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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Happy Mother's Day weekend to all the moms out there.

And I hope everyone is doing well in Titans Land.

The draft remains a popular topic, so we're going to keep tackling questions on that and more in this weekend's mailbag.

Let's go…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Omar Parker from Bay Area, California
Hey Jim. Another post draft email lol. So here's my 1 and half cents, I'm mostly in agreement with all the draft "experts" opinion we had a good draft but I was not happy at first. I was ok with the Farley pick, fingers crossed it turns out like Big Jeff and we have a future Pro Bowler. Was not happy with another tackle in the 2nd. I think it's just leftover bad feelings from the Wilson disaster and would have preferred a WR (I was actually hoping we would trade up because man I wanted us to draft Elijah Moore soooooo bad, he is gonna wreck things in the league I think) but the Molden pick turned it around for me as I was extremely happy and think we got a steal. I was ok with the rest of our picks even though like everyone else the Rice pick was confusing to me and seemed early. The Weaver pick may also be a steal but with the news that came out late we can only wait and see what happens (innocent until otherwise) I am just really hoping we trade for a TE like Ertz and still feel we need to add another DT and if we do that I believe the team has truly improved though I hear a lot of growing from fans who must not have really researched the players we picked up. What are your thoughts on the TE and DT positions Jim? Looking forward to your answer and as always Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Omar. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I look at the tight end position, and I can't help but think more help is coming. I like Anthony Firkser, and I thought Geoff Swaim was solid executing his role last year. Jared Pinkney has potential – he showed it earlier in his career at Vanderbilt before a quiet ending in black and gold. Parker Hesse and Tommy Hudson will be given a chance to prove themselves in camp. But the Titans need more at the position in my opinion. Same for defensive tackle, where Teair Tart and others will be in the mix alongside Jeffery Simmons, Denico Autry and a versatile d-lineman Larrell Murchison.

Malcolm Sell from Louisville, Kentucky
1) Brady Breeze. I love the motor on this kid. I think he has a chance to be special backing up Hooker or Byard. What is your take?
2) Fitzpatrick. I have seen two different highlight reels for him and as a UK fan, I have seen him twice a year. On one hand, he has some potential, but I know he had some really bad QB play, so I'm hoping it's a steal for us.
3) Tight Ends. Say what you want, but to me, we still have two TE1's on the roster and it wasn't that big of a need. I don't like where Smith went, but we will be just fine at TE.
4) I'm worried about 1) We didn't pick up Evans' 5th year. 2) Cap vs. needs. I still think we need at least one more DE.

Jim: Hey Malcolm. I liked what I saw from Breeze at Oregon. He's an instinctive player who has proven to be a playmaker. Now, he has to prove himself in the NFL. As for Evans, just because the team didn't pick up his option for 2022 doesn't mean he can't return, but he'll have to earn a second contract with his play.

Scott Spurlock from Leander, Texas
Greetings and Salutations.... Just wanted to let the Monday morning QB's that are complaining about the draft results know what I think... I am not a Mechanic, when my car is broken I take it to one so he can fix it... Same with my Football.. I don't know near as much as the guys that have been in the business for their whole life, So I take my Football to them for repairs ..... You get what I am saying I hope.. I trust our guys in control and I let them solve the problems.. That said if my Mechanic keeps screwing up I go get a new one.. I assume it's the same in Football... Which would explain people getting fired when they can't fix the problems.. My Question... Are all the 1 year contracts due to the Salary Cap going down, Or is this the last year before we dump everyone and start all over again from scratch???

Jim: Hey Scott. That's a good way to look at it. As much as I think I know what I'm talking about when it comes to football, and the draft, I defer to the guys who scout players for a living, because their jobs depend on it. I know the GM and the scouts aren't winging it – they're picking players because they believe in them. And they also know it's their reputation and job on the line. As for all the one-year deals, you're seeing a lot of them this offseason because of the cap and the uncertainty looking ahead to next year. But teams, like the Titans, have been doing a lot of one-year deals in recent years, not just this offseason.

Henry Martin from Jacksonville, Florida
Hello from JAX, FL. As always, love your post, retirement from the Navy approaching!!! Now for the draft. I loved it, I think we stayed true to who we are and what we are trying to do. For those fans that disagree....BYE......there are 31 other teams they can support. We did not need a TE, 1st let's see what Firkser and crew can do. WR, I won't argue but I will say we got one. WR's are hit or miss in this league regardless of their name and what they did prior to being drafted. So everybody just needs to pump breaks for a moment and let the coaches coach these guys up!!! #TITANUP

Jim: Hey Henry. Good to hear from you again. Thanks for weighing in!

