solid mentor....I think you're asking a lot of a sophomore QB to carry the franchise to the promise land. I said when he started he is Marino like....and I still believe he is...but some experience in the QB room would help, I believe.
Thanks for all you do for us fans!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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