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Weekend Mailbag: Titans Fans Share Thoughts on Draft Picks, Including First-Round Pick Jeffery Simmons


NASHVILLE – Two days down, one to go in the NFL Draft.

Three picks down, three to go.

The Titans have addressed three of their needs so far in selecting Mississippi State defensive tackle Jeffery Simmons, Ole Miss receiver A.J. Brown and Charlotte guard Nate Davis in the first three rounds.

Leading up to the draft, I let Titans fans share their wish lists.

Now, I'm going to let you guys share your thoughts on what's happened so far.

I heard from plenty of you about the selection of Simmons, and let's start things off with an open letter from Titans fan Brent High to Simmons …

Thanks for all the feedback…

Brent High from Nashville, Tennessee
Dear Jeffery Simmons,
Welcome to Tennessee and the city of Nashville!
I've been a fan of the Tennessee Titans since they were the Tennessee Oilers and played in front of dozens of fans in the Liberty Bowl in Memphis. I've been to my share of games there, Vanderbilt and their current home that has gone by the names Adelphia Coliseum, The Coliseum, LP Field and Nissan Stadium.
I must admit, before Thursday's NFL Draft coverage on ABC/ESPN I had no idea who you were. In the hour before you were picked I heard about how you were one of the most talented players in the draft and would have been a top 5 pick but you tore your ACL preparing for the NFL Combine. In the seconds before you were picked I heard the College Gameday crew speculating that the Titans might pick you. They seemed to be unanimous in their belief that you would be a steal with the 19th pick.
Sure enough, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell called your name!
Instead of a cut away to the living room where you were celebrating with your family and friends, we as viewers were immediately introduced to your past - your dark, dirty, embarrassing past. There was no shot of you putting on a Titans cap. There was no "Simmons 1" jersey. There was no hug with Commissioner Goodell. There was no feel good, Tom Rinaldi interview with one of your family members.
Instead we listened to Rece Davis read a cold, piercing rap sheet from a teleprompter. We learned about the fight, your guilt and your status with the legal system.
Jeffery, you deserved better.
We as Tennesseans and Nashvillians deserved better.
Nashville, Tennessee has put together a draft experience that will never be equaled. The way ABC and ESPN handled what should have been a mountaintop moment in your life, for our city and our team is downright shameful.
By all accounts you've learned from your mistakes. You've been a model citizen at Mississippi State. You've been a leader both on and off the field.
Along with being Music City USA and the It City, Nashville has another nickname. It's been referred to as the Buckle of the Bible Belt. There are over 2,000 churches within two hours of Nashville.
In those churches we read and learn from the same book. Two passages came to mind as I watched your draft moment earlier tonight:
"For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." - Romans 3:23
"For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." - Matthew 7:2
Jeffery, welcome to our family. You're now a Tennessean. You're a Nashvillian. You're a Titan!
Just like you, all of us have done things that are shameful. We're just not talented enough to have our sins plastered all over national television.
Know that we've already forgiven you. Know that we're not concerned with who you were or what you did. We're interested in who you are and who you will be.
We're excited about what you will do at Nissan Stadium and to our opponents in the AFC South. We're equally interested in how God will use you to positively impact the young people in our state and our city.
We can't wait to meet you. We will celebrate your arrival.
We'll be praying for your speedy and complete recovery.
We can't wait to see you in navy and light blue!

David Stalder from Albuquerque, New Mexico
Hey! Not complaining about our first pick. Just shows that JRob is thinking about the Titans future, even in the face of the modern NFL trend toward winning now or getting fired. Simmons is a monster, who'll ultimately help us to succeed. Pro-bowl caliber player. Great pick.

Indiah Carter from Memphis Tennessee
Greetings Jim, I like our first round pick but I feel if we are going to wait half a season for a player to heal we might as well had gotten a player like Jerry Tillery or Isaiah Buggs and draft a DT in rd1 of 2020. I mean we let the Colts get in a position where they can get EVERY need in round 2.

Jim Burden from Port Orange, Florida
As I watched the draft Thursday night from down here in Florida, I couldn't decide who we might pick and I was slightly surprised with Jeff Simmons but can see him helping our team. What really bothered me was the way ESPN handled our pick announcement. The first 18 picks were announced with videos of the young men's playing abilities but when our pick was announced, ESPN chose to show a video of a personal event that happened years ago and even switched to two sleazy announcers who acted as if he was a serial killer. I was deeply insulted. Why did they do that? It happened, Jeff is remorseful and that should be it. To dig it up and televise it to the world was ridiculous on their part and has nothing to do with the NFL.
The Titans are so overlooked as it is, but to go into these details seems to me, is very unprofessional on ESPN's part.

Jordan M from Marbury, Tennessee
Hey Jim, My thoughts on our 1st round pick:
We definitely should have traded down, we could have gotten Isaiah Buggs in the second round who is only a grade lower than Simmons.

