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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Welcome to the bye weekend – NFL playoff style.

It's a beautiful place to be.

The Titans earned a first-round bye in the playoffs as a result of them claiming the No.1 spot in the AFC.

Now, the team waits on its opponent in the Divisional Round.

The wait for this weekend's mailbag, well, it's over.

Let's dive right in…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Alan Ray from College Grove, Tennessee
Hello Jim. So, I just wanted to reflect a moment on how far the Titans have come since Miss Amy took over. And man, did she take over. She is bold, brave and brilliant. I remember when Ken Whiff 'n Punt was allowing Mariota to get turned into a marionette with cut strings so he could put in his boy Mettenberger. Miss Amy had seen enough and fired him mid-season. Bold! Speaking of, I actually ordered a Metten-Burger from a little Bar & Grill one day when I saw it on the menu. I would tell you what it tasted like but it kept getting intercepted on the way to the table so I never got a bite. Anyway, Miss Amy paid out millions of dollars just to fire Ken and God bless her for doing so. Brave! That was the beginning. She hired Jon Robinson and eventually Mike Vrabel et al, and ordered a raft of upgrades to the Titan's facility and completely turned this Franchise around within a few short years. Brilliant! She also fought the NFL over that ownership-thing and then brought the Draft to Music City and crushed it! Have some! That was no easy feat. And those are just things we know about, the accomplishments that we merely see the result of and not all the midnight oil she burned to achieve those and other objectives. Wonder Woman-eat your heart out. Miss Amy is a remarkable businesswoman and a real person who shows her love for the Titans and the Fans with brilliant and bold moves and a ton of money. She should be Owner of the Year (if there is such a thing). You know Bud's beaming...especially this weekend. So helmets off to Miss Amy. She does so much more than just cut checks. Thanks to her relentless work ethic and her love of the game of football, the Tennessee Titans are Number 1 in the entire AFC and back2back Division Champions. What a blessing she is to us all. Thank you, Ma'am, so much! Titan Up.

Jim: Absolutely true, Alan. The owner deserves a ton of credit, on so many levels. She's made great decisions, great hires, and she lets coach and GM do their jobs. She's opened up the pocket book to spend money for upgrades at the stadium, and the team's practice facility. The transformation of the franchise has been remarkable, and it starts with Amy.

Kenneth Tripp from Daytona Beach, Florida
As a fan since Mr. Earl Campbell joined our organization, I am very grateful and happy that we have such a great organization that wins and has lost as a Family. The person at the head of our family table Miss Amy has made this a place that players want to be a part of. Our Coach is very deserving of COTY with all the adversity and player personnel changes needed to get ready for week to week games (W's). He has surrounded himself with a group of coordinators and assistants that have bought into his philosophies and culture. But there is another person deserving of an award and that is our GM Jon Robinson. He found along with his staff these 91 players that made up our family this year. Looking under every rock and around every corner he brought them in with the attitude of winning and team first to match the culture. Please place my vote for JRob for Executive of the year. Thank you all for making me proud of my Titans. TitanUp!!

Jim: Hey Kenneth. No doubt about this either. The GM not only helped change the roster – and the culture – over the years, he's done a great job identifying players ready to step in and play in-season. I'm sure Jon would also give credit to his scouting staff, and personnel guys. The players the team has assembled over the years put this team in a position to win, and Vrabel has done a great job with his leadership and coaching. Also keep in mind the GM had a big say in Vrabel's hiring, feeling he could take this team to another level. I think it's safe to say, as the Titans enter the playoffs as the AFC's No.1 seed, that's happened as he envisioned.

Chris Berry from Cleveland, Tennessee
Hey Jim! Isn't this weekend going to be awesome? I always look forward to watching the Titans on Sunday, but I LOVE not watching them play this weekend. I wonder if Colts fans are thinking the same thing? LOL. Every true Titans fans has to thoroughly enjoy the Colt's epic meltdown. Two quick things:
1) I think the final week of play illustrated something huge about the NFL that makes it great. The Texans, Jaguars, & Lions all had "nothing to play for" as many would say; but all three of those teams went out and put their best effort on the field. I think that type of thing is huge for the integrity of the game and makes for a wonderful product week in and week out.
2) I'll keep it short, but we had scheduled to bring my two oldest kids to the Dolphins game (amazing crowd, miserable weather). Recently, my oldest son (12) got some bad ankle injury/condition news that will likely end his ability to play most sports. We contacted Shane Bowen last minute through some connections and even though Covid really limits things; he was gracious enough to walk over during pre-game to speak with us and give the kids some Titans swag to help stay warm. On top of doing an outstanding job this year; that small gesture goes a long way towards making life-long fans out of a couple kids. Big thanks & TITAN UP; from a grateful Dad.

