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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The deal is done between the Titans and running back Derrick Henry.

The team's multi-year deal with Henry added another positive development to the offseason, with training camp closing in.

Now, if this coronavirus would just slow down...

The questions into the mailbag sure haven't – thanks again for keeping my inbox hopping.

Let's dive in to another weekend edition …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Terry Anderson from Glasgow, Kentucky
Hello Jim. Hope all is well. With Derrick signed up for 4 years and Ryan Tannehill as well, how do you feel about the off season the front office has had? It's been a very productive off season. I think Jon has done an outstanding job.

Jim: Hey Terry. We're in agreement here. The team has locked up its two biggest offensive stars for years to come, while also adding some key pieces in free agency. I also like the draft class. Now, I just want to watch some practices.

Cory Westerbeck from Chattanooga, Tennessee
I'm curious to know why you usually don't reveal contract details in your articles. I've had to go to the NFL app to get the full scoop. I'm thinking it might be an etiquette thing?
Fans in the stands or not, players kneeling or not, I'm super anxious for the season to start!

Jim: Hey Cory. You're right – I don't/we don't. It's different from when I worked at The Tennessean, when that was part of getting the story. The reason: It seems like a lot of times the contract numbers in reported deals across the league are swayed/inflated/deflated one way or the other, a lot of times by agents trying to make the deals sometimes look better than they are. It works both ways, too. Many times, the real contract numbers don't come out until a week after the initial deal is reported. The reality is, since I work for the team now, I could go down the hall (under non-coronavirus times, of course) and get the contract numbers from Vin Marino, who handles the cap and contracts, if the team opted to go that route. But as an organization, instead of creating any kind of rift with agents or sharing information some players would rather keep private, we've made the decision not to include them. So in my stories, you'll see where it's a 'one-year deal' or a 'multi-year deal', but not the contract numbers.

Héctor Hernández from Teziutlan, Puebla México
Que tal Jim, antes que nada deseo que tú y los tuyos estén bien de salud; está es la primera vez que escribo a tu tan gustada sección Ask Jim, soy un viejo aficionado a los oilers-titans desde 1978 y bueno más que pregunta quisiera externar mi comentario respecto a cómo visualizo la temporada siguiente de nuestro equipo.
Yo creo que tanto nuestro HC y Manager han hecho muy buen trabajo en la agencia libre con mantener jugadores clave, en lo personal se me hizo una exageración el contrato que le dieron a Tannehill es un buen QB pero hasta ahí y si queremos avanzar y llegar lejos tendrían que contratar a un QB suplente con experiencia porque si se llegará a lesionar tannehill nuestra temporada se vendría abajo, me dirá ud que está Woodside y mcdonald esperando su oportunidad y son buenos QB pero con muy poca experiencia en temporada regular, otra posición donde yo veo la necesidad de reforzar es en el RB, necesitamos un Tandem de corredores como en aquellos tiempos dónde estaba Rozier, White, Pinkett, Highsmith y todos jugaban a muy buen nivel, aún en la agencia libre está Devonta Freeman que sería una muy buena adición sería una arma muy buena en nuestra ofensiva, en lo que nuestro RB novato Evans toma ritmo de NFL; también siento que sería de mucha ayuda a nuestra línea ofensiva el guardia Warford para potencializar nuestro ataque terrestre y por ahí también un DL que hay muy buenos en la agencia libre, expreso todo esto porque como aficionado leal que soy al equipo ya me cansé de que nos emocione como en aquellos años finales de los 70's o en los finales de los 80's y principios de los 90's con esa ofensiva de run & shoot que era muy espectacular pero al final nunca ganamos nada o aquellos años de Mcnair, Kearse Wicheck que alcanzamos el súper bowl y así podría seguir con temporadas que nos emocionaban pero sin alcanzar el resultado esperado, quiero un equipo ganador y por eso aporto mi opinion. Gracias Jim por su tiempo y saludos a todos los aficionados TITANS UP!!

Jim: Hola Hector. Gracias por leer la bolsa de correo y por su lealtad al equipo a lo largo de los años. Estoy contigo, en que ha sido una muy buena temporada baja. La batalla del mariscal de campo detrás de Logan Woodside y Cole McDonald será interesante, y si ninguno de los dos es completamente convincente en un intento por conseguir el lugar de respaldo, entonces podría traer a un veterano. Pero el gerente general y los entrenadores quieren darle a los jóvenes un oportunidad. En cuanto a otras posiciones, no descartaré nada en lo que respecta a posibles adiciones todavía. Sin embargo, en este momento, lo más importante es evaluar lo que está actualmente en la lista. Esperemos que las prácticas comiencen en unas pocas semanas.

