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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Titans minicamp is now in the books.

Next week, the team will wrap up OTAs.

Then comes a break in the action before players return for training camp.

Yes, the season is creeping up on us.

This weekend's Titans mailbag is already here…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Alejandro Contreras from Jupiter, Florida
Question: Hi Jim. Looking forward to next season, really excited about the whole thing!
I haven't seen much on Ryan Stonehouse. Do we know if he'll be ready come the start of the season?

Jim: Hi Alejandro. Ryan has been around, he just hasn't been punting in OTAs yet. But I see him just about every day, because he's been here just about every day. Ryan attacked his recovery, and rehabilitation. I know he's optimistic about being ready for the season, because he's one of the most upbeat guys I know. But he'll have to keep clearing hurdles on the way to September 8. I asked Brian Callahan about Ryan this week, and he's what he said about whether he'll be ready for the season: "Too early to tell. I mean, the injury is obviously significant enough to where he's still out at this point. He is rehabbing. He's doing a great job in his rehab process. We'll see where we get to when we report to training camp and where that's at. His progress has been really good. You guys have seen him kind of out walking around a little bit. He has been working, and it's going to be a matter of when the doctors clear it when we get to training camp and then when he feels confident enough. I've been with enough guys that have done knee injuries where there's also a mental factor in the returns, the confidence back in the injury. Sometimes it takes, even though they're medically fine and cleared, you've got to work through the mental part of knowing that you're fine. I've seen a lot of guys take some time to get through that process, too. So we'll see where he's at in training camp. I think that's probably best way to put it."

Aaron Quarles from Cape Coral, Florida
Question: Hey Jim, I'm really excited to see what this team can do with an offensive minded coach. We have always been a "play tough defense and run the ball and keep it close" type team. If we can be the team that puts up 24+ points any given week it will be special. My question is aside from AJ Brown, almost every other highly drafted receiver we have taken (Kenny Britt, Justin Hunter, Kendall Wright) have busted. Do you think that is due to inconsistent QB play, the receivers were never NFL caliber, or was it poor WR coaching that failed to develop them? I know it's a long one but I would appreciate your opinion.

Jim: Hard to say, Aaron. All these guys are different, brought here in different situations. Inconsistent QB play didn't help, along with offenses that weren't designed to necessarily highlight receivers. Injuries (Britt and Hunter both suffered torn ACLs) also played a role in why their respective careers didn't pan out like maybe everyone hoped. All of them had their moments, though. Britt and Wright each had 1,000-yard seasons, and Britt ended up playing nine seasons in the league, and he produced over 5K receiving yards. There have been bigger "busts" in NFL history.

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Question: Hey there Jim! Thanks for all the OTA updates. Really appreciate that. I wanted to know how is QB2 looking? Is Rudolph or Malik looking more like #2? I hope Malik has better guidance than before. I think the kid still has the ability to be a star, once he has the right QB whisper'er in his ear which I hope is Callahan. Also, was Simmons at OTAs? I do not remember seeing his name as an attendee and lastly; does T'Vondre look a little leaner? I know he needs to drop some LBS, just checking to see if that has started. If not Simmons has objective in sight. Hope you have a great week and weekend Jim. As always TITAN UP!!

Jim: Thanks for following along, Jeremy. Rudolph is looking like the No.2 QB to me, but Callahan said on Thursday this is a competition with Malik. I asked him about this as well, and here's what he said: "It's a competition. They're going to both get a fair shake at the two-job. We were both up front with both those guys telling them that's how it's going to work. So they'll split reps pretty evenly. They'll get a chance to play quite a bit in the preseason. That's usually where it separates is the game action when you really get an evaluation, but happy with where both of those guys are at. Just like any competition, there's going to be ups and downs. There'll be days when you guys come out and one looks better than the other, and the evaluation is a totality of all their time in the offseason and training camp and the preseason games. And so, it's an ongoing evaluation and there's going to be ebbs and flows and guys will look good one day and not as good as the other. And so, you're trying to get their totality of work as to who's best equipped to be the number two." Again, I think it's going to be Rudolph, but we'll see how it shakes out. As I've said in here previously, the biggest question for me is whether the team keeps 3 on the 53-man roster. As for Simmons, he's been here. I saw him several times this week. On T'Vondre, it's hard for me to say he looks slimmer – I haven't seen him in uniform in a little bit.

Chris Carroll from Jackson, Tennessee
Question: Hi. I'm an ex-UTM player (long time ago) and proud of Colton Dowell. It's hard to find any injury/surgery rehab updates on him. How is his rehab coming and is he expected to be ready to go by summer camp? At injury time I had heard his injury was pretty severe and being ready by this season might be iffy. If he is not ready by summer camp, what are your thoughts on his status?

Jim: Hey Chris. I saw Colton the other day. He's upbeat, as usual. And, he's a guy who is easy to root for. I'm going to say this about Colton without asking him, the trainers, or coaches, because I'm not supposed to pry when it comes to injuries: Colton suffered his ACL tear on December 31, and didn't have surgery until a week or so later. Because of that, I don't think he'll be ready for the season. I suspect he'll start the year on the team's Physically Unable to Perform list, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if this ends up being like a redshirt year for him. The team is deep at receiver, so there's no need to rush him back. He needs time to get healthy.

Cainen Rosales from New Mexico
Question: Hey Jim, I was wondering what games we will be wearing the Oilers throwbacks and the baby blue uniforms? Titan Up!

Jim: Hi Cainen. As you mentioned, the team is planning to bring back the light blue Titans jerseys once again in 2024. And, because of that, we may only see the Oilers uniform once this fall. Any guesses on the game?

Joshua Thomas from Hermitage, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim. I dunno if you've got any insider scoop on this yet, but is there any word on this year's Titans 5k? My family has regularly attended almost every one for half a decade now, and have yet to see any news about it. Titan Up!!!

Jim: Hey Josh. I got a question on this in the Tuesday mailbag, and said we were close to having news. We now have it: Yes, there is a 5K again this summer – it's scheduled for Saturday, August 24, beginning at 7 a.m.
Here's the link to register:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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