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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – It's hard to believe, but we've now made it to the end of May.

The next time we visit in this mailbag, we'll be into June.

And then we can say: "Training camp starts next month."

Let's keep our fingers crossed this ends up being the case, but I'm optimistic.

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.

Let's open up this weekend's Titans mailbag …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Gene King from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Greetings Mr. Jim. Will the Titans have a 12 Win Season? What type of productivity do you expect out of Jonnu Smith and Corey Davis this upcoming Season? Do you expect the same performances out of A.J. Brown and Ryan Tannehill? Lastly, will Derrick Henry rush for over 2,000 yards this season? Titans 4 Life - 2021 Super Bowl Champs. Thank you in advance!

Jim: Hey Gene. You're writing in from one of my favorite places. A big fan of Hilton Head – been there probably 6-8 times for family vacations. Love to ride bikes there, and my kids used to love to listen to Gregg Russell under the big tree at Harbour Town.
As for your questions, replying with answers here…
-A 12-win season is doable, but it's going to take winning close games and staying healthy. In the NFL, if those things don't happen then a good team can fall short of expectations. After four straight 9-7 seasons, I think I'd take a 10- or 11-win season, but 12 would be nice, too.
-I expect both Jonnu and Corey to have solid years. Both players have steadily improved.
-Expecting A.J. Brown to take his game to another level, and I think Tannehill will be good from the get-go, too.
-I don't think Derrick Henry will rush for 2,000 yards.

Douglas Sullins from Johnson City, Tennessee
Dear Jim. Thank you for your insights and knowledge. I hope all is going well for you and yours. Now for my near weekly questions ;-). For a fan of 55+ yrs. I should know some of these but, I don't. What does the abbreviation OTA stand for? Also, I am aware that Ms. Adams changed the numbers to symbolize northeast TN which I appreciate. I recognize that the NFL is a business. If stadiums are not allowed to be FULL have the Titans considered playing a game at the BMS [Bristol Motor Speedway]. It is the 8th largest sports venue in the WORLD [160,000]!!! UT played VT a few yrs. ago there to I believe 116,000 rabid fans. Also you stated that the Titans did not pick up C. Davis 5th rookie yr. rookie contract because it would have cost them 15 Mil. Would that have been per yr. of for both yrs.? Regardless they made the right decision. AJ Brown led ALL rookie receivers last yr. with OVER 1,000 yds. Julio Jones who plays by the rules and supports his team got a 4 yr. 64 Mil. contract [62 Mil guaranteed I believe]. AB who was invited to NO took an entourage and started snapping pictures. He was shown the EXIT door! How many yrs. are left on Humphries contract? I have seen where Big Ben & Brady have been working out with fellow players. Has Tannehill been doing likewise? I truly do hope so. I fear a rash of injuries in the 1st 4 wks. due to the (coronavirus). Thanks again for your special insights & knowledge & God bless you and yours.

Jim: Hi Douglas. Good to hear from you.
A lot of questions in here so I'm taking these on in rapid fire fashion.
-OTA stands for organized team activities.
-The Titans won't be playing homes games this season in Bristol. The plan is to play at Nissan Stadium, in front of a number of fans to be determined. Heck, let's hope it's at full capacity.
-It would have been $15 million for Davis in 2020.
-Adam Humphries is signed through 2022.
-Tannehill is throwing with Jonnu Smith in South Florida, where they're both currently living. Logan Woodside has been throwing some with a number of guys, including A.J. Brown, Davis, Humphries and Anthony Firkser, among others.

Stan Luckett from Smyrna, Tennessee
How are we looking at the center position? Didn't we draft a center?

Jim: Hi Stan. The Titans drafted a tackle (Isaiah Wilson), not a center. Ben Jones returns to anchor the line, and I think he's one of the most underrated and underappreciated guys on the team. Jamil Douglas, Daniel Munyer and Aaron Brewer will compete for a spot behind him to provide depth.

Jackie Emerson from Ardmore, Alabama
First time writing. Hope all is well my friend. I guess this may be in the form of a statement but I'd love your take on it. Let's just assume the worst and we have to continue social distancing when the season opens. Let all season ticket holders such as myself be assigned seats. Your thoughts sir. God bless & #titanup

Jim: Hi Jackie. A lot of things are being discussed, and right now there's a lot of uncertainty. I'm just going to leave this quote Titans president and CEO Burke Nihill gave to The Tennessean on the subject recently: "We're preparing for a 2020 season on schedule and with fans. I don't say that without acknowledging that the NFL and the Titans will be following health and safety experts as they continue to analyze and navigate, and that may require adjustments along the way. In the meantime, I can tell you we've assembled a safe stadium committee. We meet once a week as a large group and several times more than that in subgroups. We're focusing on things like cleaning and sanitation, changes to processes related to concessions and entry and exit. And we're not necessarily trying to get to final conclusions about how things would work. We're just being sure that we're prepared and then start the thinking to be sure that we have a safe, healthy environment to welcome fans back to the stadium when the time comes."
Stay tuned.