Jeremy Raymer from New Brunswick, Canada
So glad to hear the news that the Titans and Derrick Henry have agreed to terms on his 4 year deal. With his attitude, skill and dedication to his team I hope to see him sign more down the road.
I realize Henry started out just dipping his toes in the water (not at all to be critical in any way) but it was great to see this past season put together in the way it was. With the way our offense seems to finally be coming together, and assuming we can stay healthy, hopefully, the Titans can place notice to the rest of the league that the running game is still alive and well - at least here in Nashville.
My question is this: With the changes in the way offenses are run in the league today, the multiple backs philosophy so many teams have adopted and the way contracts/free agency is done - do you think it's still possible to see a gifted running back achieve the type of cumulative records like carries, yards in a season, career yards, etc. or have we likely seen the last those kind of achievements?
I'd love to think that because Derrick is built differently, has an infectious attitude (no Covid pun intended) and has the type of work ethic we like to see in our players in TN that these achievements are still possible. But what would that take? I know Henry gets stronger the more he's fed the ball and the defense is worn down, but it doesn't seem likely we'll be seeing many 30+ carry games.
Has that ship sailed? Is it more likely we'll have to settle seeing a couple seasonal crowns, single game records and a 2k run if we're lucky? Also players don't often get the chance to finish an entire career with the same team anymore (yes, we'll miss JC this year for sure!). I know I'm not alone thinking our RB is special. Thanks, Jim! What do you think?

Jim: Hi Jeremy. Well, Derrick seems built for it, and if you look at his past two seasons, it's hard to doubt him or the success of the run game. But I do think the team wants to take some of the pressure off of him. Derrick ran the ball 303 times in the regular season in 2019 – and 64 more times in the postseason. That's a lot of work. If third-round pick Darrynton Evans is able to get comfortable as a rookie, I do think he'll take some of the load off Henry. Looking ahead, I can't see Henry getting the same workload season after season after season moving forward like Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton and Curtis Martin and other great backs who were workhorses over a long period of time. Derrick is going to get his, but to keep him as successful as he's been, I think the team will be careful not to overwork him. And something else to consider: With more offensive threats on the team than in recent memory, including A.J. Brown, who could develop into the best receiver the Titans have ever had, the team won't have to rely exclusively on Henry to get it done. The Titans have a lot of options on offense, with a quarterback who can sling it.

Enrique Garza from Marietta, Georgia
Hi Jim. Mine is not a question. It is a comment to compliment and appreciate Mr. James Honeycutt for his comments (in a recent mailbag). Like him, I cannot think if a more peaceful way to protest than kneeling down. I commend him and the Titans for standing against social injustice towards minorities and police brutality by protesting peacefully - without rioting, looting or resourcing to violence. I am a white male in my mid fifties and I will not be silent. Titan-up.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Enrique.

Sanders Peanut Smith from Memphis, Tennessee
Hey Jim hope you're staying safe this Peanut from Memphis.....My question is this...If Jadaveon Clowney keeps saying he's interested in playing for other teams and not saying he's interested in playing for the Titans amid all the connections....then why continue to pursue some someone and pay them if the interest is not the same? Take care Jim.

Jim: Hey Peanut. Well, we're in a waiting game with Clowney. Keep in mind he hasn't said he doesn't want to play for the Titans either. Jadeveon has proven in the past he's willing to be patient, and without an offseason program this year, he hasn't had any real reason to sign yet. He hasn't missed any practices. With training camps nearing, that could change. Money will obviously be a factor. The Titans remain interested, but I'm sure he won't play for, um, peanuts. Sorry, I couldn't resist 😄 ...

Ben Avery from Olathe, Kansas
Hey Jim thanks for all you do. As a lifelong fan over 50 years.
I'm so impressed with our players. Derrick Henry is so humble and what a great role model. One day I'd love to meet him. Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel have made this team a wonderful display of great young men. In this age of selfishness and rudeness, I believe this team is so full of young men truly thankful for their opportunity to enjoy a game they love. I see so much love for people and others from these players. I miss Marcus who helped set the tone. But tell Derrick congratulations and not to ever change the kind and amazing person he is. God bless America and the Titans.

Jim: Thanks Ben. It's definitely a good group.

Danny Sutter from Toms River, New Jersey
Out of the 2020 schedule, what game are you most looking forward to watching? I'm gonna say the Ravens game I feel like they are gonna want redemption after we knocked them out of the playoffs.

Jim: Hey Danny. This one is easy – the season opener, on September 14 at Denver, on Monday Night Football. After what's been a long offseason, I'm ready for some football.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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