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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – It's been another busy week in Titan Land.

Press conferences for tight end Austin Hooper and receiver Robert Woods were the highlights of a week that also included some new deals for returning Titans, like Ola Adeniyi on Friday.

On Sunday, I'll be off to the NFL owners meetings.

Before heading to Florida, let's bang out another mailbag…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Mike Southerland from Russellville, Kentucky
What are the chances both CB from the rookie class last year will be starting?

Jim: Wouldn't surprise me, and I don't think that's a bad scenario (if you're including the slot corner as a starter). Now some things need to develop well for that to happen. Caleb Farley was drafted to start, and to be a shut-down corner. If he's healthy, he needs to be starting. But he has to have a solid offseason and training camp when he's cleared. And I like Elijah Molden at nickel, inside of Farley and the other outside starter, Kristian Fulton. But there's still plenty TBD here, with more roster move possibilities in the NFL Draft and free agency. And we can't dismiss Chris Jackson and Buster Skrine in the competition either. So we'll have to see how some things play out.

Roger Piccirillo from Bridgeport, Connecticut
Hi Jim long time reader first time asking. No one can deny how important the king is to the Titans. With that said I'm tire of hearing Tanny is a bum without Henry let's face it the run game did not suffer much without the King. Passing game suffered because the receivers could not stay healthy and not just AJ and Julio. There were too many snaps he had fourth and fifth receivers and sometimes the six playing as 1-2-3 receivers. No qb will shine under those conditions. The fact that he led them to 12 wins and a title as the only constant on offense was impressive. And let's not forget that Henry didn't become the King until Tanny took over as qb1. Titan fans will miss him when he's gone. I followed him from Miami to Tennessee. Thank you for letting me vent. Keep the faith.

Jim: Hey Roger. Hey, I know some fans might not want to hear any of this, because unfortunately it's been open season on Ryan by a lot of folks. And, yes, he earned some of the criticism with those picks against the Bengals. But some truths are included in your take. I appreciate you weighing in.

Andy Stambene from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Hey Jim hope all is well. I'm sorry to hear of the passing of your Ma. Nothing replaces the loss of a parent. From a fan point of view I was always disappointed at the releases but some of the signings have made the shock easier to handle. I also know that things like the releases are a fact of life in the NFL world. It just seems that the Titans are constantly building but I guess that can be said for most teams in the league. Regardless this question is about the April 28-30 draft! I've mocked the Titans a 200 times and we either get an Offensive lineman in the 1st round or get stuck with our choices of most running backs and TE's in the 3rd round. Now a OL would be great but a decent one can be found in the 2nd round around the 36-43 mark providing JRob and the Titans can swing a deal...Suitors for the 26th pick could be the Falcons,Browns,Seahawks and maybe Broncos. Having said that the Titans would need to get another 3rd rounder maybe a 4th rounder. The draft is potential high drama and I have enjoyed JRob's work in this area as he is always looking ahead...Wishing for the Titans to get a WR,OL,LB,TE,S with "our" top picks and then a QB,OL,CB for the Practice squad among the other draft picks if we end up with that many. What do you think Jim?

Jim: Thanks, Andy. A lot of possibilities. Picking an offensive lineman with the first pick is definitely in play, but I wouldn't rule out receiver either despite the acquisition of Robert Woods. Also, moving out of 26 and getting extra picks, and potentially making the first selection early in the second round can't be ruled out either. The great thing about the draft is seeing all the mocks, imagining all the possibilities. But we're really not going to know until late April.

James Kauffman from York, Pennsylvania
What do you think the future holds for AJ Brown in regards to his next contract? He has been a good receiver for us but not a consistent catcher. He had alot of drops over the last two years. He also made the comment last season he wants paid like Julio Jones so they can't keep them both. I'm a huge fan but I'm not sure he's a top 5 receiver or top 10 for that matter. With being injury prone the last two years what do think the outcome may be?

Jim: If you're asking me if I think the Titans should sign him to another contract, my answer is yes, without question. But it's going to take some negotiating on both sides from a $ standpoint. Personally, I really like A.J. as a person and a player, so I sure hope it works out where he's here long-term.

Matt Salyers from Ironton, Ohio
Hello Jim I hope all is well! I would just like to know if we will see Sargent get any playing time if he does well in the preseason as he did last year... or if he's even gonna stay on the practice squad for the team...

Jim: Hey Matt. Mehki Sargent is now with the Jaguars.

Terry Anderson from Glasgow, Kentucky
Jim, would you trade for Baker Mayfield?

Jim: No.

Fred Trotman from St. Louis, Missouri
I've got a few questions. Why didn't we keep MyCole Pruitt? I liked him much more than Firkser. Do you think it's possible that we'll resign him and possibly Julio for cheap? I think he enjoyed Tennessee and he started to come into form late in the season. I'd hate for him to go to Indy. Lastly, which defensive free agent do you see us possibly pursuing? I'm glad we cut Janoris Jenkins and kept Buster Skrine he did a good job for us but I still feel we need help at corner. Hope all is well take care.

Jim: Hey Fred. MyCole Pruitt is still recovering from the ankle injury he suffered in January. No, I don't think it's possible the Titans will re-sign Julio Jones for cheap. As mentioned previously, we'll see what happens at CB….

Liam Patterson from Knoxville, Tennessee
Hello Mr. Jim. My name is Liam Patterson. I am a 7th grader who watches all the Titans game. I have a question about Ryan Tannehill. Will he stay with Tennessee? Now, I ask this because their is talent in this draft that can fit in to the way we play. If there is still a good QB like Malik Willis, Matt Corral, Kenny Pickett, etc, will we pick them? Now, I understand it rumored that we will take Treylon Burks, but which position are the Titans thinking about upgrading through the draft? If the pick a QB, who would we want in return for Tannehill?

Jim: Hey Liam. Ryan Tannehill is going to be in Tennessee. And, I'd be surprised if the team took one of those QBs you mentioned in the draft. The positions I'm thinking about: WR, interior OL, OT, TE, CB, and depth at a lot of spots.

Brett Heard from Nashville, Tennessee
That Julio release rant from Tuesday..... WOW. As much as I like Julio for his work ethic and the player he was, 31 Rec for 434 Yards with 1 TD is definitely replaceable. My questions is on Trenton Cannon. I know he had some injured seasons as of late, but do you think he is meant to be a solution at the returner spot mainly? It seems like when he is healthy he has been a very consistent returner, which is something the Titans have struggled with all the way back to when Marc Mariani left.

Jim: Hey Brett. I think Trenton get a shot at returner for sure, but some other guys will be in play as well. He's definitely not a lock, though.

Brody Page from Brentwood, Tennessee
Is the Titans training camp going to be public this year? Is there any information you know about the camp?

Jim: Hey Brody. Nothing to report on training camp practices as of now. I'll have a better idea on this closer to the summer.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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