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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – It was a quiet week without football.

The Titans officially split for a bit this week, after rookies were the last to leave town.

A week after the offseason program ended, rookies hung around for a few days this week to wrap up their work together.

Now, everyone is gone, and the countdown to training camp is on.

Let's pass the time with another Titans mailbag.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Harrison Moore from Brentwood, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim! It's already under two months from preseason action. Time flies when you're having fun, and I get the sense this off season has brought high spirits to the building. My question concerns the linebacker position: Who do you think could step up as a third man after Cedric Gray and Kenneth Murray? I'd like to think this could be Weaver's year, but I'm curious for your insight. Thanks, and have a great summer! Titan up!!!

Jim: It's definitely creeping up on us, Harrison. I know this next month is going to fly by, because it always does.
As for the linebacker position, I'm expecting Weaver to step up as the third – but at outside linebacker behind Harold Landry and Arden Key. You're talking about inside backer by mentioning Gray and Murray, and I have to tell you you're forgetting about Jack Gibbens. In fact, the question at ILB for me is: Who is going to step up as the third man behind Gibbens and Murray? And, I think that's going to be Gray. I'm not saying Gray can't win the job, but in my mind Gibbens enters camp as the favorite to start in Week One alongside Murray, with Gray trying to catch him.

Scott Worley from Antioch, Tennessee
Question: Will training camp be open to fans this year, with or without a ticket?

Jim: Hi Scott. I've been getting these kinds of questions a lot, and I'll keep answering them because I know fans are interested. It's sounding like some training camp practices will be open at Ascension Saint Thomas Sports Park, but again with tickets. It's not going to be a show-up-and-walk-in situation like years ago, just because we don't have the space as before with all the new construction. There's not enough room for bleachers, or parking. I'm not expecting for any of this to be announced until after July 4th. In time, information will be released. I do think there will be an open practice at Nissan Stadium during a weekend day early in camp, so that will likely be your best opportunity. Some things still have to be worked out, but hopefully we'll be in a position to announce this soon. I can tell you for sure the team is trying to find ways to accommodate as many fans as possible.

Michael Rye from Erin, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim, why in the heck is Malik Willis still on the roster? He has proven over and over he is not NFL material. Trade him for a waterloo or something.

Jim: Hey Michael. Malik is on the roster because the team is still developing him, and believes he's worth keeping around. And while I fully expect Mason Rudolph to be the team's No.2 quarterback behind Will Levis, I'm not going to be surprised if Malik makes the 53-man roster as the No.3. Yes, at this point, I'm leaning toward thinking the the team will keep three QBs.

Greg Harelson from Clarksville, Tennessee
Question: Been a long time Titan fan (1998) l would like to know if the Titans are going to have a live video of the new stadium being constructed?

Jim: Hi Greg. Well, I've been told yes. I have access to one, but it hasn't been opened to the public yet. I'll see if I can find out when a live cam will be posted.
In the meantime, here's a photo below of where things stand as of this week with construction. I'll give updates periodically on my Twitter account, @jwyattsports, until we go live.

John Manioci from Rochester, New York
Question: I was just wondering if u know why the Titans have not signed Justin Simmons yet? I think he would be an asset to this football team.

Jim: Takes two to tango, John. Free agency is a two-way street.

Jeffery Coomer from Providence, Kentucky
Question: I heard rumors that we was trying to acquire Nick Bosa. Is there any truth to that?

Jim: Did the same guy tell you he had some oceanfront property in Arizona?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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