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Weekend Mailbag: Titans Fans React to the Hiring of GM Ran Carthon and Much More


NASHVILLE – We're two weeks into the offseason, and we've already seen plenty of Titans developments.

On Friday, the Titans introduced Ran Carthon as the team's new general manager. The former 49ers executive was in town with his family, and he's ready to work.

Meanwhile, head coach Mike Vrabel continues identify potential candidates for his coaching staff.

Let's dive into the weekend mailbag and see what's on the minds of Titans fans…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Matt Myers from Shiner, Texas
I am super happy the Titans hired Ran Carthon!!! He is a football guy zero doubt! Dad was a player he was a player I read he has been scouting since he was 11. I think he might bring a perspective that most GM's don't really have. Knowing who to pay and who has the desire to make it, he was an I drafted free agent so he has a very unique insight into the passion that is required. I thought J Rob was great and he definitely changed the course of Titan football, unfortunately a few things didn't bounce his way. I think we have put the right guy in there to push on the growth to the next level. I believe in our HC, and our players, like Vrabel said add some speed get and stay healthy and we will compete every week! I am excited to see where we go next!

Jim: Thanks for chiming in, Matt. Most of the reaction I've seen has been very positive.

Tommy Henley from Cookeville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Just one question but first really happy an think that we picked an awesome GM. But my question is are they giving up a two third round draft picks for 2023 and 2024 for our new GM?

Jim: Hey Tommy. There's been a lot of confusion about this. The Titans aren't giving up anything. The league is awarding the 49ers with compensatory picks. Tennessee's draft selections remain unchanged.

Costa Babalis from Montreal, Canada
Hi Jim. Great job doing this and keeping the Titans fan base together. I don't understand the logic of some fans thinking that we should let go of Derrick Henry. This guy would've won the rushing title if he played in Week 17, let alone played with a second and third tier offensive line and not a #1 wideout. You get yourself a true #1 WR like we had in AJ Brown and the defences would not always stack up the box. I know you might not agree on this but I would take a chance on Aaron Rodgers for two years at the right price. You have a QB that can read defences and let's see the defenses stack the box and play man to man coverage. I like our defence, I think we had to many injuries and we never had the full squad out there. Shore up the offensive line and get a bonified wide out and we can make a run in 2023. Titan up.

Jim: It's that time of year, Costa. The speculation includes everybody. I see you're throwing Aaron Rodgers into the fray, and we have a Tom Brady mention below. And it's only January 21. Buckle up.

Ray Mata from Uvalde, Texas
Hello Jim, I have a question about Malik Willis. I know he's a rookie and young but his happy go lucky attitude doesnt cut it on the field. Is that something the Titans saw in his last game and post interview where he seems to think he's lost a pee wee game where nothing matters and the guys playing alongside him know what it really means to lose a nfl game, and is that the real reason they picked up Dobbs? I mean that's why they drafted Willis to backup Tannehill and he ended his season not injured and as the backup for the 3rd string QB. So what I want to know is if you think or know if his happy go lucky, oh well, we'll get'em next time, it's not about winning its about living, lets celebrate the loss people stop asking me about the game. Did that cross the minds of the Titans decision makers to demote him behind Dobbs? Thanx, Longtime Oilers/Titans Fan 4-Life

Jim: Thanks for writing in from Uvalde, Ray. I hope God is looking over your community. I think a lot of folks took what Malik said after the Texans game the wrong way. People jumped him because they don't think losing bothers him. That's not the case. And, I can assure you he didn't get benched – and replaced by Josh Dobbs – because of what some perceived to be a nonchalant attitude. He got benched because of his play, which wasn't good enough. Malik needs to get better. I know it, you know it, the coaches know it, and Malik knows it.

Andy Stambene from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Hi Jim hope all is well. It's been a turbulent time and I imagine there will be a lot of hard decisions made on talent currently on the roster. If I was newly minted GM Ran Carthon I wouldn't bring back 4-6 vets starting with oft-injured Dupree. Woods didn't pan out and was another big cap hit. I'm hoping Lewan comes back but if he doesn't there is a serious hole at LT. Cunningham was also injured a lot this year,ditto Farley. Tannehill...what to do with Ryan who carries a massive cap hit...Maybe the Titans should look to Mayfield who's got be looking for a Starters job. Long has to be signed as well as Davis otherwise 2 more holes. It will be nice to have a healthy Landry back. Hope the Titans get Paris Johnson Jr to block for Henry. The Titans look old and slow hopefully that changes. I like our DB's if only we could get them back healthy (Molden,Farley,Fulton,Jackson)at the same time. BJones? Will he retire or come back?Brewer is more suited for Center and gets mauled at LG. Really liked out rookie crop from 2022. Can see more playing time for all of them. Petit-Frere is the real deal! And Chig is going to blow the top off some Defenses! McCreary is going to be a really good corner in the NFL. N Davis needs to be signed ASAP. Offensive line wasn't very good last year and for Henry to start to ripping off those lengthy runs again the Titans need to focus at getting better talented Mashers and Maulers on the Line!!! Things could get worse at least we have a 11th overall,2nd,3rd rounders...5th and 7th Rounders. 4 of them have to stick whoever they are. I hope Carthon creates some breathing room and Cap space for himself to right the ails of the former GM. Good Luck to our new GM Ran Carthon

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Andy.

