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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Happy Memorial Day weekend.

And welcome to another edition of the Titans mailbag.

The Titans now have three OTAs in the books, with two more scheduled for next week.

It's been cool seeing some of the new players on the field, which gives us even more to talk about.

As long as you keep firing questions my way, I'll keep answering them.

Let's go…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Rich Lafond from Oswego, New York
Hey Jim. Just like everyone, I am really pumped for the new season. I believe our defense will be top notch but I am not feeling so confident with the offense. I know it's early but what goodness can you shed on the offensive outlook? That being said, Vrabes was the man last year, getting us to the number one seed with a very hurt team throughout the year.

Jim: Hey Rich. Like you said, it's early. And, most the question marks are on offense right now. Open spots are there to be won at left guard and right tackle. Robert Woods is practicing in a knee brace (which is actually a positive development) and Treylon Burks has been a little slow out of the gate. I can't help but wonder if the team is going to add another receiver. Right now, Derrick Henry isn't practicing. So I'm definitely not going to pepper you with an overly optimistic viewpoint right now. But give it some time. I will say Ryan Tannehill had a good first week of OTAs and I've liked the looks of Nick Westbrook-Ikhine, Austin Hooper and some others so far.

Rodney Pyram from New Jersey
Good morning Jim, long time follower from New Jersey! I wanted to ask which rookie do you think will have an immediate impact when the season starts? I personally think it will be Kyle Philips.

Jim: Hey Rodney. Kyle is an intriguing guy, has great feet and hands. I think he has a shot to help early myself. But I want to see how he fares when the pads come on, and he's going against NFL defenders. I'm trying not to hype him up too much before I see that. And, I want to give Treylon more time to settle in and adjust before ruling him out as the immediate impact rookie.

Rico Schiller from Copenhagen, Denmark
Hi Jim. It's been a while since I have written in - but thought this would be the right time for it 😊 On vacation right now, and Reading up on all things Titan 😊 I was very sad to read about your mother passing. Mine also passed a few years ago, and the feeling of suddenly being an orphan was surprisingly strange (my father passed many years ago).
Like so many others, I was rather stunned by the trade of AJ Brown during the draft - but I do understand that it is a business and decisions have to be made. I'm sure Burks will fit the bill at some point - but then again, I am always positive when it comes to my Titans. Pretty excited about the Malik Willis pick - I believe that he might be the long term answer at QB. I also really like the look of the TE that we got - I have a special place in my heart for the position for some reason. My cousins son will actually end up in the draft next year I think it is, as a TE (from a small college- don't remember which one right now). Would love to see him in two-tone blue - but we will see.
My big question is this. This year, I have convinced my girlfriend that we need to go to Nashville for a game. I decided on the game against the Colts, since it fits both our schedules the best. Tickets for that game, I will try to get through the Web-site, and pick them up at Will Call (which worked fine the last time I did it, a few years back). When my girlfriend was looking at the schedule, she saw that the we play Houston the following week - and she was like "Why don't we go to Houston and watch that game as well, when we are already in the US". That's when you know, you have found the right one 🤣 So now we are planning on also going to Houston to catch the game there. The question is - do I just buy tickets for that game through the Texans website? And do they also have a Will Call? And lastly, if I want to sit with like-minded people, who root for the right team - is there any section that would be better to try and get tickets for?
Thanks a bunch for keeping all of us updatet on the Titans - love Reading your posts.
Best regards, Rico - the Danish Titans fan 😀

Jim: Hey Rico! Good to hear from you. It definitely sounds like you've found a good one! And it would be great to hit that daily double when you're in the states. I would try going through the Texans ticket office, but I'd check the secondary markets as well. The Titans always have a ton of fans all over the stadium at the game in Houston, so you'll enjoy seeing a game there as well.

