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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – This time in three weeks, we'll be on Day 3 of the NFL Draft.

Lots of questions to answer between now and then.

There's no time to waste, so let's get started..

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Neil Carr from Bingley, United Kingdom
Question: Hi Jim. I'm loving the offseason acquisitions so far. Nobody can say for sure if they will work out BUT at least we are grabbing guys who have the potential to be very good for us.
Now onto my question: Who, from last year's roster, do you see as the guy who makes the biggest leap this year and establishes themselves as a week in week out player? Was there anyone who looked like they were ready to explode this year (if all things fall into place for them)? Who are you excited about next year from last year's roster? Kinda the same question asked in 3 different ways.

Jim: Hey Neil. I'm going with Will Levis. This time last year he was gearing up for the draft, making visits. He joined the Titans in May, and he began a crash course with the team. Now he has a year under his belt, and some experience, and he's spent the entire offseason working on himself. Will now has a head coach with a great history with developing quarterbacks, and when I talked to him earlier this offseason he said he's healthy, and feeling great. So, I'm going with Levis.

Zach Austin from White House, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim, thanks for all you do keeping us in the loop. I wanted to know if the Titans players will be able to wear the Captain's patches on their uniforms this year? During the Vrabel era I guess he didn't want players standing out from the team, but I always thought that wasn't a classy move by him. To be voted captain is a HUGE honor, especially on the professional level, and I hope that changes with the new Ranahan era. Titan Up!

Jim: This is a great question, Zach. As you mentioned, Vrabel didn't want players wearing the patch, for the reason you mentioned. It will be interesting to hear coach Callahan's view on the subject. Captains won't be chosen until a week before the season, so we won't get a peek in the preseason. The Bengals captains, by the way, wore the "C" on their jerseys.

Aaron Retan from Van Buren, Arkansas
Question: You said they have plans for Treylon to help and what exactly are these plans. as a Arkansas razorback fan I'm a big fan of Burks and would like to see him succeed and grow. What are they planning to help him with his game?

Jim: Hey Aaron. The plan is to put him in a position to have success, but Treylon has to do his part. He has to get comfortable and up to speed in a new offense, he has to show up in shape and ready to go, and he has to stay healthy. The Titans have two proven playmakers in DeAndre Hopkins and Calvin Ridley. Treylon is still finding his way, so it's a big offseason for him.

Michael Cain from Kilmarnock, Virginia
Question: Good morning, from the Northern Neck! Firstly, thank you for all you do keeping us in the loop with our beloved Titans. Greatly appreciated. Lifelong Oilers/Titans fan.
Now, do you see any chance or benefit in Tennessee and Minnesota possibly making a trade of first round picks? Allowing Minnesota to move up and at the same time having us pick up additional picks, whether it's Minnesota's 23rd pick or some other scenario? I haven't really seen scenario floated about. Good thought or am I nuts? Thank you and all hail the "Flaming Thumbtack"

Jim: Hey Michael. I'm not opposed to trading back and getting extra picks, it's just a matter of how far the team could trade back and still be in a position to get a quality, impact player. The draft is deep at tackle, GM Ran Carthon has pointed this out on several occasions over the past few weeks. So, maybe he's not locked in on taking one at No.7? Maybe he's just postering, hoping to get someone to move up? We'll find out in less than three weeks.

Gabe Abraham from Crossville, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim! Was thinking about going to the Titan's draft party. Do you know what players will be there? Can you meet the players, or are they just there for interviews?

Jim: Hey Gabe. Not sure of the players yet. Heard a few names, but nothing is set in stone. Here's the link for the party (everyone has to have a ticket), for those interested in going:

Adam Quick from Tampa, Florida
Question: When will we find out all the new players jersey #s? Do you think we are signing anymore free agents before the draft ?

Jim: Hey Adam. I actually wrote about the new numbers yesterday. CLICK HERE for the link to that story.
As for free agents, I get the sense the team is now focusing on the draft, but it still wouldn't completely shock me if a guy is signed to a one-year deal in the next few weeks. Teams sometimes like to add depth at certain spots before the draft, and that's when a team's leverage is good in contract talks.

Chris Spaulding from Denver, Colorado
Question: First and foremost I wanna thank you Jim for your weekly mail bags and positive attitude even through the tough times. That said I have noticed a lot of negativity when the King left. Im gonna miss King Henry alot too, but let's talk about the Titans off-season... Oh boy.. we snatch Jags WR1 in Calvin Ridley (paired with D-Hop)in my opinion is gonna be a top 10 WR this upcoming season if Levis gets some type of protection which we addressed by grabbing Cushenberry and S. Charles and Peter Skorinski should have a better Sophomore season, so I like what we're doing on the O-line so far , then we add Awuzie and Sneed!! 😯All of sudden you add Roger "Big Game" McCreary and now our Titans might be one of the best Secondary units in the NFL... Then we add Tony Pollard who has more explosive plays then just about any other RB in this league the last few years and Spears who is just different animal (hybrid player) . I love what we're doing ..But after seeing the Texans add Step Diggs paired with Tank dell and there WR and TE group makes me believe that these are the 2 teams that will compete hard in some intense divisional games in a vastly improved AFC South that is on the Rise and not to be taken lightly. So with all that said and how deep these teams are Why not go for a Marvin Harrison Jr. ..Brock Bowers or one of those other WRs? I would be happy with Joe Alt because he's really good player from ND. I'm a die-hard fan and I believe in this team and Amy Strunk along with Ran and coach Callahan.... TITAN UP NATION

Jim: Appreciate it, Chris. Hey, I've said in here if Marvin Harrison Jr. or Malik Nabers is there at 7, I'd have a hard time passing either of them up. I really like Bowers, too, but at 7? It would be bold, but the GM has proven this offseason he's not afraid to make big moves. I'm intrigued by Dallas Turner, the draft's top defensive prospect, as well. But there's also this: If the GM and scouting staff feels like one of those tackles is a can't miss prospect who could start at LT for the next 10 years, how do you not pick him to fill the biggest need for 2024? This decision is a very important one, and it will be made above my pay grade.

John Birdyshaw from Lake City, Florida
Question: Jim, I read a question someone else asked concerning taking a WR at 7 rather than OT.
I understand the debate "if" a stud WR is still on the board. But problem is past two offseasons they did more to try to help the WR room than they did the O line. And as a very clear result, doesn't matter WHO you have catching the ball if the quarterback is under the gun EVERY PLAY. It's painful.

Jim: This is a tough point to argue against, John.

John Miller from Roan Mountain, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim, thanks for all you do to keep us fans up to date with the Titans! I have a question for you. With the state of the QB position, do you think we would take another QB in later rounds in this draft? I know Levis will be the starter, but if he struggles with consistency and/or poor play, would the Titans want to have another QB on the roster or are they going to use Rudolph/Willis as the backup plan if he struggles. I like that there will be competition for the backup QB spot in training camp, but I'm concerned that we could end up like the year when Josh Dobbs eventually became the QB because we didn't have any other option.

Jim: Hey John. I talked to Ran at the owners meetings about the quarterback position, and he mentioned the possibility of the team adding another QB. I guess I wouldn't rule out the team taking a flier on a QB on Day 3, but my guess is the add will be an undrafted free agent. Some of this, however, hinges on what the new coaching staff really thinks of Malik, because after Will Levis, I think Mason Rudolph will be QB2.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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