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Weekend Mailbag: Titans Fans Share Thoughts on QB Change


NASHVILLE – The winds of change swept through Saint Thomas Sports Park this week, as the Titans changed starting quarterbacks.

Ryan Tannehill will start on Sunday against the Chargers in place of Marcus Mariota.

The decision prompted a boatload of comments in my inbox, so I decided to let everyone have a voice this weekend in the Titans mailbag. If you sent a non-QB related question, I'm sorry. I'll try and get to it in the near future.

But the vast majority of the questions I received this week centered on the change, so we're going deep in here.

Thanks again for taking the time…

Steven Curtis from Belleview, Florida
Hey Jim. First time writing, but I think the Mariota demotion might be good for him. He's been a starter throughout his career, and sometimes that gets taken for granted (now I'm not saying Marcus is that kind of person at all, but it's a possibility). Maybe this will ignite something in him we haven't seen before and if Tannehill is ineffective or gets injured we can see the QB most fans have wanted Marcus to turn into. Just my two cents during a time of fan panic and irrationality. (I've been through the Cody Carlson years with this franchise I know how rough it can be).

Steven Galvan from Dallas, Texas
I saw the announcement that the Titans are going with Tannehill on Sunday. After a night to process the move, I have a few thoughts on it. First, I understand the thought process behind the move and wanting to get a spark back into this lackluster offense. Second, this move only addresses one aspect of the Titans offensive problems. Have you heard of any scheme changes behind made to help or address the ongoing issues with the Oline? Third and lastly, Tannehill was sacked 4 times against Denver in the quarter and a half of play. Say Tannehill takes another 6 sacks against the chargers, when will Jrob or Vrabel consider making a change in the coaching staff? I specify coaching staff because the Oline has produced the same results regardless of personnel. I hate to call for a guy's job, but Mariota technically just lost his so this organization isn't and shouldn't be afraid to hold people accountable. Thanks for your time.

Jerome from Nantes, France
Hi Jim. Probably my last mail to you. I'm very sad to see that the only action taken has been to bench Mariota. I was high on Robinson... In this organization, when everybody see that the O-Line is a joke, what are they doing? A QB change? They are very high on Tannehill! They think that he will be able all by himself to teach the O-Line how to protect him and to teach Smith which plays he must call to be competent ... 17 years of unconditional support are ending now.

Kate McClarnon from Nashville, Tennessee
Jim, I'm just sad. I'll be at Nissan Stadium for every game, and I'll cheer as loud as I can, but I'm just sad. That's all. Thanks for listening. Kate.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Jim, The meetings about which QB to start had to be rough...especially when staff talked to Marcus. Ouch! I know it was rough but it had to be done. It made it harder because Marcus is such a likeable guy. The sad feelings will pass. Be happy. If Tannehill plays well then the guys who knock J. Robinson will have to zip it because if Tannehill plays well that will mean that J. Robinson got a starting QB for a 7th round draft pick. Let's see what happens with Tannehill.

Mark Hall from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hi Jim, first time writing and got more of a statement than a question. Let me start by saying I appreciate the work you do keeping us up to date with all things Titans. That being said, let me also say I voice my opinion, but I try to leave emotion out of it as much as possible and stick to the facts. I know I'm a little late getting to this but I feel it needs to be said: Mariota is not to blame. Anyone, Mahomes, Brady or otherwise would be eating turf too if they were under the duress Mariota has been under really for his entire NFL career. Add on a lack of consistency at the HC and OC positions and the mixture is volatile. But as for Tanehill, he's a great backup, well equipped to manage a game for you. But he's not going to give you the tough wins or carry you in the playoffs. Moving on, I would replace Jack Conklin at the end of the season. He draws way too many penalties. His penalties have killed drives and/or momentum numerous times in this season alone. And lastly, Keith Carter should be fired without delay. Our offensive line is indisputably terrible. Sorry to write a book on you, just wanted to be thorough. Thanks for your time and efforts and stay titanedup

David Brown from Las Vegas, Nevada
I'm not sure that Tannehill is the solution, but I do feel that it's an upgrade over Mariota. As a 30 year Oiler/Titan fan the idea of Mariota managing the position for another few years was depressing. Other than his 1 good year I felt Mariota was like Locker 2.0 to me. It's amazing how few good quarterbacks there are in the NFL. I'm curious how you feel the energy of the team has been to the change at the position. Does the player energy level seem up, down, or is it all the same. Thanks and let's get this season back on track.