John Clark from Chesapeake, Virginia
Good morning Jim! Well my Sundays are so dang boring now but I'm proud that the Titans ownership cleaned out the house and started hiring the proper personnel to fill the vacancies. So far so good I'm excited to see Ran Carthon at the helm as GM. Now we need to focus on a strong Offensive Coordinator I still have high hopes of hiring Frank Reich or I just read Tampa might get rid of Byron Leftwich or I think Lovie Smith would be a great candidate. I hope the Titans come to an agreement with my favorite defensive lineman #98 BIG JEFF and he doesn't bust us over the head so we can sign other good free agents from other teams because the salary cap is what's hurting us. Other than that I think Vrabel and everyone else knows where the focus should be that horrendous offensive line and pass defense and a solid QB!!!! I pray Henry comes back with vengeance and stays healthy and can continue to produce and run the rock like a Tasmanian devil! Life isn't the same so I guess I'll start watching the Grizzlies play. My question/comment would be Jim do you have meet and greets I think you would be surprised at the great turn out you would have because a lot of us sees you as extended family we can sit and fuss about football with. Lol May God continue to bless you and your family and if I ever get the chance to go to a Titans game. I hope I get to shake your hand thanks for everything you do for us fans!!!

Jim: No meet-and-greets scheduled for me, John. 😊 The line would be very short, I'm sure.
If you see me, say hello. I'm usually wearing a visor.

Barrett Sutton from Nashville, Tennessee
Jim, can you let us know how far along the Titans are in their preparation for the draft and whether any additional talent evaluators will be brought in to assist? Thanks.

Jim: A lot of prep work has been done, but it's still early, Barrett. The draft is still three months away, the Senior Bowl, Combine and pro days are on the horizon and the new GM was just announced on Friday. So, there's time. I suspect any changes on the scouting staff would come after the draft.

Jack G from Arlington, Texas
Any update on the Oilers jerseys? Would think there would be some sort of reveal in the coming months.

Jim: No update. No change. Sounds like we could hear something in July...

Chris Chapman from Hermitage, Tennessee
Hello again Jim! I wrote in a few weeks ago for the 1st time in awhile and I just finished reading Tuesdays mailbag and liked the positivity you included. Yes, there were far too many fans sending way too much hate. I've been reading up on Ran Carthon our new GM! I'm impressed with his experience and what he's done after playing in the NFL. Is he a better talent evaluator than Jon Robinson? Jon was responsible for alot of good picks and trades that ppl are forgetting. I believe based on hearing what Coach Mac had to say about our new GM that we got a guy who will make everyone around him better especially Coach V and I believe Coach V will make Ran Carthon better; kinda like iron sharpens iron, you agree? I'm really curious as to why another team with less cap issues to deal with hasn't scooped him up before now. Ppl are still hitting on all the injuries we've had, but nobody has mentioned this yet: Coach V is 110% a players coach, we've seen guys play their hearts out for him, they've played injured more often than not; what if all these injuries are simply just a result of players playing their hearts out for a coach they love and the injuries are just a result of guys trying to give it all they got and then some and just get hurt? Obviously those players didn't set out to get injured, just accidents. All us fans should put last season in the rear view and thank all those back up players for playing with heart, say thank you to those coaches and staff who no longer work for our team; they didn't set out to lose games or their jobs. Looking forward to next season! It wouldn't hurt my feelings at all if Ryan Tannehill stayed and we keep Josh Dobbs as #2 and give this kid Willis time to acclimate to the NFL. Who knows, our draft position could maybe get us a better QB to groom or we trade back collect some extra picks and get some O-line help? Hats off to the new GM, I believe we are like -24 million in the hole with cap space so he's got his work cut out for him. Don't think I'm spinning anything crazy here, right? Thanks for keeping us informed bro!!!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Chris. The fans really decide where this things goes – positive or negative. I just answer as honestly as I can. As for whether Ran is a better evaluator than Jon, well, time will tell. I've heard a lot of good things about him, and I was impressed by his opening presser yesterday. I talked to 49ers GM John Lynch about Ran this week, and he had some great things to say about him. Here's that story, in case you missed it: CLICK HERE.

Luis Macouzet from Victoria, Mexico
Hello Jim, I am following your comments carefully and I really like the way you see the different situations of our team and its players, most of the time I agree with you, but comparing the great McNair who won games is very important and how can I not remember that Super Bowl, fighting despite multiple injuries, he was a real franchise QB. Please don't compare him to Ryan Tannehill.

Jim: Someone asked me in the Tuesday mailbag if the Titans have had a franchise QB since Steve McNair. I said yes, Ryan Tannehill. That's not comparing, it's answering a question. And, 20-plus years later, let's not forget Steve McNair had his struggles as a quarterback himself. I covered the team back in 1999 – McNair's fifth NFL season – when he was booed at Nissan Stadium. I remember a lot of fans wanting Neil O'Donnell to be the team's starter. And, let's not forget Ryan Tannehill has won a lot of games himself.

