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Weekend Mailbag: Titans Fans React to the Hiring of Brian Callahan as Head Coach and More


NASHVILLE – The Titans have their man.

Brian Callahan became the team's new head coach this week, and held a press conference at Ascension Saint Thomas Sports Park.

The feedback has been aplenty.

Let's get right to it…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Nichloas S from Elk Grove, California
Question: Greetings, Mr. Wyatt. Brian Callahan ... as our next head honcho. Love this decision. That Cincy offense has cooked the last few years, even with Jake Browning!
You gotta be as hopeful and excited as me, especially dealing with the dreary depression and agony that the impatient, know-it-all fans have submitted in the mailbag lately. How much do you like the Callahan pick compared to the other candidates interviewed? You think Levis can eventually be molded to have the performance that a (healthy) Burrow plays to (assuming our O-line and injuries improve)? Hope you've had an excellent near year. We're only eight months away. I'M SO READY!!! TITAN UPPPPP

Jim: Hey Nicholas. I like the Callahan hire. I think he's a good coach, with a tremendous reputation. I thought he had some great things to say at the presser. I really enjoyed chatting with him the other day. But this is just a part of the puzzle. The team now has to find the right guys in the pre-draft process, and free agency. Coach Callahan needs to put his staff together. The offseason is just getting started. But I like the hire for sure.

Sean Kelley from Delaware
Question: Hi Jim. With all due respect to Eddie, CJ and Henry, I honestly feel like the possessed King in Lord of Rings, being freed from his torturous mind. No longer burdened by "Three Runs and Punt" philosophy that has gripped this team since 1997.

Jim: Changing times for sure, Sean. Most folks seem excited about the prospects of an offensive-minded coach, and what it could mean moving forward.

Arleen Neisz from Estero, Florida
Question: Hey Jim! Today is a great day for us Titans fans! Brian Callahan was absolutely the right choice for this team and I'm really excited for the future. First off, is there any insight as to who Coach Callahan will bring in as our offensive/defensive coordinators as well as his picks for assistant coach (Perhaps his father Bill Callahan?)

Jim: Not yet, Arleen. Seen a lot of buzz, including some out of Cleveland about his dad. Some of it includes the thought that he's not going anywhere, but we'll see. Stay tuned.

Donley Canary from Raymore, Missouri
Question: Good Morning Jim. Great hire in my opinion of Brian Callahan as our head coach. Great pedigree. Super job experience. Well - connected. Young. Innovative. What more could you look for, but some folks are unhappy. Why? Slowik not ready yet and Detriot OC was not interested in us. I am excited for the Titans and their future. Please 🙏 give us the money to hire good assistant coaches. Coaches that are good teachers, knowledgeable and great people for our community. To be successful Callahan must have the financial resources to build a great staff. Hopefully, that is a priority for Titan organization. Free agency. Draft. Titans have to knock it out of the park to compete NEXT YEAR. Let 's GO TITANS!

Jim: Indeed, Donley.

Scott Taylor from Dayton, Ohio
Question: Greetings Jim. 1st if I could: Titans need to resign the KING D Henry. If he can get over a thousand yards behind the line that they had should tell a team to keep him sign him to a couple yrs contracts with incentives like get a certain amount of yards etc.
And I am glad that the Titans sign Callahan to a contract he was one of the few that were interviewed that I did I really had on the top of my list him and the defensive coordinator for the Ravens. Those were my picks. So that gets me to my question. How does the pay structure? Does the money that pay the H.C does that come out of the cap money for the players or does the team pay them???
Well Jim I certainly hope that you are enjoying the off-season. I think that about covers it. And Titans fans keep your head up better days are coming I truly believe and if they can keep the KING all the better. Well I believe that all for now Jim until next time. TITANUP.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Scott. The head coach's salary does not count against the cap, which is only for players.

David Graham from McMinnville, Tennessee
Question: Jim-- It seems there (were) many coaches Interviewed for the head coaching job. I'm curious if they (attempted) to also get a vibe on some possible replacements for other coaching positions as well?