Mary Robe from Nashville, Tennessee
I think you are a fair reviewer, however all the buzz seems to be about Marcus Mariota. I know a bit about football =not a huge amount however I think the whole offense is terrible and I do not see a fix for it any time soon. I think that Vrabel should have benched the whole offensive line and put backups in. Marcus played excellent college ball - really great. . I saw him some. It looks like he is a hard worker but he has always since day 1 with the Titans had trouble with protection. I also think the team is playing a boring and the same formation. He had receivers who didn't receive etc. I think the offensive coach and QB coach are not using [lays for the skill set. What is the matter with Taylor Lewan. He came back and has not played well at all I do feel Tannnehill is not the answer . He was sacked four times and the score did not change. I do not know what is best but I think Marcus should play some for the rest of the year. He also needs to call his plays. I think that way the titans would have the best chance at winning.

Brandon Green from Brentwood, Tennessee
With the announcement that Tannehill will start next week, I'm afraid our staff just did a bunch of hand waving instead of fixing the real problem. We need to spread out our offense so that the defense can't stack the box on every play. It'll buy space for Derrick, trim down the rush for our o-line (and make it more obvious where the rush is coming from), and give our QB, whoever he is, time to throw the ball. Mariota doesn't deserve all the blame and really didn't deserve to get benched. Does he look awkward in the pocket? Yes. Does he tend to stand flat footed and flick the ball inaccurately in the pocket? Yes. So call plays that move him around on purpose. Play to his strengths (he has a ton!!) don't just deny culpability where it really belongs!!! Tannehill may do great as a starter for us, we'll see, but it won't just be because he's a better QB, we'll need to change more about our offense than just the guy handing the ball off and throwing dinky passes behind the LOS.

Joe Allen from Lebanon, Tennessee
Jim, I have been an avid reader of your column for quite some time and have enjoyed your take on the Titans! I have never posted on here and have been a loyal fan from the Oiler days. I was also a season ticket holder since the beginning, but have sold all our seats now, since we are on the road traveling America the Beautiful!
I have been a supporter of Marcus, but it's time to make some serious decisions. Not saying our season is over, but it has hurt and we all know what we have in both QB's, having been a Dolphin fan since I grew up in Florida. At this point in time, what do you think about seeing where Logan Woodside can take us? I thought he looked pretty good in preseason games. He has an arm and seems pretty accurate with the football and his decisions. Let's see how he handles the pressure! We can't do any worse at this point! Also, our OL needs some serious revamping, so not putting all this on anyone person! Thanks and look forward to hearing your input on this.
(Note: Logan Woodside is on Practice Squad Injured Reserve, so he's not eligible to play for Titans in 2019).

Marteze Roper from Charlotte, North Carolina
Hey Jim, I hope all is well I read the ask Jim every time I can but this is my first time actually asking. I got the news that they are benching Marcus moving forward and I must say I do not believe this is the right move. I'm not absolving Marcus for his performance a lot has to do with the poor OLine but he's definitely at fault as well but arguably he's 5 missed kicks (1 colts, 4 bills) from being 4-1 at broncos and even if he plays bad at that record he's not benched. I guess my question is; do you honestly believe Ryan is a better fit for the team moving forward? Better and quicker decision making may help but that Oline determines a lot.

Anthony Ochoa from Menifee, California
Jim. I have been a Oilers/Titans fan since 1992 and am unhappy with the Titans decision to bench Mariota. I believe that the problem is more than one player and am confident that replacing Mariota with Tannehill will not fix the Titans Offensive problems.