Aaron Judge from Perth, Western Australia
Hi Jim. I've been a fan of the Oilers/Titans since Warren Moon was making the plays. Like all fans I've lived the 9/7 repetition and yet last year we turned that into something else.
Love and support the team regardless and dream of that Super Bowl that is ours in the near future. The only issue I have is that you cannot get any Titans gear in Australia. I contacted the club store but got a nine-word answer, saying they do not offer postage to Australia. Jim can you pull some strings and let me be the guy to fly the Titans flag Down Under as I am sick of the NY/SF/NE merch that permeates the streets. I can only assume the wearers have no knowledge of the NFL or else, like me, they would be chasing Titans gear. Thanks for the column and Titan Up.

Jim: First off, Aaron, I sure hope you and all of Major League Baseball can get your act together and get the season going. Not the same Aaron Judge? Sorry. I'll see if I can pull some strings and help you Titan Up from Down Under. G'day mate! And thanks for the support!

Rodolfo Vazquez from Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
Hola Jim, esperando esten bien tu y toda tu familia,
Soy fan de los Titans desde que estaban en Houston
Y quiero saber en base a tu experiencia y el conocimiento que tienes de la institución, cuál es tu comentario acerca del calendario que nos tocó y cual son los encuentros más difíciles que tiene el equipo y según tu experiencia cuál será el récord al final de la temporada.
De antemano agradezco tus comentarios

Jim: Hola Rodolfo. Desde que comencé a trabajar para el equipo, dejé de hacer predicciones. Si elijo el equipo para ir 14-2, me veo como un jonrón, y si predigo que 7-9 personas con las que trabajo probablemente me encerrarán fuera del edificio. Sin embargo, creo que es un horario que el equipo puede hacer bien. Juegos más difíciles? Diré en Minnesota, Buffalo, en Baltimore, en Indianápolis, en Green Bay y en Houston. Pero el primer partido en Denver será duro en Monday Night Football, y los Steelers tampoco son fáciles de vencer. Todos los triunfos deberán ser ganados.

Simon Aston from Leeds, United Kingdom
Hey Jim. Greetings from the UK. Hope you & yours are keeping healthy. Based on the draft & free agency moves, which team in the AFC South do you feel will be the biggest threat to the Titans winning the division?
Cheers, and stay safe!!

Jim: Cheers Simon. I'm going with the Colts here.

John Hutcherson from Nashville, Tennessee
What game will you observe Veterans Day on? Bears Nov. 8th or Colts Nov. 12th. I always attend the game since I am a veteran.

Jim: Hi John. Thank you for your service. The Salute to Service game is scheduled for the November 8 game vs. the Bears.

Karen O'Keefe from Spring Hill, Tennessee
Hi Jim. Do you ever get tired of answering the same questions over and over again?

Jim: I actually love the variety of questions in here. I have a question for you, Karen: Do you think the Titans will sign Jadeveon Clowney?

Hunter Knopp from Franklin, Tennessee
Hi Jim, I'm beginning to feel more confident about our EDGE rushers but Jadeveon Clowney rejected a massive deal from Cleveland. Do you think the Titans are starting to reach an agreement with him?

Jim: Hey Hunter. I'll let you know when I hear back from Karen…

Nkwa Yellow-Duke from Somerset, New Jersey
What emotion do you get when NFL analyst predict a poor record every season? Does it get discouraging sometimes?

Jim: No emotions. Preseason predictions mean nothing. Just ask Browns fans.

Marvin Lucas, Sr. from Port Gibson, Mississippi
First, I would like to say thanks for the work you do to keep everyday fans involved and excited for the upcoming season. I am a Alcorn State fan AKA Air McNair country. We need a Super Bowl and Derrick Henry is our chance to get us there. The man is a BEAST, BEAST only come along ever so often and believe me Derrick Henry is SPECIAL. My question: Are JR and the Titans committed to paying this man and go WIN the Super Bowl with Derrick Henry? He is our best chance, and if we miss out, it will be a 20 more years. If you think you can pay cheap and win Super Bowl … WRONG ! The window OF OPPORTUNITY is open NOW (2-4) years TITANS UP.

Jim: Hi Marvin. Appreciate the question. Well, the GM has said he wants to get something done with Derrick. He indicated if something transpired, it might not be until closer to training camp. Everyone knows how much Derrick means to the team, and I think everyone would love to see it get worked out.

Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe!

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