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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Are you ready for some football?

Yes, it's time.


The Titans kick off the regular season on Sunday at Nissan Stadium against the Arizona Cardinals.

Let's dive in and talk about it…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Damian Lee from Mesa, Arizona
Hey Jim. How are you?

Jim: I'm great, Damian. Football season is finally here

Harry Prentiss from Sunbury, Pennsylvania
Is Anthony Firsker ready to step up into the role Jonnu Smith had as a dangerous downfield option? I like him but I'm concerned he's a tweener-not enough if a blocker to be out there all the time and only a receiver who can be covered. If he was a better blocker he'd be more valuable, so are they working with him on that facet?

Jim: Hey Harry. Firkser is looking to do his thing. He's not Jonnu Smith, just like Jonnu wasn't Delanie Walker. But Firkser is talented, and I think he's in a great spot with the Titans, in an offense surrounded by talent. He's going to make some plays. As for his blocking, he's gotten better. He's said from the time he got here several years ago it's been a focus for him to improve, and he's done that. He's added some weight, and he's sturdier. But the Titans also have tight end Geoff Swaim, Tommy Hudson and MyCole Pruitt, and blocking is their strength.

Joseph Watts from Nashville, Tennessee
Do you think A.J. Brown and Julio Jones will have conflict over reception or targets? Do you think Tannehill will be forcing more passes to the receivers trying to please everyone or do you think he will just run his game?

Jim: Hey Joseph. A.J. Brown and Julio Jones really like each other – they're pretty much inseparable out here. Both guys are in it to win it, so I don't seen any potential problems. I think they'll push each other to do well, which Brown said yesterday. Check out the story I did on the pairing on Friday: CLICK HERE.

Jon Overlade from Hinnerup, Denmark
Hey Jim. Hope all is well. Ahead of Sunday's game I have been wondering: How do we best stop Kyler Murray? Looking back at the games against the Ravens in the past couple of years I think it fair to say that the Titans had ok success in stopping Lamar Jackson by making him run east/west.
So, I wonder if Vrabel and Co. will try to do the same against Murray as he has many of the same traits as Lamar imo? Hope you have a good time on Sunday. TitanUp 👍🏻

Jim: Hey Jon. A lot of the guys on defense have compared Kyler to Lamar this week. I can't tell you the plan – I get to watch practices, so I can't reveal what the defense is planning to do. But I'd think past matchups vs a guy like Lamar should help in preparation. But I'll say this – Kyler has a heck of an arm. It's not just his legs the Titans need to worry about

Jeff Van Dyke from Miami, Florida
Will the Titans bring back Coach Vrabel's postgame victory speeches this year?

Jim: I can't make any promises here. COVID has limited the amount of folks allowed in the locker room, and the video guys are impacted by those numbers. Let's put this in the TBD category.

Nate Stenabaugh from Newtown, Connecticut
What can you tell us about Chester Rogers, Marcus Johnson and Nick Westbrook-Ikhine? They are 3 WR's I don't remember the team picking up but look to be big time contributors to the offense and special teams. Thank you!

Jim: I actually wrote about Chester Rogers this week. You can read all about him hereCLICK HERE. You're going to want to know about him, because he's going to be on the field. As for Westbrook-Ikhine, he made the team as an undrafted free agent last year, and he's gotten better. Marcus Johnson is a veteran who had a great offseason, and earned a spot on the 53. But he's currently on Injured Reserve.

Vivian Marie from Grayson, Georgia
Falcon fan spreading my fandom to Tennessee. And not just because I like the uniform color! Have great respect for coach and QB… and wish Julio lots of luck and success. I'll be rooting for Tennessee to win division and AFC.

Jim: Thank you, Vivian.

Adam Kanode from Herndon, Virginia
Hey Jim. No question today. I just want to shout out the Titans media team and put others onto the GREAT mini-series they recently uploaded. For those who haven't seen it, the Titans YouTube channel uploaded a 3 pet series called Mississippi Made and it is AMAZING. I had no idea Big Jeff and AJ Brown basically grew up rivals and are now teammates! I dare anyone to watch it and not get goosebumps watching the 2 in their draft moments. 10/10 would recommend the watch for anyone who hasn't seen it!

Jim: I'm with ya, Adam. Everyone on the video staff who worked on the project, starting with producer Bill Flanagan, did a fantastic job. And anyone who hasn't seen it should check it out.

🔹 Pt. I -

🔹 Pt. II -

🔹 Pt. III -

I asked Bill for a list of everyone who made the series come together. Here's his list, starting with the most active involvement:

Producer and Editor
-Bill Flanagan

-Todd Gray
-Matt Unger
-Spenser Fritz
-Steve Wisinski

-Nate Bain
-Jared Puffer
-Robbie Bohren
-Nik Conklin
-Julia Perkins
-David Sharpensteen
-Aryel Rivero
-Donald Page
-Tyler Kaufman
-AJ Lacefield
-Claire Stefanelli
-Gil Beverly
-Surf Melendez
-David Schindler
-Jim Wyatt
-Amie Wells
-Ashley Farrell
-Brian Myers
-Jeff Harding
-Alex Knodel

Pool Hall Scene
-Kyle Rullmann (lighting)
-Steve LaPard (audio)

Special Thanks
-Freddie Poindexter
-Greg Owen
-Robby Donoho
-Tom Eble
-Lisa Hurley

Have a great kickoff weekend everyone!

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