Guy N from Kailua, Hawaii
Aloha Jim, Obviously a bad day here in Hawaii after learning of the quarterback change. To be fair all around, Marcus' play was less than stellar on Sunday and had good and bad moments in the first five games. As you have mentioned in one of your recent answers, "the offense has stunk." There are a lot of factors that have contributed to the stench but it doesn't seems like Vrabel wants to hold him or his coaching staff accountable for the team's lack of offense. The all too familiar "lack of execution" we use to hear when Mularkey was coach. Execution has undoubtedly contributed to the lack of success but the OC has to be held accountable for the offensive output as well. Scheming and play calling needs to improve and the offense has to open it up. Play calling is so predictable. After an incomplete pass or a stuffed run on 1st down, EVERY 2nd down was a run play in an attempt to make it 3rd "manageable." On 3rd down, you'll find a standing duck in the pocket (who eventually SAT 29 times this season). It seems like the offense's strategy is just to make a first down in three plays and slowly work it's way down the field. Not an offense who will put big points on the board. My question was answered by Vrabel press conference when someone asked about the job the OCis doing, his response was he wasn't going to evaluate him after just six weeks. He'll run out of players to throw under the bus before he realizes what the real problem is. Mahalo for your time.

Tyler Ebert from Hanover, Pennsylvania
Hey Jim! Shout-out from up here in Pennsyltucky! Just a bit of venting & couch-coaching for you today... I for one am disappointed by the decision to bench Mariota for "a spark". This is the guy that led us to 3 straight winning seasons including an improbable comeback against KC in the playoffs. Yes he played awful against the Broncos but, he played solid football without turning the ball over prior to that game (no one else can say that!). He is definitely to blame for part of our problems but, the extent of these problems goes way deeper than him. Starting the season by saying "he's our quarterback" and then pulling him after 1 bad personal game is pitiful. He has put this offense on his back countless amounts of times. We talk about accountability but, I hardly see any (especially on the coaching staff)! This is final year of his contract and he has earned the right to give a fair shot. Others may say we have but look at his career stats compared to the rest of the league and explain to me how continue to screw this up (#facts). I'd say his problems are 75% coaching/surrounding talent & 25% Mariota. I see 2 main things as our offensive downfalls. First, we haven't had an issue with offensive line coaching until Russ Grimm left and it's been horrible since then (coincidence? I think not). Where's the accountability there?!? Second, the offensive play calling has NEVER been good through his entire career. I can sit on the couch nearly every week an call about 75% of the plays before they happen - not good. In my opinion, we need to get Henry more involved in the passing game to make us less predictable just as a start (Dion = pass, Henry = run in most cases). Henry is definitely our most talented offensive player and absolutely deserves to be resigned this off-season. The penalties kills us but still, something has to give... Nonetheless, i still have faith and will always bleed 2-tone blue. I'm just another disappointed, out-of-state fan like many of us... We are too talented to flush this season down the drain. Let's salvage this year and ride that stellar defense. TITAN-UP!

Bob Clouse from Yukon, Oklahoma
Hi Jim. I'm bummed they gave up on Mariota this early and I think like many others, really hoped he would turn into the guy for the Titans. Still believe he could -- it's a long season, but I just have a ton of respect for his character and its easier for me to root for guys that are great examples of being quality people. Thankfully this team is full of them. I am sure you are sick of the Mariota drama this week yourself so sorry for adding to that. I'm supporting the team and Tannehill regardless because I'm a Titans fan first. Feel like we are about to go on a run.

Walter Clark from Hillsdale, Michigan
Why are they benching Marcus when he can't get help from the "O line" - not cool.

