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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Welcome to May.

And welcome to another edition of the Titans mailbag.

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.

Thanks for keeping things hopping in here.

Let's dive in…

Daylen Bills from Salt Lake City, Utah
Thanks for keeping us all updated on our Titans during this crazy time. I'd love to hear your thoughts on free agents yet to be signed. And no, not Clowney as much as we'd love to hear more about how we might or might not get him. I'm curious about signing another WR. Tajae Sharpe was a bigger loss to the team than I think most people realize and as much as I LOVE Kalif Raymond and am hopeful Adam Humphries stays healthy and pans out, it seems we still need a solid #3/4 receiver. What about guys like Taylor Gabriel, Demaryuus Thomas, or even Josh Gordon who are all still available. Gabriel put up decent numbers considering the Bears poor passing game and Thomas is a solid vet who seems to still have some decent juice left in the tank. Is there any chance we make a play at landing someone like that to help bolster the passing game? Thanks and as always, Titan Up!!

Jim: Hey Daylen. Appreciate it. So, you don't want to hear about Clowney? Man, I was going to drop some real insider info in here. … But since you asked about the receiver position, well, we can discuss that. I haven't heard any rumblings about a vet - yet. I've said in here all along I like the team's receivers. Three solid starters in Corey Davis, A.J. Brown and Adam Humphries, and a guy who made plays down the field in Kalif Raymond. And I expect Cam Batson to compete. I've seen the list of undrafted guys, and while the team hasn't officially announced them yet, some talented guys are on it to compete. If a veteran is added at some point, I think it would probably be later. I'm certainly not ruling it out.

Richard Lafond from Oswego, New York
I wanted to check in from Central New York State and say thanks for always providing great insight and perspective. I always read the mailbag. Since moving back to NYS from Knoxville, without having access to Titans games and news on local TV, I use the Titans website for my updates. The internet has proven, we Titans fans don't always agree but you seem to give us that info that helps us align. I am looking forward to (or hoping for given today's circumstance) the new season and a strong Titans performance with an upward trajectory for the winning percentage in the coming years. In JRob and Vrabel, I trust. Again, thanks! #TitanUp.

Jim: Hey Richard. Good to hear from you, and thanks for the kind words. I love giving fans a chance to get into the conversation here, and I love seeing where these questions come from – all over the world. You're right – not everyone agrees all the time, but that's what makes it interesting. Stay safe up there.

John Deane from Wellingborough, United Kingdom
Hi Jim. I was just wondering what we got for the round 7 pick given to the Chiefs? I sat there and the Titans were on the clock then it came up Chiefs pick. I know I'ts a normal occurrence but I still haven't seen an answer. Also, if you can would you pass on my respects to Jurrell.

Jim: Hey John. The Tians got a sixth-round pick (from the Chiefs) in next year's draft in the trade. And early projections have the team getting a third-round compensatory pick in 2021 as well. The GM is going to have a lot to work with in next year's draft.

Christian Valladares from Pass Christian, Mississippi
Hey Jim, thanks so much for all the effort you put into keeping us up to date with what's happening with our boys! Also, JR and Vrabes are geniuses for the draft this year! One question about Logan Ryan. I'm genuinely trying to wrap my head around why we're bent on keeping Malcom Butler who consistently gets beat on the double move and blows coverages constantly? This is going to sound like I'm beating up on him. I'm not I promise. I'm just scratching my head as a life-long titans fan trying to figure out why we're not cutting him and using that money to resign Logan Ryan who clearly deserves his 10 mil a year. He had over 100 tackles last year for a corner Jim! Anywho, please help me to wrap my brain around this one. It has to be some type of salary thing right? I realize this puts you in a weird spot to comment on this one but I gotta know man! Please help me understand this!! Titanup!!!

