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Weekend Mailbag: Titans Fans Share Thoughts on the First Week of Free Agency


NASHVILLE – It's been a busy stretch in Titan Land.

In the past week, we've seen a number of Titans come and go in free agency.

The mailbag has been flooded with your thoughts, and I decided to share them in this weekend's mailbag.

We'll get back to more questions and answers on Tuesday.

But for now, your thoughts …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Dan Baird from Nashville, Tennessee
Well, I'm impressed as hell with our additions! Mr. Robinson has obviously been a busy man. Hate to see Corey Davis and Jonnu Smith go, fantastic players, but the team needed to spend the money on the defense. Don't know how much the Titans have left to spend (can't be much), but wide outs seem to be the most plentiful position, therefore most bang for the buck, hope they find one to complement AJ.

Bill Holmes from Fairport, New York
I have headline whiplash from all the rumors and announcements tattooing my inbox, and I am buckled in for a very bumpy (but hopefully positive) roster shakeup. Can't help miss some of the departed, but I am reminded that all the other teams (and fanbases) are going through this as well. It becomes a combined game of chicken and chess for the front office, but I believe (1) JRob is smart and (2) players *want* to play for the Titans. Funny to read all the complaints about defensive changes by some of the same people who said the defense in 2020 was inept. Let's remember we have a great QB1 and arguably the best RB1 and WR1 in the NFL. Smith was a loss but we are deep at TE. Butler, like Logan Ryan before him, will be missed, but our improvements on the DL should cut down the opposing QB's time to throw - which last year seemed like an eternity. Maybe some of the new guys aren't well known, but you don't stick in the NFL if you are a slouch. I expect we will enjoy many surprises from players stepping up. Guess there was no question there. Just wanted to show that some glasses are half-full despite everything that is changing. Titan Up!

Scott Taylor from Dayton, Ohio
Greetings Jim. Shout out to Jonnu Smith and Corey Davis. Although we couldn't keep & sign them, I am glad that they got some really good contracts and hope for the best for them going forward truly enjoyed watching them. Bud Dupree, Jackrabbit Jenkins, Denico Autry, Morgan Cox, Kendall Lamm -- welcome to the TITANS FAMILY. I along with I'm sure several other fans are hoping that your addition with what they already have is the key to a CHAMPIONSHIP for this franchise fans city of Nashville and the great state of Tennessee from which I am from and visit very frequently. Well Jim, I don't think I really had a question just wanted to say congrats to all.

Hunter Phelan from South Pasadena, California
First off wanted to thank Jonnu Smith, Corey Davis, Malcolm Butler, Kenny Vaccaro, Adoree Jackson, and Dennis Kelly for all they did on and off the field for Titans Nation. They will be missed and wish all of them the best!
Now want to welcome all the new FA signings and hope they all flourish in 2021. I already can't wait for next season. And if allowed will be live in new LA Stadium vs the Rams with the best seat available.
My question is how is Mr. Dupree's rehab going and do you think he will be ready to roll by training camp?
BASEBALL starting soon Jim, good luck to your Dodgers as they look stronger then ever. I have my auction fantasy draft this SUNDAY, usually done in VEGAS with 10 close friends, hopefully back in 22!!!

Note: Dupree said on Friday he'll be ready for camp.

Samuel Johnson from Naperville, Illinois
Congrats on getting BUD DUPREE!

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Hi Jim. Here's my wish list for Free Agency and the draft -
1) I think they need a WR2, a WR3, and a starting Slot Receiver.
2) I think they need another starting CB. I think they should consider re-signing Malcolm Butler, who had a good year last year.
3) I think the Titans need another starting DL and a backup DL4. Last year the Titans had Jeffery Simmons and DaQuan Jones and Jack Crawford starting. The Titans should move on from DaQuan Jones and Jack Crawford. They got Denico Autry and he can replace Jack Crawford. Now they need another IDL to replace DaQuan Jones. Plus the Titans need a new backup DL4 who can shake up the DL depth chart.
4. I think they need a backup TE and I'm hoping that they re-sign MyCole Pruitt for that position.
5) Now that they re-signed Jayon Brown I'm hoping they will re-sign Will Compton.
6) I think the Titans will move Amani Hooker to starting safety but they might want to bring in another starting safety to be on the safe side.

David Butler from Franklin, Tennessee
Hey Jim, not sure how anyone can appreciate the balance that you do between fan's opinions and insider information. As Titans fans, we really need to trust that J Rob and Coach Vrabel really want to make the best possible decisions that will lead us, both from a player talent and coaching basis, to get us to win a Super Bowl. Sometimes it is hard to read the comments from people who think they know more than those who have their entire careers on the line. I totally support the Titan's organization and trust that those in positions of power are doing everything possible to bring Nashville a super bowl. Kudos...not everyone who is making the very best decisions possible with what they have to work with to make that happen.