John H from Pearl City, Hawaii
I really hope we do well this weekend. Being from Hawaii, I do have a bias for Marcus.... however, Marcus had a terrible game and hasn't been doing well this year. Ryan was much more accurate when he came in however, he was unsuccessful in putting up points. That being said, if you look at the other stats, they were also terrible. Derek Henry rushed 15 times for a measly 28 yards and Dawkins rushed twice for 2 yards. The offensive line was terrible - they couldn't open up any holes for the RBs, there were seven sacks, and I don't know how many QB pressures. The defense was not that great - though some of the overall statistics show they are playing good....Denver had 7 sacks but our defense was only able to generate one sack. The KC vs Denver game is at the start of the 4th quarter and KC already has 9 sacks against Denver. Is the KC defense that much better than ours?
I think the coaches should really take a lot of responsibility for this fiasco.... whatever offensive and defensive game plans they have so far does not cut it.

Josh W from Oceanside, California
Big MM8 fan. One of my favorite memories was being in Nissan Stadium when MM8 and the Titans beat the Jags back in 2015. Mariota had a 70+ TD run, I believe.
Anyway, I was really anxious for him going into this season, with the hope that he would have a great year and sign long-term.
However, a scenario I envisioned at the start of the season went like this:
-MM8 doesn't play great, QB controversy ensues, MM8 gets benched
-The benching turns out to be a blessing in disguise for him, both personally and professionally
-Tannehill gets injured later on and MM8 gets the job back
-He uses the next opportunity to put together pro-bowl level numbers for the rest of the season, maybe a playoff berth
This is not an anti-Tannehill message; I certainly wish him success and not to be injured, but for the rest of the MM8 fans out there, I wanted to let them know things are just going according to plan. :)

Joe Arcudi from Merrimack, New Hampshire
Hope you are well Jim. Can't be fun for you hanging around this team environment right now. I know we all expected better from this group.
There is one thing I want to mention that I have not seen anyone bring up yet in terms of the QB situation. Here it goes! Marcus was not drafted by JRob or Vrabel... they both inherited him..... yes I realize they all (especially our owner) wanted him to succeed, but the reality is we do not really know if Marcus would have been picked by this current group.
It is always a little easier for a GM and HC to move on from a guy they did not draft. Before everyone goes crazy on me... please understand I TRULY do believe both JRob and Vrabel wanted Marcus to be the guy... would have made their lives easier. Now they have to go through the process of finding the next potential franchise guy. This almost certainly means a step back to regroup. That coupled with a crop of key free agents and we have all the making of what I would call a retooling (not gonna call it a rebuild). I think we will all ultimately find out what kind of QB this group really wants in the offseason.

Tom Jacobs from Manitowoc, Wisconsin
I've been a fan of Mariota since his Oregon days, and when the Titans drafted him I began my NFL days and being a Titan fan I understand poor play regulates decisions but what kind of chance did he actually have with all the changes to coaching ownership in his time spent in Tennessee he has gone thru a change every year. I'm rambling I know but it's frustrating putting the blame on a player when he isn't used in a system that fit his playing style and also having so many changes and things to learn. I am no longer a titans fan this team is ran like a terrible regime, no one takes responsibility but the players themselves and Mariota has taken his lumps graciously and never given a mean or nasty comment about the organization. The Titans need to be disassembled and sold to another city and owner they are terrible.

Steve Boxwell from Corpus Christi, Texas
Jim thank you for what you do daily. Been a fan since they were in Houston. Stuck with them since they became the Titans. Hope backup Quarterback can help. But the way the offensive line does not protect the Quarterback. I believe we will have the same results. If I were the coach bring in extra Guard or Tight end to block. If not bring in say back up nose tackle just tell him to keep the defensive player away from the Quarterback. This has been happening ever since we play Jacksonville and has not been fixed. At the rate we are going the sacks may go as high as 50 for the year. To me even if you had Tom Brady back there he could not do any better. I count 1001 then 1022 then sacked not enough time for the receiver to get open then throw the football. It is a shame because Marcus is a good Quarterback. If Tannehill gets hurt, then you put Marcus back in and he gets hurt. The season will be over. Thanks Jim

Sue Dean from Beachgrove, Tennessee
Hello Jim, I enjoy your question & answer. I love football. I am an original owner. I have missed 3 games. I have watched every NFL team from Nissan Stadium. I think of it as home. Steve McNair was my hero and when Marcus was drafted he ended the drought and brought the excitement back to Nissan Stadium with 4 or 5 winning years. That means a lot to me. I wonder if the 3 missed kicks went thru the last game I would be having this conversation? It ruined the momentum. I recognize the coach needed to bench Marcus a bring in the next QB. I recognize that Marcus is not playing as good as he can. Possibly because of the sacks & (my opinion) the monotonous play calling and the pressure. We have a great team. I respect every person in the Tennessee Titans Organization. They do great things on & off the field and I will always be grateful the family brought their football stadium to Nashville. Go Titans!