Jim: Great story, Chris. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck to you and your family.

Harry Prentiss from Sunbury, Pennsylvania
As a fan of this franchise since I was a boy of 8 in 1965 this has been a most enjoyable year. With all the injuries especially to the King and the receivers to be the top seed USA great first step. I especially enjoyed the attitude of Mike Vrabel worrying only about who was playing and not who was missing and I believe this is a huge part of why the team is so resilient. With everything that has happened and those who were injured healing I believe this is the year we win the trophy. I know with bad weather last week it was impossible for many live looks at practice for the media but my question is did you get a feel for how Derrick Henry looked in his recovery? Thank you Jim for all you do to keep us Titans fans informed.

Jim: Hey Harry. I thought Derrick looked good leading up to the Texans game, and he looked good when I saw him on the field this week. He looks like Derrick Henry, which is a good thing.

Justin Tibbs from Dyersburg, Tennessee
I'm just wanting to give two tone blue one big shout-out. Titans are looking really good and I believe offense haven't even begun to scratch surface of what it's capable of with a healthy Brown Jones and Henry. Defense it's definitely doing their jobs especially stopping the run. I guess you can feel a vibe around here lately and hope it continues.

Jim: Shout-outs are free here. Appreciate it, Justin.

John Deane from Wellingborough, United Kingdom
Haven't written for a while from over the pond. I didn't expect a walk over against the Texans I think a few people ignored the result against the Chargers a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure why we get all the doom and gloom when we have a sticky patch. Don't forget Coach Vrabel has had to visit the Job Centre about 30 times this year looking for unemployed players.

Jim: Appreciate it, John. Don't be a stranger.

Lynne Richards from Ashland City, Tennessee
First, A Thanks to the many, then a check up/in….
First- thanks to the 80+ players who got us to this point. Each person who has contributed has helped move us along this path. Condolences to all those injured along the way. Hats off to coaching staff for remembering everyone's names and finding people to fit the needs.
Now- just checking in on those injured or limping off during last game like Fulton and Jones- how are they doing? Am hoping the weeks rest finds everyone back and well for our first playoff game! Go Titans!

Jim: Thanks, Lynne. As for the injuries, I'll borrow a line from the head coach: The Injury Report comes out next week… The rest and extra time will help…

Steve B from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Somewhat of a rhetorical question here: How good does it feel for the team to have the much-needed R&R this weekend while other teams are out there kicking the crap out of each other, fighting to live another week?

Jim: Hey Steve. For the players, I know it has to feel good. And, it's important – guys are beat up this time of year, so the week of rest helps. But, the Titans have to take advantage of it. The No.1 see comes with no guarantees. I hate to remind everyone of the two previous times the Titans had the 1 seed – they lost in the first round of the playoffs each time, in 2000 and 2008. I think those two games are probably the most painful for long-time Titans fans. It's time to rest up, but also work to improve to be ready for the Divisional Round.

Luis Macouzet from Tamaulipas, Mexico
I am a follower of the Titans since they were the Oilers, greetings to all, I love this team as they have no idea, I am excited to be champions for the first time, my mind is sad when we lose and is happy when we win, greetings from Mexico.

Jim: Gracias, Luis!

Mitch Johnson from Canton, Tennessee
How could Coach Vrabel not be selected as the Coach of the Year? He is obviously the best in the business!! Titan Up!!

Jim: Great question. He has my vote, of course. Heck, the Titans set an NFL record for most players used (because of all the injuries) and the team earned the top seed in the AFC. It's a no-brainer if you ask me, which you did

Chris Frizzell from Round Rock, Texas
Jim, this may be the strangest question i have ever asked you. Has anyone ever seen a childhood photo of Mike Vrabel? My wife and I were in bed last night pondering the worlds problems and my wife said…" can you imagine how annoying Vrabel or Lewan would be as teenage boys? " ( We have 3 teenagers ) So i did a search! No photo exists of Mike Vrabel before college. Is he an Android??? I think a really fun write up you could do online would be to post young pictures of the coaches, players, you and even Titans Amy etc! There ya go Jim, question and suggestion of the year. Titanup!!! Really enjoying this season, life-long Fan from the Oiler days in the 1970s.
Big fan of yours, we always yell for you when we see you at the games!