T Terell Phillips from Nashville, Tennessee
Day in and Day out the Titans make me more and more upset y would you break up a top 5 offensive that had a up and coming wide out and a up and coming tight end just to go out and sign nobody i love my Titans dearly but this is not making any type of sense and i don't want to hear the Cap stuff we could have signed our guys back on offense tagged Jonnu Smith and built our defense through free agency and the draft cmon man you were doing so well....🤦🏿‍♂‍

Tony Malgiero from El Paso, Texas
I think there might be some negative feedback from some fans with the recent releases of Butler, Jackson, Vacaro, and Kelly. Four starters released while the team lost both Smith and Davis in few agency is a lot for most to handle. I personally think they were pretty shrewd moves. Jackson and Butler would have cost $24 million for two guys who really don't play much better than two guys who might cost $10-12 million total. I think we'll see that with Jenkins and whoever else they sign/draft. That's half the price for similar production. Shrewd move IMO. Kelly played fairly well, but again I'm sure they can replace him for nearly half the cost. Smith's and Davis's production might be hard to replicate, but at this point they cost too much. But congrats to them for maximizing their value. I wish them well. I think (Jayon Brown) is more valuable than most think.

Mike Tate from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Jim Jim Jim can you please enlighten us as fans on just what the heck we are doing????? I definitely didn't see this coming!! I agree with the release of Hump bad move from the beginning we could've gotten the same or better production from the draft for a lot less money, but Smith and Davis c'mon man. Did Jon forget the offense scores the points? Sounds like double teams for AJ all season and eight in the box for Henry because we have Nothing else. I like the moves on the defensive side all but the DBs we just tried the 30+ cornerback last year and we saw how that worked out no knock to Jenkins, and then let the best DB left on the team go to the Texans and pick up a guy two years older with less stats and no special team value.

Hector Hernandez from Teziutlan, Puebla México
Mi comentario es el siguiente, estoy muy preocupado por los jugadores que hemos perdido en la agencia libre como Jonnu Smith, Vaccaro, Butler, Humpries y los que se puedan sumar como Corey Davis y más porque hasta ahorita no se han dado contrataciones importantes que vengan a suplir a los jugadores antes mencionados, y los jugadores de calidad en la agencia libre que a mí entender nos ayudarían y necesitamos están firmando con otros equipos, ojalá JR y el coach Vrabel tengan la sapiencia de contratar excelentes jugadores en la agencia libre y tener un draft acertado, porque sino creo que veremos con mucha tristeza a mis TITANS pelear por los últimos lugares de la división sur.

Translation: My comment is as follows, I am very concerned about the players that we have lost in free agency like Jonnu Smith , Vaccaro, Butler, Humpries and those who can join as Corey Davis and more because until now there have been no important hires that come to replace the aforementioned players, and quality players in free agency that in my opinion we would help and we need to are signing with other teams, I hope JR and coach Vrabel have the wisdom to hire excellent players in free agency and have a successful draft, because otherwise I think we will see my TITANS fight for the last places in the league with great sadness. southern division.

Scott Spurlock from Leander, Texas
Howdy From Austin Texas Jimbo.... I think it was about this time last year I said I was skipping the season... I held true.. I did watch a few games and for the most part it was a good season for the Titans.. Plenty of teams would have liked to have finished with our record... I still think the last season should have an asterisk next to it in the history books.. And I like Tom Brady so was happy he got another Super Bowl ring... I'm only 58 yrs old but when we get to this age it's always nice to see the old guy do good... Okay now a question / observation ... Free Agency and Contracts.. why do we do this stuff? I do see the players advantage Mo money, Mo Money, Mo Money!!!! but no job security... Though the NFL is not like the place I work at.. well the pay scale is not the same.. We still fire people that don't preform up to our expectation... But seems the big names get huge contracts and those huge contract end up costing them their jobs a year or two down the road.. so Yeah we cut some of our Big name and pretty f'n good players because we can't pony up to pay their contracted amount... And then we sign other big names to big money contracts that will no doubt be the reason we get rid of them later... Are we just in a all or nothing kind of league now? a constant Merry Go Round each team has 1 year to win it all or we clean house ... etc.... My old age has me now understanding , You can't win them all. For me it's just got to be fun to watch. And the Titans have been getting to be more fun to watch. even the losses were fun to watch.. I live in Texas and My Loyalty is still with the Titans based partly on My Memories of The Oilers playing in Houston ( where i was Born) and Partly on My time spent Living in Nashville a city I would love to move back to someday... Anyway It's this silly free agency thing and how the faces and names change but the game stays the same.. I guess NFL coaches are becoming more like College coaches .. Gone are the days when a player can stay with a team for their career now it 4 yrs and they go elsewhere unless they are not in it for the money.. and really that is way they play , just like when I get up and go to work ... it's the money... Good luck and maybe this year which I think will count and I will watch and maybe bug you with my narrow minded opinion from time to time...Will be a better year than last year....

Have a great weekend everyone!

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