Julie G from Oregon City, Oregon
I can't even describe how disappointed I am in the Titan's Management for benching Mariota. In his first four seasons, he led the team to 3 winning seasons and pulled out an amazing number of 4th quarter wins. He led them into their first playoff in years, and then into playoff game number two after leading them to a huge comeback win in KC. And he did it with a Management team that seemed to concentrate yearly in the draft on defense, defense, defense, rather than offense, leaving Mariota under constant pressure from an ineffective offensive line, resulting in a historic number of sacks, as well as some significant injuries. I've heard the silly sports commentator spiels about Mariota being injury prone – injury prone is tripping over sprinkler heads, curbs, and your own feet – it's not an injury resulting from being slammed to the turf because your O-line is an open invitation to the other team to run thru and nail the QB. The Titans have hit Mariota pretty much yearly with either a new Head Coach, a new Offense Coach, or both. And then in his fifth year, after going into game six as the only quarterback that had not thrown a pick, they bench him after a bad game – WOW – TALK ABOUT A LACK OF LOYALTY!!! I was listening to an interview with Joey Harrington the other day as he was speaking about his time in the NFL and he had some interesting perspectives. He said the problem for many QB's drafted in top of the first round is that they are being drafted into the worst teams in the league – that's why they have first pick. They are pretty much walking into a situation with multiple coaching changes, and multiple problems in defense and offense. He said that the reason you see more success in QB's drafted in later rounds (like Tom Brady) is because they are walking into a team with CONSISTENCY. Consistency at coaching, strong defenses, strong offenses – they picked a QB in a later round to develop in an already strong team. Those QB's are walking into situation where they can watch and learn. When those QB's do start, they know the team, the calls, the coaches – they have a strong O-line, a strong defense - success is more likely because consistency has been instrumental in helping make them successful. Harrington said that in seven years in the league he had nine coaches – no consistency – year after year after year – no consistency - SOUND FAMILIAR? Marcus Mariota has done WAY, WAY more for the Titans, than they have done for him. They should be ashamed – the least they can do is acknowledge that their failures, from the Management level down, has done him no favors AT ALL. I sincerely hope that Marcus lands with a team that has a coaching staff with the ability to see his talents and can use those talents correctly, that understands the importance of O-line protection and focuses on providing that protection. Marcus took the Titans from the bottom of the league to a winning team THREE YEARS IN A ROW – and they just threw him under a bus – shameful, absolutely shameful…

Ricardo Moya from Monterrey, Mexico
Hi Jim. It is the first time that I speak with you this team of the Titans has been waiting for a good leader and I think Mariota is what should be changed, it is the mediocre offensive line that does not give Marcuas enough time to create good plays on Coach and boss is not the right nor the players who came from the country are only stealing that should be changed and not blame Mariota.

Michael Berkich from The Woodlands, Texas
Normally wouldn't write to you but after seeing the head coach discuss the benching of MM8 I felt compelled to write. He always talks about body of work I invite you to watch the film which I have of the first five games and he played his position (considering the issues) above average and in two of those games excellent. To yank him in season after 6 games shows me no respect for what this man has done and will do nothing to spark a team who has lost one of there most loved players. As I heard the Coach talk he sounded depressed and had no confidence in this move but he did it anyway. Jameis Winston threw 5 picks on Sunday and cost his team the game and you don't see Arians benching his star because it would drain the team and make things look desperate which is exactly what This coach did. I know Marcus is a bigger man than I am but I am telling you and mark it down this will come back to haunt the Titans. Mariota will now move on as he will consider this a breach of loyalty and you and Titan fans will have to watch this young man in another uniform being the star he is meant to be . I wont even bring up the owners comments from the summer and her loyalty to MM8, but for me and my house we will see you when MM8 invades Titan stadium in another uniform and blows you and the Titans out.