Jim: Appreciate it, Chris. I can only imagine how the head coach might react if we dug that up leading up to the playoff game… I'm betting he wouldn't be in the mood for it…. But let me know if you find one… 😊

Michael Myers from LaVerge, Tennessee
Hi Jim it has been great reading what people has been sending you and the way you have answered them. It has been a great year of Titan football SO FAR. We have some of the best yet to come. This stadium is going to go nuts if they call out King Henry out of the tunnel.. my question is has there been any thoughts of a upgrade on the home of the Titans or even maybe a new dome stadium? That would really be sweet. Thanks Jim for putting up with all of us.

Jim: Dang, I had no idea Michael Myers lived in Middle Tennessee. I better put an extra chain on the doors! 😊
And oh yeah, Nissan Stadium is going to be transformed – along with the area on the East Bank – at some point this decade. I wouldn't bank on a dome, though. … Happy Halloween!

Jason Rodehaver from Greenfield, Tennessee
I just wanted to say that this team really has a lot to be proud of. When King Henry went down all the naysayers predicted doomsday, nobody in the national media gives this team any credit. We have played more players than any team in NFL history, and still grabbed the #1 seed. If Vrabel is not the COY then I don't know who should be. Let's hope we can be at full strength through the playoffs and continue to prove all of the "experts" wrong. GO TITANS!!!!

Jim: I'm with ya, Jason. Take it easy.

Robert Starkey from Corpus Christi, Texas
: Jim, first off I wanna say I brought my son to the Texans game as I do every year and it was great to see all the Titan faithful out for the game, felt like a home game. I also wanna say I'm excited to see Julio and Tannehill starting to get in sync. Ryan missed 2 big ones to Julio but I chalk that up to not having much time together. I'm excited and more hopeful than previous seasons about our chances this year but they need to keep grinding and I know they will. Last thing, I was lower bowl and gave Tannehill the business about manning up and taking the game over, and I know he heard me because he looked over as he was warming up and then he goes out at went all Steve McNair by shrugging off defenders and completing a long bomb and eventual winning TD pass to Julio. I know he doesn't care but I've been I huge fan of his since he became starting QB and he's played great for us but seeing him come through in the clutch like that in that moment said a lot to me and should have to all the analyst that constantly talk him down. Bottom line, again I know he doesn't care but in case he reads this, I was just trying to stoke his fire because he's an elite QB in my opinion since he's been leading the Titans. Titan Up!! Luv Ya Blue!!

Jim: Hey Robert. I'm sure Ryan appreciated hearing you, and your support.

Michael Greer from Kingsport, Tennessee
Hello. At 65 I decided to follow a sports team for the first time. I watched the first Titans game of the season and have been following since. Just wanted to say that even with the great coaching and quarterback the Titans are #1 due the EVERY player that put on a jersey and hit the field if for only one game. The Titans are where they are, with a "taped" together team and that says a lot for the unnamed fill-in players. Credit goes to them also for getting us here. Now let's go to the Superbowl.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Michael.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Jim, it's my understanding that the only teams that could possibly be the Titans first playoff opponent are the Steelers, Raiders, Patriots, and Bengals. If this is correct then the scariest team of the bunch would be the Bengals AND if the Titans don't bring their best possible game to the battle then the Bengals could beat the Titans. The Bengals are that good. The Titans defense needs to be as good as it was in its' best games earlier in the 2021 season when the Titans defense was brutalizing opposing offenses. Think back to when the Titans beat the Rams and Colts and Chiefs when the Titans defense was literally shocking opposing offenses and opposing Qbs were in the grasp of Titans defenders in end zones and accidentally throwing INTs to Titans defensive players. I think that happened in the Colts and Rams games. The Titans D needs to become that good again. The Titans defense needs to find that version of themselves again. That defense was the best defense the NFL has seen in a long time.

Jim: Right on, Jimmy Dee.

Blair Durham from Nashville, Tennessee
I know getting the bye is huge. Will we be at full strength health wise when we play next?

Jim: Hey Blair. Well, it will be pretty darn close to it. This team seems fit for a King (return)

Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy the playoff games!

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