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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now eight practices in at training camp for the Tennessee Titans.

The team is off today before hitting the practice field again on Sunday.

Let's pass the time by opening up another mailbag.

Here we go…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Anthony Anthamatten from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim, I enjoy reading the mailbag. As a long-time fan of the team, a priceless game I attended was the "Music City Miracle". The funny thing I witnessed was a Bills fan jawing with a Titans fan about how they had won the game with 16 seconds left. After that play when we scored with 3 seconds on the clock, I looked around for that Bills fan and he was nowhere to be found. An odd question for you: As I watched videos of our receivers doing drills, I wondered, how many footballs does our team have? It seemed like a million. Keep up the great work and Go Titans! -Anthony

Jim: Hey Anthony. Great story. Well, it's funny you ask about the footballs. The team has a ton of them, I can tell you that. In fact, during a practice this week, Ryan Tannehill rolled to his left and then threw the ball over the fence that surrounds the practice field since nothing was open on a red zone play. Titans GM Jon Robinson was standing in the area, and he applauded him. "Good decision 1-7," Robinson told his QB. "We'll find more footballs."

Jake Mackey from Frisco, Texas
Hey Jim. What is your take on the emergence of Racey McMath. He seems to have formed some sort of connection with Tannehill, especially on the deep ball. Could he be the deep threat the Titans have lacked?

Jim: Hey Jake. Appreciate it. Well, Racey has been good. He's made plays down the field, and he's a weapon with his size and speed. I think he's making the team. He's gotten better as a receiver, and he can help on special teams. But he has to keep it up. If you remember, he was good early in camp last year, too. A.J. compared him to a young Julio Jones. And, the reality is, despite how good he's been, he's still probably somewhere in the 4-6 range at receiver because of some others in front of him.

Ashvik Talluru from Suwanee, Georgia
Hey Jim, who will win the PR and the KR job?

Jim: Hello Ashvik. A lot of guys have been working there in camp. I think it'll be either Trenton Cannon or Dontrell Hilliard on kicks, and my money is on Kyle Philips for punts. But the preseason games will provide chances.

Wes Pendleton from Denver, Colorado
Hey Jim. Hope you are well, and I appreciate all the great reporting you do on the Titans. I have a question about the TEs. In your time around camp, have you gotten a sense for the rookie Chig Okonkwo as a run blocker? I assume Hooper will be the TE1 and as much as I like Swaim, I think it would be beneficial to the team were Chig the TE2. I love this young man's game. Thanks for your time and Titan Up!

Jim: Hi Wes. I've heard some of the questions about Chig as blocker. Hey, he's going to have to prove he can do it. I can just tell you he's big and physical, and when I've watched him in practices, I think he's held his own. But the games will tell the story. Coaches love Swaim, so he's still going to be in the mix. I think all three guys will play.

Bill Colclough from Clarksville, Tennessee
I enjoy your observations, Jim. You do a really good job pointing out when certain players make good offensive or defensive plays.
How do you judge whether the defense did a good job or the offense simply made a mistake, or vice versa?

Jim: Hey Bill. It varies from play to play. Sometimes it's obvious, because guys go up and make spectacular grabs, or a DB will break things up. When there's a coverage breakdown or a guy runs a bad route, those are a little trickier to evaluate on the spot without checking with the players.

Chuck Cummings from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Hey Jim - yep I'm corny but spot the f%&k on - Ryan telegraphs his throws - he stares down his receivers - The 1st of many interceptions was thrown yesterday! Dude needs a face shield or something!
Glad your the spelling B Champ!

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Chuck.

Dave Stadler from Albuquerque, New Mexico
Hey, Jim tired of people telling me King Henry is done and the defense is an accident.

Jim: Football season will be here soon, Dave

Mike Temple from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hello Jim! I have a comment and a question. First, despite its marketing campaigns the NFL seems home to some very boorish behavior - for example, Robert Kraft's Florida arrest, Daniel Snyder and the Redskins sexual harassment investigation, DeShaun Watson and the Texans' settlements, etc. I'm just grateful that the Titans ownership, front office, coaches and the great majority of players have conducted themselves with class over the years. We're proud of their track record both on and off the field! Second, what is the target date for the city, state and team ownership to agree on a new stadium plan? It will be exciting to hear the details of the go-forward plan. Titan-up! Mike

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Mike. As for the new stadium, I think we'll get some answers in the coming months.

Danny Sutter from Toms River, New Jersey
What game are you most interested seeing this year? And why?

Jim: The opener on September 11 vs the Giants. Because it means the season is under way.

The Titans return to the practice field on Sunday. Have a great weekend everyone!

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