Andrew Goodman from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hey, Jim. Thanks for bearing the brunt of the community's ire at the Titans' performance this year. I really started tuning into the team the year they earned the #2 pick that turned into Mariota, so I can definitely remember seeing worse performances, but the offense does seem particularly listless this year. Personally, I skew pessimistic about the team's prospects this year, but I'd love to be proven wrong. Looking ahead to the draft, if the team decides it's time to draft another QB, there's supposedly several first round QB prospects out there and relatively few teams who don't have either an established franchise QB or a young prospect. Realistically, discounting trades, how high in the draft do you think the Titans need to be to come away with one of those first round prospects? I certainly don't think anyone's beating Miami out in its race for the bottom, but it seems like the team's lucked into a good year to likely need a new QB.

Ed Reynolds from Grand Junction, Colorado
Well??? lets hope the change is positive for the team, I still do not believe that because of a couple games that Marcus needing replaced. All pro's have ups and downs. Most teams that struggle don't hinge on benching there starter, they work through it, I understand the coaches are looking for a spark, but lets be real, the entire OFFENSE needs to get it together.
I hope Tannehill can help in the play of offense and we don't end up with egg on our face. What truly happens if the new starter falters, does the team return to marcus or go outside to see what can be made of a trade. Concerned and still a backer of MM8.

Michael Harmon from Columbia, Tennessee
Why make a an switch it's not all his fault number one the o line is dealing with injuries and the half the time he has to run outside the pocket but if I remember he got hurt real bad from giving it all he had last year we need a o line that cares about there QB and there team the number thing that is important is not the QB is the o line with a line you have nothing the o line sets up big plays or just 10 to 12 yards that's what it does you can't just go by like hey we have a good QB now let's when a super bowl that's not how it works there's order first is protection with out protection to the QB he'll be sacked a lot

Antonio Williams from San Antonio, Texas
Hey Jim. Looking at the current state of the offense I don't blame Mariota. I don't see an identity. I believe this because of the choices that we have made at OC. When getting a young rookie QB you should have and experienced play caller. Mariota nor the offense received any help with our hirings. Robiske never called plays and was a receivers coach. LaFleur was OC with the Rams in title only. It was McVay's offense and he called the plays. LaFleur's offense in Greenbay is not flourishing with Aaron Rodgers. Arthur Smith is doing a decent job in his first year, but he is not what the team needs right now. We need a proven OC that has put a successful offense in place. Someone that knows what adjustments to make when the offense is struggling. Do you think this is a valid argument? If so, is it the responsibility of the GM? Lastly, can we make an OC change next year or are we past that point with Mariota or Coach Smith?

Bill from Spokane, Washington
Mr. Wyatt, The trade deadline approaches. Is it feasible to salvage any value out of Mariota? Perhaps a 3rd or 4th round draft pick from a QB-hungry team like Pittsburgh, or a reunification with Matt LaFleur as Aaron Rodgers' backup? Then, to back up Tannehill, let's sign Kaepernick, whose skillset is similar to, and superior to, Mariota's. Let's remember that 1) Kaepernick led his team to the Superbowl; 2) He's healthy and low-mileage; 3) He'd sell a bunch of jerseys worldwide.