Jim: Hey Christian. I like Logan as well – he's a great guy, and a solid player. But I think you're not giving Malcolm a fair shake. Yes, he struggled at the start of the 2018 season after first arriving. But he settled down and played well down the stretch in '18, and he was mostly solid until he suffered a broken wrist last year. As for Logan's play on the field, I think his desire for $10 million per year priced him out. And in fairness, and I'm in no way disrespecting Logan, he gave up some plays last year. Sure, he made a lot of plays – interceptions, tackles, was good in blitz packages, etc. He's a leader on and off the field. But we can't ignore the fact he was victimized in coverage on some big plays, too, and when you're looking for $10 million per, well, negotiations can sometimes get tricky …

Ed Biddix from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Hope you and your family are well. Has to be the strangest free agency, time leading up to the draft and probably beyond that we have ever seen. In what I believe will be a year that could very well bring a Super Bowl victory to the Titans, they will have to contend, as will all the teams in the NFL, with all kinds of distractions and doing things differently. So will the fans. My question is: Has the Titan organization made any contingency plans depending on the state of the Virus? I can see several scenarios if we are still social distancing and so forth. Also a lot of people say they will forgo large crowds even when the ban is lifted. Just wondered what some of your thoughts are. It's for sure we are going back to a different world, and I would love to see that stadium filled with cheering fans. God Bless.

Jim: Hello Ed. Everyone I know is hoping the season will go on as scheduled. Will it be delayed? Will it be played without fans? Well, these are questions that ultimately will be decided by the NFL, and scientists. If you're asking me what I hope happens, it's an easy answer: I want a football season, with fans in the stands. But we need to see continued improvement and some positive news as it relates to the coronavirus. I'm hoping and praying for better days ahead across the world.

Sven Peeker from Stockholm, Sweden
Hello, I am a 10 years old Titans fan from Sweden. I wonder, how many push-ups Derrick Henry can do without a pause? Good luck to Tennessee Titans!!!

Jim: Hey Sven. I'll be honest: I lost count. The last time I saw him was in Miami, the night before the Super Bowl, and he was just starting on a round of push-ups. I've been told he's still going...

Mitchell Smyth from Indianapolis, Indiana
: Do you expect Wesley Woodward to be back this year? Any chance he could become a defensive coach with the team now or in the future? I still believe he could be a key leader and contributor for a Super Bowl run. Curious to get your thoughts. Thanks!

Jim: Hey Mitchell. Right now, it doesn't look like he'll be back with the Titans, and he'll be missed. Wesley is planning on playing in 2020, but he remains unsigned.

Richard Gilbreath from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
My question to you is do you think the Titans will pick up Adoree Jacksons 5th year option??? He produced pretty well in 2019 and really showed more potential. I believe he is a solid player and always plays hard till the sound of the whistle. I also want to know what you think on if they will let him walk after his contract is up, or sign him to a deal??? I personally wouldn't want to see him walk with how competitive he is as a player and a person. Titan Up!!!

Jim: Hey Richard. In case you missed it, the Titans, as expected, picked up the option for Jackson on Friday.

Chris K from Brooklyn, New York
Hey Jim longtime Oilers/Titans fan from NY. i think jrob nailed it with his picks with value&need.. Wilson has size and athleticism like him even more cause he is from my hometown Brooklyn NY 😂 he was on lacrosse & wrestling team which is good traits to be a very good OT in the NFL I heard u said probably won't start out of the gate Cause of probably no ota's and shortened minicamp. From scouting report he needs to work on some things like hands & pass protection good job by jrob resigning Kelly very useful when Wilson is ready can start him and you know there will be injuries and Kelly can play inside. Love the Fulton pick great value& definitely a position of need happy he drop to 61 probably fell to us cause of using somebody else's urine for ped test but he has own up to it and from what I read that he has matured. Evans is fast and first step is explosive which is what we need some speed & to give Henry a rest. He is a good catching rb can use him on 3rd downs for screens/checkdowns... My observations of JRrob is he knows what he is doing and Titans fans we are in good hands case in point replaces Conklin, Ryan & Lewis with our first 3 picks that's how you do it get younger/cheaper don't put strain on ur salary cap and can be flexible that's how winning organizations do it I'm glad jrob on our side . JRob picks and chooses on who he wants to resign case in point Lewan/Byard and in the future Davis & Jackson my opinion Davis will be expendable cause need money for Brown and JRob next year will draft a wr high in the draft and he will try to resign Jackson depending on how is next 2 years will go jrob will pick up his 5 year option Jackson has improved from last year. Just my opinions and observations i know it's a lot 😂. Stay safe & thanks

Jim: Hey Chris. A lot to take in here. I'm going to let you close this one out...

Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe!

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