João Gabriel Schutze from Brazil
Oi Jim! How are you doing? I hope you're fine and safe.
I'm back. I liked the Draft and I got no concerns about our picks, they weren't random. J and Vrabel know what they are doing. Now, let's go to the questions:
1 - Do you think we will play different this time? I mean, considering the last season.
2 - About AFC South, do you expect us to win again or maybe that "little cat" team could make some troubles?
3 - I have read that Ravens and Titans got a rivalry. How do you see it? I believe it's a boost for the team to win.
Thanks for all! I really appreciate your job and what you give to us supporters
Greetings from Brazil!

Jim: All is good here, Joao. Hope all is well with you.
1- Play different? I think the Titans will have a similar approach on offense, and I think the defense will be more aggressive, and better.
2- I think the chief competition for the Titans in the AFC South in 2021 will be the Colts.
3- The Titans and Ravens definitely have a rivalry, one that dates back to the early years of the "Titans." Personally, I think the Ravens are the biggest rivals the Titans have ever had.

Michael Collins from Hampshire, United Kingdom
Hi Jim. First time writing in, long time reader and always appreciative of your insights.
A slightly different question here... you probably saw the article earlier this week on ESPN listing 7 possible trade destination for Aaron Rodgers. One of which being Tennessee. My first thought upon seeing that was yet another sign of how we and in this case Ryan Tannehill are disrespected around the league. We all know the stats, since arriving in Nashville, QBR of 73.4, passed rating of 110.6 (second best in the last two years), earned the full respect of coaches, fans and players and the core of a winning team. As great as Aaron is, I'd rather have Ryan!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Michael. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Brett Heard from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. I have seen a lot of fans ready to jump ship over the off season moves and draft. Honestly, I say good riddance. I have also had tickets since the Titans came here. I have had several games where I could not even give away my tickets to either friends or just to people I don't even know. Titans fans may be one of the most fickle group around. They are quick to support a good team and quick to withdraw support from a bad team. That is not what being a fan is about. People hate on the Browns for many poor years as a franchise. I'm sure they have lost fans as well but they are known in the NFL for having some of the best fans that have stuck through the team with the good (although very little good) and the bad (a lot of bad). People want to jump to the Chiefs, they have also had some rough years and that has always been one of the most fun places to attend a game. A lot of that is because of the atmosphere created by the fans that have stuck with them. Long story short, support your team and don't bail. JR has not led us wrong yet and we have gotten better every year, I'll take even 8-8 over 2-14 any year.

Jim: Hey Brett. I get the up and down frustration from fans. Everyone wants to win. But the tirade this past week from the 20-year fan ready to call it quits because of the "crumbling" franchise (after winning the AFC South title last year) because he didn't like the draft class? Give me a break.

Samuel Barattiero from LaVergne, Tennessee
Second time writing to you, actually. Not much of a question, more of a comment. I see a lot of people from the mail you do on Tuesdays are being quite negative about this year's Titans draft. All I have to say is, shame on them. This team, in my opinion, is already looking way better than last years. As long coaching plays their part then I could see the Titans going back to the playoffs (potentially and hopefully). Other than that, I believe in the Titans, plus vibe for this year, 2021, Titans is a lot different and better. Overall, the Titans will do great and can't wait to see what happens from here and out. (Also, ps, I'm really excited for the Trevor/Travis vs Tanny/Henry games this season! Going to be a fun game, win or lose). Thanks and have a great weekend, Jim!

Jim: Counting the days here, too, Samuel.

Steven Spence Jr. from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Hey Jim. First and foremost thank you for what you do! I gotta be honest, as a Titans fan I'm embarrassed. Not because of the draft but how some of our fans are reacting to this draft. Our biggest weakness last year was defense, guess what they did in the draft, THEY ADDRESSED THE ISSUE! Yeah we drafted a offensive lineman, we clearly don't have that for sure starting RT this year. Also we don't know if Lewan will be fully recovered yet (He clearly will be because he's The Man). Yes we need another skilled wr but at the end of that day we still have Aj, josh Reynolds, and a couple of guys that we've seen make plays over their careers. I can say I'm a little concerned about the offense after losing key players, but we all know the offense is ran through KING Henry, maybe adding a late free agent piece or evening trading for another offensive player is still on the table, we don't know. Thanks Jim! BTW TITANS FANS I STILL LOVE YOU! I understand you all care, just remember trust the process, oh and Titan up!!
P.S. clear up the Julio Jones rumor? 32 year old WR that's had injury's over the past few years, with a 15 million dollar hit. Don't think that's what we need, but who am I to judge?

