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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Well, it's been a hard week.

I lost my beautiful mother on Wednesday night, and she'll be buried in a few days.

I've been an emotional wreck, trying to type with tears in my eyes.

I posted a tribute to my mom, Kay, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on Friday, and I can't thank everyone enough for the kind words in response about her. It really means a lot.

I'm really going to miss her.

I thought banging out this mailbag would help take my mind off of her passing for just a bit, so thanks for the questions to keep me busy. I didn't answer as many questions as usual, but I'll try and catch up soon.

Let's get this thing going …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Matt Montanaro from Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

Question: Reading so many reports that the Titans should trade Tannehill. This morning CBS Sports came out with the same viewpoint. I don't think a trade is in the cards with that contract. What are your thoughts? Do you think the Titans are exploring that route and even if they are, do you think it is possible or feasible?

Jim: Hey Matt. It's that time of year, when rumor mill stuff takes over. Based on what Jon Robinson said at the Senior Bowl, the Titans plan to stick with Tannehill. I have no reason to suggest otherwise, other than the same "reports" you mentioned. Mike Vrabel and Jon Robinson are both scheduled to speak on Wednesday at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. I'm sure they'll be asked about Tannehill – along with a bunch of other stuff – then.

Pete Tsomides from Saco, Maine

Question: Is there any possibility of a Jonnu Smith reunion? He has not been a fit with the Patriots and there are reports that he could be a cap casualty. I was sad to see him go last year. I think he was perfect in the Titans offense.

Jim: Hey Pete. I think that would fall into the wishful thinking category. If Jonnu is released, sure it would be great to have him back. But that's a big if

Ben Bowen from Nashville, Tennessee

Question: Well, Jim I really don't have a question, more of a comment. I'm a 70 year old man living in Nashville, I've watched a lot of football, College, NFL, and I've played a little...if I could have the ear of Ryan, I woud tell him to watch the old playoff games, 60s, 70, 80, and see how the QBs used trickery to make plays. I would also say to him, a lot of good passing plays is the RPO...he needs to pump fake...I don't think I've ever seen Ryan pup fake...when these big guys jump to knock down the pass, just fake it...the throw the ball....tricking the other team is what wins games...

Thanks for the chance to the team and players....TITAN UP!

Jim: Appreciate it, Ben.

Andy Stambene from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Question: The Combine will be exciting for the Titans I'm thinking. The team needs to figure out what to do with the first rounder? I have JRob trading the pick for an early 2nd and 4th rounder. They make the selection with their 2nd rounder then trade the extra fourth and 3rd Rounder to move up and get the player they covet in the early 3rd late, 2nd round. The Titans have some holes at TE for sure,losing J Smith was glaring. Shoring up the OLine for when the left-side monsters retire is also a concern but maybe not yet. Some people have said the WR ranks is thin. I like the ranks but would like to see a bunch of healthy players playing,that would be a plus.So all told I have the Titans taking 2 TE's,WR,OL,DL and LB with maybe a RB for developmental squad. JR is a wheeler dealer I expect more of the same draft day for sure! Wishing for some suitors and paydirt for the Titans!

Jim: It's going to be interesting, Andy.

Donnie Cook from Texas City, Texas

Question: Hello Jim, hope all is well. With free agency coming up, I'd Like to pick your thoughts on D'onta Foreman. I've looked around and can't really find a whole lot on the topic. Do you think he will return, or do you think he deserves a bigger role elsewhere? If he does go somewhere else, where do you think it will be? Either way I hope to be able to continue to watch him play! Thanks for taking the time to answer all of these questions!

Jim: Hey Donnie. I think the Titans would be smart to re-sign him. And I think the team will try to re-sign him. But the big questions that are out there: 1. What might other teams be willing to pay him after he performed so well last season? 2. Does D'Onta want a chance to have a bigger role elsewhere? 3. Will another team give him a chance to be a starter, since we know that's not going to happen in Tennessee? Stay tuned.

Albert Gardner from Flower Mound, Texas

Question: Greetings Jim. I know alot of folks are down on Tannehill and rightfully so in my opinion. As the QB you get credit for wins and credit for losses. Just how it is. I'm writing today to say I'm finally on board with those folks. It's time Jim. Tannehill just isn't the answer. He's just not a clutch player in the playoffs. Simple as that. I hate saying it because I love Tannethrill but I love this team more. I hope JRob and Vrabel do too because loyalty should be to the fanbase most of all. Anyway, thx for having this outlet for fans to vent Jim. You're the best! TitanUp

Jim: Appreciate you weighing in, Albert.

Reuben Alvear from San Francisco, California

Question: Hi Jim. Thanks for the recent article you posted in which Solomon Wilcots expressed his thoughts on Ryan Tannehill and the Titans. His views sum up how I feel about RT, and the team. I still believe in RT. Did he need to play better v the Bengals? Yes. Yet, the loss isn't all on him. That day the Titans needed to have better play from the O-line, linebackers and defensive backs. It's a team sport, indeed.

Jim: There's plenty of debate on this topic for sure, Reuben. Thanks for taking the time.

Renee Greer from Nashville, Tennessee

Question: Hello Mr. Wyatt I know our defense was great. Are we going to mess up the chemistry in letting some of those guys go? We need to do all we can to try and keep the defense together. Now for the offense are we going to go after a TE or work with what we have? Thanking you in advance for answering my questions. May God continue to bless you

Jim: Hi Renee. Well, the team is sure going to try. Retaining Harold Landry is big on the to-do list. He's blossomed, and the team wants to keep its homegrown talent. I'd love to see him back in 2022. And, I think TE is one of the biggest needs this offseason. I expect it to be addressed, which means you'll see some new faces at the position this fall.

Clement Perry from Waxhaw, North Carolina

Question: Hey Jim!! I wanted to say thanks for answering me a couple of weeks ago, especially for the link to the Titans swag!!! Much appreciated!! My question this week deals with the off season, with more questions around the draft prospects than Free Agents, how do you think the Titans will address the needs especially with salary cap being what it is? You think they'll address the main concerns in free agency, because those guys have proven themselves in the league, or will they aim for younger talent and help them develop? The answer's probably both, but I still like to know what you think. Thanks Jim!

Jim: Hey Clement. You're right – the answer is both. 😊

There's a lot TBD here, starting with what the team decides to do with some of its own players who have big cap numbers. Do they restructure some deals? Maybe release some guys? The team will pick its spots in free agency, and then look to hit on its draft picks. We should start to get some clues on how some of this plays out in the not-so-distant future.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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