Ronnie Vineyard from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Horrible first pick, character issues, out for a year. Who is responsible for this choice?

Sean K from Newhall, California
They should take remaining draft picks, trade up as far as possible and pick player they want. Then call it a day and enjoy the rest of draft with the fans on Broadway.
Nice work by Nashville and Titans.

Todd Wilder from New Braunfels, Texas
To Jefferey Simmons.
If you are uncomfortable with the pick, I understand. And if you choose to not be a Titans fan because we took him that's fine and is your right. But if as a person, deep down, you do not believe in second chances then I truly feel sorry for you. This young man did a horrible thing before he went to college. Something that can' be taken back, and He lives with every single day. Since then, on and off the field he has been an exemplary human being. And if coaches, teammates, members of the Starkville community, and more, aren't good enough references for this man's vouch of character OR the fact that Titans brass would bring this to Amy Adams Strunk to discuss and go over in excruciating detail. Watch his introductory press conference. The day Jefferey figured out he could play this game at the next level he knew this day, and these questions were coming. We saw the culmination of that yesterday. What should have been the best day of his life ended up being probably more bitter sweet and controversial than anything else. I know this, I could see the emotion in our owner's eyes talking about it and when Jefferey broke down you could tell how hard this was on him. That's a man who has been given a huge opportunity and he's not going to let us down. Just give him a chance.

Geno Pea from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
It truly is fun to watch JROB work. 3 picks 3 outstanding young men 3 ballers. Through the first 3 rounds he drafted 3 starters at 3 positions of need. We are the Titans the mighty mighty Titans. Titanup

Chris Rynders from Rochester, New York
I think the front office has done a great job so far. To get a talent like Simmons at 19 was the right move. Once healthy, he will be a game changer with Casey. And I think Brown was the most pro ready receiver in the draft. I'm hoping they can find a decent edge prospect for depth now, and I'll be a happy man. Thanks for the great content you put out every week!

Connor Scully from Erie, Pennsylvania
Hi, Jim! I think J Rob and the Titans management has absolutely killed this draft so far! Simmons is regarded by a lot as a future all pro, and there is still a good chance he could play later on this season. Even if he doesn't, though, he is going to be a centerpiece for the defense for years to come. AJ Brown was my favorite receiver going into the draft, and I can't believe he was available for them in the second. An elite talent, and it filled a big need. Nate Davis is great value in the third and will also come in and shore up the RG position for us. I think they nailed the biggest needs for this team with the first three picks, and now I hope they just take best player available. There are still some nice cornerbacks and interior O-linemen I think they should go for! This management has clearly shown in the past they know talent, and this draft has been excellent so far! Go Titans!

Sean Lewis from Chuckey, Tennessee
So far, the Titans front office, IMO, have hit 3 home runs. Great additions to the Titans.

Tyler McConnell from Phoenix, Arizona
First off Titan Up. Thank you Jim for all you do. Love reading these. J Rob is the man. I love that he plugs the free agents in needy spots to take best available in the draft. Simmons top five pick all day. Love it. A.J. Brown had back to back 1200 yard seasons in the sec mainly working out of the slot. I like Mr. Froggy Davis. Think we are gonna have a fine year. Titan Up

Spencer Moore from Topeka, Kansas
I like the picks thus far, though I do think we could have traded back in the 1st a few slots still landed Simmons and got an additional 2nd or 3rd round pick. I like that so far each pick has addressed a position need. I would of liked to see an edge rusher taken, but hopefully Finch and/or Correa will have a better year along with Landry.

Johntu Hicks from Dallas, Texas
I think they have hit on every pick. Jeffery Simmons a steal at 19th even if he misses most of his rookie season, any off the field issues i could have worried about where squashed by Amy's glowing praise during the press conference. round 2 i was hoping for met-calf but we got his more versatile teammate who makes the titans WR core a lot better. and finally we got an interior lineman that will continue to propel our new found run game. half way in and i couldn't be more excited for the 2019 season. #TitanUp

Xavier Smith from Baltimore, Maryland
Hey Jim. I think I'd say Jon has been crushing the draft ever since he became GM. With that said I love the signing of Simmons, I am upset he wont play game 1 but whenever he does come back I think him and Casey will wreak havoc. Love AJ Brown as well going to give sharpe,bates, and Jennings some comp. Our team is coming together slowly but surely. Xman

Tony Johnson from Rochester, New York
I think the Titans were hoping to draft Christian Wilkins, but Jeffery Simmons isn't a bad consolation prize. Simmons may not play much next season, if at all, but long-term this will prove to be an excellent pick. Since we signed Brett Urban to fill in until Simmons is ready, Day 2 required us to find three starters with two picks (WR, OL, and EDGE). I would've traded a pick from 2020's draft to secure a starter in this years draft. Maybe we could've drafted Winovich or Ferguson in addition to AJ Brown and Nate Davis. I don't think there are any starting caliber EDGE rushers left on Day 3 and it always makes me nervous when, after the draft, I try to envision the possible starting line-up and there are holes. The only hole this year is the EDGE spot across from Harold Landry. It's now our weakest link on defense. I bet we draft D'Andre Walker to create some competition there, and let the best man win the job. Overall, I'm happy with this draft and give it an A-.