Braulio Cardenas Cantu from Saltillo, Mexico
HOLA Jim!! I've been a fan since 1972, when they were still the Houston Oilers, and I will continue to be a Titan fan (or whatever they come to be named in the future) until the day I die. I have lived good and bad seasons, always waiting for our team to return to the Super Bowl, and become champions; and I hope to live to tell it. Since Mariota arrived I have been a big fan of him, as far as I can know about him, I am certain that he is a great guy; but something is missing. I don't know what it can be, whether it's lack of Confidence, a lack of leadership or just a lack of enjoying the game. I don't think it's entirely his fault the situation the team is in. However, I believe that decisions that give the greatest chance of winning games should be made. We have a lead in Ms. Amy Adams Strunk who has shown that she is willing to do what is necessary to turn the team into a winning team, we have a GM that makes the necessary moves to place the team in the winning position. I think it's all in the hands of the coaching staff and the players themselves to make it real. it's these difficult moments that forge the character and create leaders. Let's give a vote of confidence to the decisions made by our GM and our coaching Staff! For the time being, I'll be traveling from Mexico to support our team this Sunday. TITAN UP!!!

Tammy Porter from Lafayette, Tennessee
I honestly can't believe that the coach is putting the blame on Mariota. It appears y'all have no clue what kind of an athlete he is. Seriously, ask any quarterback, would they play with a line like that in front of him. If I was Mariota I would be praying I'd get dropped. Really probably is best he's benched not apt to get hurt. Where one day he may have a coach that can appreciate an athlete. If anyone is to blame it would be the coach. What's up with the B.S. looks to me Titans are bought out gotta be The athletes that have put that blue uniform on and we don't win games. Coaching over half of the reason we win or loose. I've seen great coaches take so so players and get better every game. What the Hell ?? Evidently the owners have more money than sense..probably their making money to lose. If that's the case screw u.

Junior Leatigaga from Wellington New Zealand
My question is for Marcus Mariota, could you tell him that we all know he is a quite, modest, intelligent and an overall nice guy. I know that Marcus is also a competitor physically and mentally but unfortunately he has to vent out and become more vocal and direct in the huddle and Stop taking the blame all the time. No one is perfect and all of us need some hard words at times to keep us on track, in his chosen profession it is no different, make a mistake get mad at yourself, your WR, TE, OLine whoever makes a mistake get mad at them thats a QBacks job as a LEADER I know you can do it Marcus !!!! Thanks once again Jim, have a good #1from DownUnder TitanUp!!!!

Brandon Jeter from Columbia, Tennessee
Look I'm 16 and I'm a die hard titans fan I was so excited for the future of this team as soon as marcus got drafted. It kills me to see him benched I believe he's one of the best things that ever happened to us! Our offense just isn't playing as a whole. Not everything is is fault!!! I went to the Kansas City playoff game 2 years ago and I've never seen a game like that in my life. I promise you if we drop him this coming year he will go somewhere else and blow up. Don't fire him!!

Linda Cereseto from Los Osos, California
Hi Jim, thank you for your time. In my personal opinion, the Titan organization has hurt Marcus. They took his game away from him, the coaches have been a revolving door and Vrabel doesn't help. Aaron Rogers doesn't stay in the pocket. They let him play his game. Why didn't this organization let him play his game? Why did they pick Vrabel? He has hurt more than he has helped. Why don't they fix the O-Line? I want Marcus to go to another team that will help him not hurt him. I go where Marcus goes. It kills me to see what has happened to him.

Bruce Caccia from Clarksville, Tennessee
I know you're tired of the Mariota and O-line opinions, and I'm really sorry about adding one more. Not too many years ago the Defense had a habit of only playing for 3/4's of the game, now they're playing all 4 and in my opinion are one of the better defenses in the league at the moment. It only took Vrabel a year to get them to start playing for 60 minutes. Now we need the focus to shift slightly to the Offensive line. They seem to tire out pretty quickly and aren't playing the full game. Talking to different Titans fans here, the majority seem to think that Mariota has gotten the short end of the stick with the rotating offensive coordinators, but on the field, the ability to read the defense, make audibles, and throw the ball aren't on the OC's it's on the QB, especially after the helmet mic get's turned off. After 4 plus years of being the on field leader, his only consistency is being inconsistent. While Tannehill isn't the greatest either, he should be given the opportunity to show that he can make the calls and plays to bring the Titans Offense back to at least .500 (hopefully better).Either way,, Thanks for the vent, TITAN UP!!