Jim: Hey David. I wasn't in on these interviews, but it's common for head coaching candidates to provide some ideas on who they might be looking to hire on their staff. It doesn't always work out, of course, for one reason or another. Maybe a team denies an interview request? Maybe an assistant takes another job? And, of course, some assistants from Vrabel's staff could be retained. Time will tell.

Joni Daniels from Antioch, Tennessee
Question: After reading his resume, I am excited about the new coach hire, Brian Callahan. He's an offensive coach that has worked with some really good quarterbacks and can develop Will Levis. I think I now better understand the dismissal of Mike Vrabel and look forward to this new coach that can bring a new and fresh perspective to the Titans. What do you think, Jim?

Jim: Same.

Ginger Robertson from Little Rock, Arkansas
Question: I read your news site and the questions each week. It's nice to have a place to go to catch up on the Titans when you are not living in TN. I am a Titan fan and listen to Mike and Coach Mac every week via SiriusXM each week. I hate our CBS affiliate gets other teams besides the Titans each Sun. Anyway, I am looking forward to the new coach to see what he can do to turn us around. Thanks for all you do and for listening to us all each week. Your service to Titans fans is sorely needed and appreciated.

Jim: Much appreciated, Ginger. Thanks for reading.

Pat Sweeney from Roselle Park, New Jersey
Question: Hey Jim. Thanks for all you do. First thanks to Ms.Amy for canning Mike. (he became to pig headed and it was time to move on). Put me in the camp of an offensive minded coach and rebuilding the offensive line as top priorities for Ran. Years ago I wrote you about adding Bum Phillips, Jeff Fisher, and Jerry Glanville into the Titans ring of Honor. Two out of three ain't bad, but I'm back to make a pitch for Jerry. Sure a coach who wore all black and left tickets for Elvis was a bit weird, but he definitely brought the Oilers back from some of the worst years in the franchise's history in the mid 80's. He gave the Oilers a swagger and tough personality that led them to many playoff appearances which never ended well but what else is new. Who knows,if Mike Rozier caught that Stagger Lee pass against Denver he might still be running and there might have been a championship banner hanging over the stadium. I just think with my 45 years of Oilers/Titans fandom that the Glanville years deserve their place in history. Thanks Jim, Luv ya blue/Titan up…Elvis has left the building.

Jim: Appreciate it, Pat. You see where Jerry Glanville was recently named defensive coordinator at Northwestern Oklahoma State? Good for him.

Taneal Clark Sr from San Diego, California
Question: Hello Jim. Long time reader, first time writer. Like every fans who writes in, I want to say a big THANK YOU for your informative comments and opinions you provide to us about the Titans. I look forward to reading yours and the comments of other fans whenever post. I must say that over the months and years, some of our fans have been a bit much at times, but I guess it's just them venting. If the Titans could win the Super Bowl every year, I WOULD LOVE THAT, but I'm a realist and also remember the 5 total wins in back to back seasons too. Not a very fun time to be a Titans fan. So I know things can get worse even when they seem bad already. I remember going to games when they played here on the west coast and being the ONLY fan in my entire section rooting for the Titans and not very many of us throughout the stadium. Nowadays, we are well represented at the away game and I love every minute of it.......with that said, my question is...Why do you think Mike Vrabel has not landed a job yet, and do you see our new head coach retaining any of the coaches that were on Vrabel's staff? 
P.S. When my friends, who are fellow football fans ask how I feel about our coach or a particular new player to the team. My answer is...I'm good with whoever going to bring the Parade (Super Bowl) to Nashville. #TITANUP

Jim: Good to hear from you, Taneal. I'll be curious to see if Mike lands one of the two jobs still open – Washington or Seattle. If not, I think he'll get a job again at some point. I just think Mike, and coach Bill Belichick, have a certain style and approach, and it's not for everyone. It's been interesting to watch the coaching carousel this offseason, because some of the hirings have been unpredictable. … As for members of his staff, I suspect some will be retained, but probably not many. There's going to be a lot of turnover, because Coach Callahan is going to want his own guys. Hope to see you at a parade one day. 