Eric Sampson from Mount Vernon, Illinois
Hey Jim! On paper I think they've hit it out of the park so far. Simmons is a HUGE value and has the superstar potential that can take the defense to an elite level. The AJ Brown pick in my eyes is equally impactful. Has the ability and personality to be the star playmaker we've been looking for in the passing game. But even if he's not a star, he's still going to be a really big contributor and round out one of the most talented group of pass catchers the franchise has ever had.
I'm not going to act like I knew much about Nate Davis before we took him, but after a little research it sounds like hes gonna be a great fit. Gonna make us even nastier on the line. Also he came off as a high character JRob guy from the titans online interview. I liked what I heard. Anyway, great job so far. Looking forward to tomorrow. Keep up the great work. Titan Up!!!

Kenny Gore from Horse Cave, Kentucky
Hey, Jim. So far my opinion on the draft - The picks have been ok, Not great, Simmons is a top 5 talent, but will not help us win this yr. (MAYBE Late)… Brown is a good WR, but the team NEEDS speed at WR & that is not his game...
I REALLY Hope we find a way to address Pass Rush ASAP!! I REALLY wanted Winovich & we allowed him to go to the Pats... BAD call. I would LOVE to see D'Andre Walker or Christian Miller... After spending our 1st on a redshirt player, we NEED players who can contribute NOW on defense!! At this point we have not added any in the draft... I really hope that changes. Pass Rush was awful last yr, You are not beating Luck w/o a great Pass Rush... Wake is ok, but not gonna play a bunch of snaps. We NEED youth there badly. Here's to hoping for a Pass Rusher ASAP!!! Even if we have to trade up, we need to find a Pass Rusher who can provide an impact THIS YR!!!!

Jacob Hicks from Nashville, Tennessee
I give Jrob an A. I like both the 1st and 2nd picks and we needed Davis for the hole at right guard however I feel like we could have used Chase Winovich. This team needs as much pass rush as it can get considering the QBs we face twice a year and I feel like we could've traded up a few picks to snag him before NE did. Overall though every pick was worth it. Nice job Jrob!

Mike O'Brien from Mount Vernon, Washington
Addressing 3 key needs with 3 outstanding selections. Add in a free agent trade for depth and we've once again seen the talent that Robinson and staff provide the Titans. "Nailed it!

Nathan Wise from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
I love what the Titans have done so far.
From a purely football perspective, I think the Simmons pick is fantastic value, he's worth the wait. I just view it as if the Titans traded their 19th overall pick this year, for a top 5 pick next year, something that I think most teams would do.
AJ Brown fills a need at #2 outside receiver, he reminds me a bit of a larger Golden Tate. Nate Davis is a nice get in the 3rd round, he should be an upgrade over Kline at RG, with room to grow.
JRob did a great job letting value fall to him in filling our remaining holes. He's in a pretty good position to just go BPA the rest of the draft.

Rick Bleiweiss from Ashand, Oregon
I think the Titans have done extremely well in the first three rounds. These three men can be impact players and they fill needs on the team. I am especially excited to see Mariota working with his receiving group - the additions of Humlhrey and Brown plus Walker coming back should be awesome to go along with Davis and the others. And the additions of the free agents they've signed has been excellent as well. In my opinion this has been a stellar off season for the Titans.

Preet Singh from Baltimore, Maryland
I said we might take a flyer on Simmons and the players I suggested before him both were taken off the board earlier. I think we came away with a top 5 talent in the draft when Simmons is back to full strength and you can tell how much he regrets his off field incident. Also think we came away with what could be the best or second best receiver in the class without having to trade as well as what I think will be our starting right guard entering week 1. Good draft and John Robinson continues to impress as Titans GM

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
I was thrilled to see the Simmons pick. We finally have the elite DT we've wanted for some time. And we needed this because Casey needs help up front and we need someone who can hold the fort down if Casey is on the bench with an injury.

Nathan Massey from Columbia, Tennessee
I'm loving this draft so far. I think we are tying up the loose ends on both sides of the ball and think this team will have a very good year. Simmons will be huge for the defense when he gets healthy. JRob knows what he is doing and I trust him to get us to where we all want to be.

Andrew Plichta from Brownsburg, Indiana
Loved the first three picks! Pissed at the colts taking jabs at us but hopefully this season we can smack the colts and shut them up. We still could use an edge rusher but excited to see the undrafted players haul the Titans get!

Have a great draft weekend! And thanks again for all the feedback.

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