Rico Washington from Temple Hills, Maryland
Hey Jim. I'm just mind blown by the this whole situation with MM8 being benched. I understand Mariota had a bad games but yeah we say it not all his fault but it's a shame he is the one who gets the iron fist of it. Players should be held accountable for bad playing on the field just like coaches should be too. Ryan came in the game in Denver went 13 out of 16 144yds and a INT and sack a good amount to but Denver played way softer on defense and started in more manageable field position you can't say he was really a spark. I watch the highlights of games and play calling on 3rd and 8 a couple times its a passing situation but only send out 2 recievers where can you throw and that's just me picking out a few. MM8 is a mobile qb but you can see he been told to be a pocket passer not really working in the favor of your qb my opinion yeah injuries happened but heck 20+ sacks can get you injured. Honestly to make your 1st decision to go straight at MM8 to try to fix the offense problem is crazy when your o-line our o-line is garbage and you have a 1st time play caller who shows exactly what he is a 1st timer and a head coach who may meant it sarcastic say he probably a bad coach when asked why the regression in his qb to me bad decision to start a spark we need at the qb position when there are way other to me other problems on offense that need a spark from coaching to o-linemen not doing what they get paid to do.

Kenneth Yearout from Granite City, Illinois
I more have a statement on my frustration here. I am a huge MM8 fan. Have been since his Oregon days. Why on Earth would we bench MM8 and put in the backup who has not proven himself at all? Tannehill is not a terrible QB. Let me just start there. But the starter for the Titans? No way. Why would we blame all of this on MM8? Because that is entirely what the fans, the analytical staff, and all of the football world seems to be doing. MM8 has had 4 Offensive Coordinators and 3 head coaches in the entire 5 years he has been with the Titans. This stunted his growth. How can one function in a tumultuous environment such as that? Instead of blaming him and not letting him continue to get better by keeping him in the game, maybe we should look at the organization and the plans in place per game. I love the Titans. My family team was always Green Bay, but I went my own way when I finally understood the game. But all of this seems like a big pile of garbage. Where is the blame for receivers that aren't open (now I do understand MM8 missed some open players on Sunday against Denver, but still, benefit of the doubt right?)? Because if you can honestly say that the receivers have been open in every game constantly, then I think we are all on a different page. Where is the blame on the O-Line who has allowed him to get sacked constantly this season? When that happens he can't get things done that he is attempting to do. What about the coaching and OC planning? Why are we trying to be a run first team from the look of it? Especially knowing MM8 can throw and can run. Why are we not playing to his strengths? Look at Baltimore with Jackson, they play to his strengths. They let him throw and run and do what he does. Or how about KC and Mahomes? Does what he is good at right? I don't want to belittle anyone or say anyone is performing below par, but come on here. Why take one guy out of the game because not all pieces are clicking? Tannehill really? Anyone ever watch him play at Miami? And we expect him to win? I think MM8 is getting a rough deal here and all the blame is on him. Maybe we should take a look at the whole picture. Now, if Tannehill wins the games for the Titans then I will eat my words. But I am not holding my breath here. I think that benching MM8 is a bad idea and I could probably go into a lot of detail if I needed to, but this is the TL;dr version of it. He was the number 2 pick for a reason. Maybe let him actually do what he is good at and form the team around him. It is a team, but you and I both know the QB runs the offense. How can he do that when he is sitting on the bench? Hope all is well, this is my first time every writing. I read these every time I can and I finally got frustrated and needed to write. Thanks for listening.

Mark Trevino from Brownsville, Texas
I've been an Oiler/Titan fan since I was a kid, I love my team I'm also a big fan of Mariota. With that said I just wanna say its not entirely his fault anybody that knows football can see the problem is the Offensive line man when you get sacked a league high 26times something's gotta give!!!! My question is why cant they address the problem which is the OFFENSIVE LINE?!?!?!?! If they don't want to play then get someone else out there, how do you go from being top 5 O-Line to being a complete joke???No excuses... I just want to know when does Mariota get a break and stop being blamed for this season. TITAN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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