Kristin Lloyd from Clemson, Alabama
Question: Hey Jim, any updates on how Ryan Stonehouse's recovery is going? Really pulling for him to have a smooth road back!

Jim: Hi Kristin. I actually talked to Ryan a couple of times this week. He's at the facility every day, rehabbing the knee. He feels like things are going well, and has a great attitude.

Bobby Milam from Dresden, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim. A quick question: I'm reading that Henry could go to other teams for 4.2 million on a one-year deal so. You think Henry would resign with titans if he's offered the same deal?

Jim: Hey Bobby. Hope all is well in Dresden, which is where my college suitemates were from my freshman year! Everything you're seeing about Derrick and a potential contract right now is based on speculation. Nothing is going to coming into focus until March.

Lyn Taliaferro from Parsons, Tennessee
Question: When will ground be broken for the New Nissan Stadium?

Jim: Potentially at the end of next month.

David Grissom from Huntingdon Beach, California
Question: CALLAHAN as new HC. Grade C. Another swing and miss. Don't expect a winning season for 3 yrs.

Jim: We welcome all opinions here, David, even wrong ones. ... Just kidding. Time will tell, but I like the hire myself.

Esta Caira from Clarksville, Tennessee
Question: This is the first time I have ever publicly asked a question…please bear with me.
I do understand the need for a new coach and coaching staff. BUT, when is any consideration given to the training staff? The past 3 years have been agonizing to watch! Seems like so many of our players are plagued with injuries as opposed to other teams. Do other teams have better trainers or are we just that unlucky?
I do hope this does get addressed and I also hope mgt. brings in someone on the offensive side of the game. We have seen enough defensive coaches.
Thanks for listening.

Jim: Hi Esta. Good to hear from you. This is a fair question. I can promise you everything will be evaluated this offseason.

Bill Caldwell from Lebanon, Tennessee
Question: Morning Jim, nice snow storm. I enjoy our one week of snowfall each year. Well time the move on and look forward. So how about giving us a timeline when decisions will be made regarding coaches and playing personnel. Hires, free Agency and Draft with basic time frames. Then we'll all be able to know when to ask intelligent questions. Stay safe.

Jim: Hey Bill. A lot of moving parts, but Callahan has immediately started working on putting his staff together. As for personnel, free agency doesn't start until March 13.

Ed Martin from Deer Lodge, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim, i am apparently one of the fans upset about Mike getting fired. personally, i believe that talent on the field leads to victories and when upper management can't figure out a way to make AJ Brown happy and trades him, and now talk of "will Derrick Henry be back" and ridiculous moves like keeping Malik on the roster and letting Dobbs go? I have no confidence in ANY coach righting this ship. Management must provide the raw material for any coach to be successful. Your thoughts?

Jim: Hi Ed. It sounds like the Eagles haven't been able to figure out a way to keep A.J. Brown happy either. … As for Josh Dobbs, the Titans weren't going to give him the guaranteed $2 million salary he got elsewhere to be their back-up. … We'll have to see what happens with Derrick. He's a free agent, but could conceivably be kept via the franchise tag. But does he want to be back if he gets an opportunity elsewhere? Is he still a fit in a new offense? What would a new contract look like here? What might other teams offer him? There's just a lot TBD, Ed.

Sadhish Siva from Manchester, Tennessee
Question: Have to say I was thrilled that the Titans finally got the head coach position squared away. Callahan was definitely in the top 2 of who I hoped we would be able to snag (The other being Ben Johnson, OC of the Lions).
I think most Titan fans were hoping to modernize the Titans offensive scheme, which for decades has been "3 yards and a cloud of dust" philosophy which just not cut it in today's game. NFL rules have favored the offense and specifically the passing attack, a component we severely fallen behind in.
With our new coach it seems that, based on his prior stints, that philosophy is about to change and looking forward to lighting up the league once we get the right personnel and properly deploy the ones we are retaining. Would be great to go back to the Run and Shoot days/West Coast Offense coaching tree.
I also have a suggestion for the moniker describing our the generals leading our Titans to battle:
Carthon + Callahan = "C & C Music City Factory"
Hopefully they will cause opposing teams to sweat until they bleed.

