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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Welcome to July, and the start of July 4th weekend.

And, welcome to another Titans mailbag.

I'm going to go ahead and dive right into this one.

Thanks for keeping the questions coming.

Here's the link to submit more: CLICK HERE.

Paul Castro from Clarksville, Tennessee
Hafa Adai Jim. Hafa Adai means (hello greeting) from the Island of Guam. First time writing in. Been a Die-hard Titans fan since the franchise moved to Tennessee.
My questions Jim:
In your professional option do you think that Burks will work out as the future number 1 receiver considering the heath issue currently lingering? And how physical was the workout during the scouting process?
Thanks for taking my questions Jim and have a bless Day. (Titan Up)

Jim: Hafa Adai Paul! Good to hear from you! I'm not worried about Treylon Burks. Sure, it would've been great if he'd been able to hit the ground running this offseason and flourished. While that didn't happen, I think he'll be ready for training camp, and I've heard good things about him of late. Don't get sucked into the overeaction on social media. Not sure what you mean about how physical his workout was during the scouting process. If you're wondering how tough he is, check out his college tape at the University of Arkansas. I think you'll be impressed. Will he turn out to be a No.1 one day? Well, we'll all find out in time.

Lucas Thomason from Moonshine Capital, Virginia
The AJ brown departure is the obvious departure talking point because WR is "sexier" than OL. That said, I hate Saffold won't be back way more than Brown. Feel like Hooper and Okonkwo will do more than people expect this year, especially until Burks and Woods are 100%. My question is: With saffold gone and Henry itching to get back to his old self, who's that DAWG run blocker to fill in Saffold's shoes? Thanks as always Mr. Wyatt

Jim: Hi Lucas. The competition at left guard will be between Aaron Brewer and Jamarco Jones, with guys like Corey Levin and Daniel Munyer and Jordan Roos also in the mix. Brewer isn't especially big (6-1, 295), but my bet is he'll emerge as the starter for Week 1.

David Jenkins from Ashland City, Tennessee
I know this may sound crazy but with so many good players on the margin of making the team do you think there is any chance Logan Woodside isn't on the 53 man roster? I know he has the familiarity and knowledge but outside of the Titans I don't think he impresses any other team. If Tannehill couldn't finish a game Willis would be forced to finish but after that the Titans could pull either Woodside or another QB up. Your thoughts?

Jim: Hey David. Sure, there's always a chance. Logan could get hurt, or Malik Willis could make huge strides and convince coaches and the GM he could be trusted for the No.2 spot. But on July 2nd, the date of this mailbag, I say Woodside is going to be on the 53-man roster as the team's No.2 QB behind starter Ryan Tannehill, with Malik being on the 53-man roster as the 3rd QB. Check back with me at the end of August and I'll let you know if I feel the same way.

Stuart Scott from Nashville, Tennessee
Thank you for taking my question, Jim. I have been a PSL season-ticket holder since day one. I currently have four Permanent Seat Licenses (PSL's) Love the work you do and the ability it gives us to follow our favorite team! My question concerns the new stadium. Once it is built, what will happen to those of us who have always had PSL's – – do we get to pick where we sit in the new stadium? Will there be some kind of priority or lottery system for us re seat location, and if so what might that look like? Will the Titans charge us more money to keep what we already have in terms of our PSL's? Thanks again for your help.

Jim: This is a great question Stuart, but unfortunately, I don't have the answer. The reality is no one has the answer -- at least not yet. I think we'll know yay or nay on the new stadium in the coming months. If it's a yay, sounds like the new stadium would be ready for 2026. We'll have to wait for a lot of answer as things develop.

Dimitrios Jimmy Kosmas from Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Hello Mr. Wyatt, I hope all is well with you and your family sir.
Again Jimbo, you are just killing it this off-season. Thanks for all your hard work and for keeping us informed.
My question is about the fight for the final spots on the 53-man roster.
What do Coach Aukerman and all the coaches look for on special teams? What would the skills be that would make you more of an asset to make the position over another teammate?
Have a wicked awesome week. Titan Up!!

Jim: What's up Dimitrios?! Appreciate it. Coach Aukerman is looking for versatile and tough guys on special teams. And, in a lot of case, final roster spots will be determined by which guys are able to play on special teams because you need guys on the game day roster who are capable of helping in a number of areas.

Radley Martin from Franklin, Tennessee
Hey Jim, have you heard anything about the Titans 5K for this year? I did it last year and enjoyed it. (It was a little easier than I thought it would be bc of the rain) Thanks Jim!

Jim: Hi Radley. Yes, the Titans 5K is scheduled for Saturday, September 3rd. Each runner will receive a commemorative t-shirt and game ticket for the game against the Jaguars on December 11th. He's all the information, and how to sign up. CLICK HERE.

Todd Ashton from Holly Springs, North Carolina
Hey Jim. Long time Oilers/Ttans fan here. Was a big fan of the Oilers back in the Earl Campbell days and have followed them loyally since their move from Houston to Nashville. I know the Titans are gonna wear the old Houston Olier uniforms in a game this season and was wondering if you had any info on what game that might be? I want to make sure I'm in attendance for that one! Luv ya Blue!! Titan Up!!! Thanks for all you do Jim!!

Jim: Hey Todd. Someone gave you some bad information. The Oilers uniforms won't be worn until 2023 at the earliest.

Cody M from Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Hey Jim, I've never been more confident in this titans squad, and let me tell you why. We're winners now. I grew up watching us suck, to the point where every season I was watching every game, wishing all 31 other teams were the jaguars, because at least we can beat Jacksonville. No more. We no longer go 3- out and allow 15 minute possessions for 7 points only to repeat consistently, we bunker down, pick our heads up, dig ourselves out and fight until we can make it a game again, even when we're obviously out (week 1- AZ). I love the titans, sometimes I didn't have anything else good going on in my life except watching the titans beat Jacksonville for a 2-14 season, and I loved every minute then too, always hoping, one day, we'd get to see Tennessee have a chance to even middle in the league to a lowly wildcard chase every year, but our guys are super bowl cinderellas if I've ever watched this game, and I'll tell you Jim, I've watched a LOT of titans football, these guys are special, defense more so to be completely honest, but our guys on offense want to show they can compliment, and that's different, sort of reminds me of the '15 broncos, an encouraging sight and beautiful feeling, here's to many, many more of these exact thoughts: this is our year!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Cody!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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