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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone.

Thanks for stopping by the Titans mailbag to kick things off.

Let's get right to your questions.

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Travis Monroe from Depot Bay, Oregon
Hey Jim. Thanks for all the good work. I'd love to see Julio Jones in the two-tone blue but the high cost for an older potentially injured receiver is something we can do without. Last year's first round pick of course was a total bust, Jadeveon Clowney cleaned out some of our bank roll for very little work and let's not forget that's injury related also. Taylor Lewan is just now coming back from injury and our hope for corner, Caleb Farley, is coming back from back surgery, and let's face it, we don't know. Let's stay away from injury players for a period of time for heaven sake. With that said who would you recommend that we pick up for a wide receiver to give us some balance with A.J?

Jim: Hey Travis. Good to hear from you. I get the sense you're in the minority on this line of thinking, but you make some very fair points. The thought of a player like Julio Jones in two-tone blue is exciting, no doubt. He's a game-changer, and a team-changer. But we also can't ignore the fact he's not a spring chicken any more. Like you said, we all saw what happened with Clowney last year. There's also the high price tagwhat's likely a high draft pick, and the money. Because whether the team can afford him or not by restructuring deals, the money is a part of it. Money that would be spent on a player like Julio would limit the options to use it somewhere else, in 2021, and beyond. This is not a line that has been "fed" to me, as some might suggest. It's called seeing both sides of it. As for who else is out there, well, Julio is easily the biggest name. We'll see how things play out. But some other options are also available, and more will be as we get closer to the season and roster cuts are made across the league.

Tashun Long from Memphis, Tennessee
I think we should get Julio because you got the King and with Julio and AJ who could stop the offense? It doesn't matter if it's just the first-round pick.

Jim: Hey Tashun. Based on the mailbag and my Twitter feed, I get the sense a lot of folks are on this Julio-or-bust ride.

Dennis Utterback from Louisville, Kentucky
Hey Jim, I hope all is well with you and your family. No question. I just want to make a statement. Please tell the whole entire Titans organization that we need Julio Jones. With this addition it would make our offense elite. The opposing defenses would not be able to stack the box on Derrick Henry or double down on A.J. Brown. By our defense getting a major overhaul our chances of winning a Super Bowl would be GREAT!

Jim: And here's another vote for Julio…

Noah Stewart from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim, I bet you're tired of Julio Jones questions, so I'll hold my tongue for this one. How many starters have we seen at ota's so far? I feel like Tannehill has been pretty quiet this offseason, but then again, he probably isn't into social media.

Jim: Hey Noah. It's been slim pickings so far as it relates to starters, but keep in mind the OTAs are voluntary right now, and not all the guys are vaccinated. Roughly 55-60 guys were on the field this week, including a handful of starters. But I do expect more guys to show in the coming weeks.

Shevita Copeland from Ripley, Tennessee
When does minicamp start?

Jim: Hi Shevita. Well, more OTAs will take place over the next few weeks. The mandatory minicamp is scheduled for June 15-17.

Troy Habben from Machesney Park, Illinois
Life-long Oilers/Titans here. During the rookie camp and the OTA's which rookies stood out from the rest? Titan Up

Jim: Hey Troy. Well, two of the most notable rookies either haven't been out there (Caleb Farley), or they've been limited (Elijah Molden). As for the rookies who've stood out, I've liked the looks of tackle Dillon Radunz, and receiver Dez Fitzpatrick so far. Both are big and athletic. OLB Rashad Weaver sure looks the part, even without pads. The undrafted tight ends – Briley Moore and Miller Forristall – are intriguing as well.

William Young from Las Vegas, Nevada
Hi Jim. Quick comment and 1 question. So excited about the Titans playing the Rams at Sofi Stadium, got my tickets already! But I'm a little disappointed the NFL didn't schedule it in September so that I could possibly watch a MLB game too. Oh well, anyways my 1 question is could the Titans put Racey McMath at TE?! Racey could at about 20 pounds and he would be a big threat TE with his Speed! What do you think?

Jim: Hey William. I'm with you on the timing of the Rams game – that's one of the first things I looked at when the schedule came out. Unfortunately, we miss a potential World Series game by a week! As for McMath, well, he could pass as a tight end because of his size. But I haven't seen anything that would suggest the team is considering this. I think he was drafted to compete at receiver and special teams.

T Coop from Soddy Daisy, Tennessee
Not sure if this has been asked yet, but are there going to be any training camp practices open to the public?

Jim: Hey T. Nothing has been decided officially, but I'm going to shoot you straight here: Saint Thomas Sports Park is under major construction, and it's going to be well into July and August. So while the NFL paved the way for open training camp practices this week, things are not going to be back to normal with Titans camp. I'm sure the team will try and hold some open practices at Nissan Stadium, and potentially elsewhere, but we're a year away from the open practices at STSP that we've seen in the past.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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