Jim: I'll throw it out there, Sadhish. Thanks.

Dan Baird from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: Jim, I assume you're getting plenty of "NEVER WATCHING THIS #&$@ SHOW AGAIN" emails.
So many unemployed GM's out there in Titan-land!
I just wanna say I AM going to watch and support our Titans.
This could get interesting.

Jim: I got a few of those after Vrabel was fired. It seems like the tide has turned a bit in recent weeks. But I know no everyone is going to agree on everything, and that's what keeps the mailbag hopping.

Jonah Levia from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Question: Hi Jim, thanks for doing what you do. While I'm not happy with the firing of Vrabel, I understand the NFL is a business. And, if the NFL crowdsourced their decisions, the business would have folded decades ago. Love the Titans and I'll keep supporting them throughout here in Northeast Ohio (Browns country). I was wondering if you could direct me in how to go about getting an autograph from Vrabel. Thanks again!

Jim: Thanks Jonah. I'm not your point person for Vrabel autograph, though. Sorry, and good luck.

Mario Williams from Richmond, Kentucky
Question: Hello Jim. I'm a Nashville native. I've been a Titans fan since the team arrived and I like to consider myself a superfan. In 2021 I went to all the Titans road games. Now that we are in the midst of a coaching change, I must admit the process feels different this time. Seems much more serious and focused. I want to thank Amy and associates for their hard work to give us something to cheer about. I understand we need offensive line help but traditionally, would it be wise to go wide receiver in the first round and go offensive lineman in the second?
Thanks for your time and your thoughts.

Jim: Appreciate the feedback, Mario. Hard for me to say on the draft yet. Need to see what happens in free agency first.

Sheldon Kahan from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: Hi Jim. This is in regards to Vrab's firing. I'm not a professional but it seems to me that the biggest obstacle to the Titan's success in recent years has been injuries. You can't win with second team players against first team players and I am stuck by a remark Vrab constantly made to the team that the chances of players getting injured are 100 percent. The Titans have had so many injuries in the last few years that I'm inclined to wonder if there isn't a self fulfilling prophecy in that attitude or perhaps some element in the coaching that precipitates injuries to players. Obviously as a fan I have no way of confirming this but this goes way beyond the law of averages. Something is causing excessive injuries. Time will tell if it was the coaching. Hopefully it will look favorably on this move.

Jim: We'll see, Sheldon. Hope all is well.

Rick Pinkerton from Terryville, Connecticut
Question: Jim, I have been an Oiler/Titan fan since 1960, 64 years. I am excited for this new change the Titans are making, I believe that when Will gets the coaching that will develop him as a quaterback, using all of his skills, he can lead this team in a very positive way. That means we will need a HC and OC that recognizes and develops his talents. If this can be accomplished I believe with his passion and competitiveness, he will be an example for the entire team to have the same fire. He will need the pieces in place around him to be successful. With the draft picks and FA, I believe this can happen. To me a fan from day one, this is a breath of fresh air, something that could change everything in a positive way. How many times have we complained about the OC, or the DC. This is the chance to change all of that, given Amy finds the right HC, which I believe she will. I believe we can FINALLY get over the hump and go deep into the playoffs, something we rarely do. For those who want to give up on the Titans, I say you will always be welcomed back, After the smoke has cleared and we have our new team and HC my motto is WHY NOT US

Jim: I like the optimism, Rick.

Ed Helinski from Auburn, New York
Question: Hey Jim, hope your 2024 is going well so far. Here's my question: What's going to be the top 3-5 priorities for this team during the offseason? Feel free to add more if necessary.

Jim: 1. Brian Callahan needs to hire his coaching staff. 2. Start getting ready for the NFL Draft by attacking the Senior Bowl, NFL Combine, pre-draft visits, etc. 3. Find the right players to sign in free agency. 4. Figure out which of the team's current players are worth retaining. 5. Start the team building process when the offseason program begins on April 1.

Have a great week everyone!

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