Jim: You make some good points here, Steven. Which Julio Jones rumor needs to be cleaned up?

Randy Lincoln from Hermitage, Tennessee
Good morning. My question is what in the world were the Titans thinking in passing on Trey Smith? He apparently has no issues with his health any longer and he is a dominant offensive lineman. I understand the team had other needs to fill, but when a player, and human of his caliber becomes available, I would have thought he would have been chosen much sooner than he was. What are your thoughts on this?

Jim: Hey Randy. I like Trey Smith myself. He's a good player, and a really nice young man. I really enjoyed talking to him the week of the Senior Bowl. What were the Titans thinking in passing on him? Let's not ignore the fact Trey was drafted with the 226th pick. The Titans were hardly the only team that hesitated.

Gerrit Farley from Salt Lake, City
I find it interesting as a fellow Farley that we now have both players in the league named Farley. Hopefully Caleb is the second coming of Revis or someone so I can grab his jersey, stay healthy young man.
My questions though revolve around AJ Brown. Status on AJ Brown injury wise. Also with AJ, it's pretty clear he is out playing the value of his second-round contract. Has J Rob mentioned anything about beginning negotiations on a long-term extension? Because to be honest if I'm Brown and I put up another 1000 yards with 10 touchdowns next year I'm not playing that 4th year of my 2nd round deal making $750,000-$1,000,000 in base salary while putting up top 10 receiver numbers.
Finally on the note of paying players, I can't help but feel we got over on Derrick Henry. We are paying him a lot of money don't get me wrong, but to be paid at the level of Aaron Jones and Joe Mixon (both good players, no disrespect), barely in the top 5 in yearly value. While Zeke and McCaffrey are making 3-4 million more per year on average while Henry outperformed both of them combined and then some last year. Pretty much the same with Tannehill too, his numbers since he took over say he's a top 5 quarterback but contract wise he's not even on the same planet as Mahomes, Watson, Wilson etc yearly value wise. Both those guys have a legitimate case to ask for more money even though they got new deals recently.

Jim: Hey Gerrit. I've actually thought about this myself. The team signed veteran Matthias Farley earlier this offseason, of course, before drafting Caleb Farley in the first round. In my 20-plus years covering the Titans, I don't remember another Farley on the roster, and now the team has two. As for A.J., rules prohibit re-negotiating the deal after two years, so it's too early. If things continue to the same trek, of course the team would love to retain him for years and years to come.

Mike O'Brien from Hayden, Idaho
Hi Jim ... there hasn't been much talk about our last draft pick, Brady Breeze (S). He went in the 6th round for a reason, but I predict he'll make the team when all the dust settles. This young man loves football. He's smart, he loves to hit and he loves to win! Great attitude. Great character.. Watch for him on Special teams to begin with. Would love to hear your thoughts as well. Thanks for all the great reporting that you do.

Jim: Hey Mike. Appreciate it. I touched on Brady earlier. Sounds like he has a fan club already.

Aaron Garfrerick from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim, more draft follow up here:
Overall, I'm personally satisfied with our draft and give it a B+.
I agree with you that Elijah Molden could be the best pick for us in this draft value wise where we got him and impact wise when we kick off. I think he beats out Kevin Johnson and starts day 1. Hugely underrated pick. Farley I think will be a major steal to get a top 10 caliber player at 22. Very happy we plugged secondary holes with multiple players.
The one pick that had me scratching my head was Monty Rice. Most talent evaluators had him going later, and this was not a dire position need like WR or edge. I trust in our front office, but I was perplexed by this one for sure. The only thing I could conclude is that a Rashaan Evans for Julio or Zach Ertz deal is in the making, and we were drafting competition for David Long while adding depth. We will see how this turns out.
Dillon Radunz, Dez Fitzpatrick, and Brady Breeze were all great picks in my opinion even though they weren't on my radar (why I'm a couch GM and not a real GM). They fit our MO and identity. Selfless, tough, bring your lunch pail every day type of guys. I think they will all contribute in some form or fashion.
The Weaver pick I thought was great until all this hoopla came out. Play the waiting game on that one, and don't know too much about Mcmath. Hoping for solid special teams play from him while he develops as a WR.
Question: Will the Titans add Julio Jones, Zach Ertz, both, or none?

Jim: Hey Aaron. Thanks for sharing your take on the draft in here. But I'm not going to add to the rumor mill stuff. Would I like to have both players? Yes. But so would a lot of other teams, too, I'm sure.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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