David Maniaci from Portland, Oregon
Hello Jim, I have always wondered why the Titans draft a Left Tackle and put him at Right Tackle. Isn't it like putting a square peg into a round hole? It just doesn't make sense to me. They have done this numerous amounts of time with OLine players since I have been a fan. What gives? That being said, Tannehill was the most sacked QB last season until surpassed by the 9 Sack game Burrow endured with utmost grace. It was tied until DB Jenkins limped toward his man who gained 20 yards two plays in a row. Anyhow(still licking our wounds), being sacked so many times is no joke. In my opinion, the Titans should have bought or drafted every able bodied OL available for Tannehill's success and his successors' success. If this is how a defensive minded coach treats his offense then it's hard to blame players who want out. Do you think Henry is the next to go?

Jim: Hey David. I don't know of any guys who "want out." I know of a guy who wanted a whole lot of money and he got it elsewhere because the team didn't meet his/his agent's demands. This is kind of a short-sighted viewpoint on your part, really. And, believe it or not, there have been a lot of college left tackles who transitioned to right tackle in the league.

Alton Hood from Lebanon, Tennessee
I understand that RT17 is clear the Titans choice for the 2022 season, but do you think it would be a good idea for Todd Downing to create a few packages for Malik Willis to utilize his athleticism and running ability?
Positioning him as a dual threat, in certain down situations would pose a problem for the opposing defense.

Jim: It depends on how quickly Malik can get up to speed, and earns the trust of his coaches. Yeah, it sounds fun. But a lot of things to consider here.

Cliff Cushman from Spring, Texas
Hey, there J.W.! A handful of questions for you sir. Fans are already asking about Malik Willis playing in specially designed packages during a game. For that to happen, wouldn't the Titans either dress three qb's on Sunday or elevate Willis to 2nd string? Just like with Derrick Henry, do you think the Titans took Willis because he fell in the draft and was too good to pass up? Are there any 2nd or 3rd year players we may have forgotten about that could play their way into the starting lineup? Only because the questions have stopped coming in, will we see Dez Bryant in two tone blue in 22? Ooh, Dez F. and Dez B. on the field together, just try and stop them!!! TITAN UP!!! P.S.: NOT serious about Bryant.

Jim: Hey Cliff. Some quick answers:
Yes, but you probably know all the contenders here.

Dyshon Reeves from Trenton, New Jersey
Hello Jim. This is my first time writing. I've been a fan since 7th grade when my pop warner football coach told me I ran like Eddie George. That following year we went to the Superbowl and lost by 1 yard Kevin Dyson. Now with that out the way lol. I will be attending the home opener against the Giants. Last year was my first game. And I visited the year b4 but the game was canceled due to covid. We was supposed to play the Steelers. I told my girlfriend we going to go to 1 game every year until I move there. My 2 questions: Do you know when it is a good time to enter the stadium so I can see the players come out the tunnel? I missed it last year. Was having too much fun outside the stadium lol. And 2, Do you know of any good places to go to the day before the game. I just want to be around some Titan fans. Broadway is more for tourist and I usually see more opposing team fans. Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon. TITAN UP.... LETS GOOOO

Jim: Hey Dyshon. It's exciting to hear folks already discussing fall travel plans. The stadium will open 2 hours before kickoff, so I'd get there then and try and get close to the tunnel and down low. And, I'm betting we have some kickoff festivities that should be fun the leading up to the game, but I probably won't know the exact plays until a week or so before the game so stay tuned.

Charles Rupcich from Rockford, Illinois
How's my nephew doing? He's the 2nd biggest guy on the team? #76

Jim: Hey Charles. You're referring to big tackle Andrew Rupcich, of course, a 6-foot-6, 318-pounder from Culver-Stockton. He is a big boy. He's settling in. I'll keep a closer eye on him this week.

Reuben Alvear from San Francisco, California
I am eager and excited for the season to start. I trust Coach Vrabel and The Big Boss, aka Jon Robinson.
I respect how the Titans drafted. And I believe the Titans D has a chance to be something special in year two under Shane Bowen.

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Reuben. Time will tell for sure

Have a great weekend everyone!

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