Wes Cogdell from Evansville, Indiana
Hello Jim. I was wondering why are we looking at Tom Brady? We're one of the teams that is thinking about taking him but why are we going backwards? I think Tannehill has done the best he can it's hurt us when he went down but if we had a line to block kept him upright then we be talking about who we play next. But Dennis Dailey should have been bench for not blocking. But we just need to keep Defense intact but just work on Offensive side gets some speed at the wide outs.I'm not going to say this wasn't a great year but we can get better. Thanks Jim have a blessed day Sir.

Jim: Appreciate your feedback, Wes. I hear a lot of opinions on Tom Brady as well. The only thing that's been reported on this so far – by Ian Rapoport of NFL Network – is the Titans could be among the teams that might consider Brady if he didn't return to the Buccaneers/or retire in 2023.

Dylan Silva from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hello I'm trying to see who to talk to about getting on the practice squad on the Titans I am 5'9 215 pounds and play semi pro football for 9 years I play Fullback and linebacker I would like a shot.

Jim: Hey Dylan. I can't give out the new GM's digits in here. Do you have an agent? Best bet is reaching someone in personnel, but I'll warn you - I know the scouts/personnel folks hear from a lot of players/players' agents looking for a shot.

Harmonee Atcheson from Nashville, Tennessee
Please don't get rid of Ryan Tannehill or Derrick Henry or Taylor Lewan I want them all back on the Titans team.

Jim: Will pass this along, Harmonee.

Bear Butler from Somerville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Congratulations to Ran, and thank you Miss Amy for going after and getting one of the people responsible for building the current 49ers roster, (the most stacked roster in the nfl ...atm). I hope Ran has great success. I hope the team gets a great OC, I haven't seen anyone from the Titans mention Josh Allen's qb coach Joe Brady, I read an article on him, he could be good idk.
I would like to put my thoughts out there for the so-called Titans fans who want to exalt Josh Dobbs and throw M. Willis under the bus. I'm not knocking Dobbs he did OK, he threw for more yards than Willis but Dobbs has been in the nfl 6 YEARS, compared to Willis's around 6 months. I saw improvement every game from Willis despite having to learn in an offense being run by Downing and an o-line that wasn't much more than a speed bump on most plays. I think Vrabel even said Willis regressed in his last start, and I would say look at the reason why, the last 2 players that were vets on the o-line were gone due to injuries. If the team rolls with Tannehill I hope they restructure his contact over a couple more years and bring in someone that took part in developing Mahomes to work with Willis.
I hope we get Jalin Hyatt in the draft he could be the speed receiver we need to pair with Burks. Burks and Hyatt out wide with Phillips in the slot and Chig coming off the line and Henry in the backfield = big play threat from everywhere.

Jim: Hey Bear. I hear ya. I was very impressed with what Josh Dobbs was able to do in his short stint. He was solid, and I think he's a really nice young man. But we can't ignore the facts you mentioned, and the fact he turned the ball over too much in his two starts. I'm also not surprised he looked better than Willis because of his experience in the league. With all that said, Malik needs to be better, as I mentioned previously.

Robert Kisner from Terra Alta, West Virginia
Why does the Titans hire from within? The OC they will hire isn't that good the Titans did get coached very well and the play calls were not that great so why keep the same people that did nothing last year I feel that if the OC doesn't call good plays this year then Vrabel needs to be gone. Stop putting in friends and get someone that will be a little harder on them and do some good....THE FRIENDS THING ISNT WORKING.

Jim: Thanks Robert. I'll let Vrabel know the OC he hasn't hired but will eventually hire isn't that good…

Bud Stein from Jacksonville, Florida
Top of the morning Sir Jim. Bud the Ryhmer Titan Fan in middle of jag country.
Happy new year Sir. 2022 not the way we wanted but so be it. before I get into the meat of the issue here I have to say The jags players jags sports media did not portray the titans Jags game the way IT REALLY WAS. A win is a win but they were lucky. never led till about 3 minutes left and had a little help gettin to playoff land Mr Jenkins Prior to game on jags station Henry is just another RB! Howd that stiff arm workout LOl. Now saying mahomes is just another QB good luck with that!! Normally i woud root for any AFC south team in playoffs even if not titans but not now. Jags fans and media dont tell the true story and brag Jenkins andWyegard are the worst Jags can beat anybody. Dude you lost 8 games.
At any rate how would this look in 2023 and pass along to Ms Amy Strunk I know you can. Little moves are ok but we need big moves so heres the info:
Lamar Jackson and Derrick Henry in the back field. Add a grade A WR. That would send the word scary to magnum levels to 31 other teams. Have Landry and Lewan healthy and what do you have a sure Super Bowl Contender. for sure I believe Dobbs should be in the equation.
Get the message delivered Jim ur the man LOL Take care sir.

Jim: Be careful down there, Bud.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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