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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – A weekend without football …

We're going to have to get used to this.

And, to take our mind off of it, we're going to have to talk football here in the Titans mailbag.

As long as the questions keep rolling in, we'll keep answering them here.

Let's go …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Steven Crosio from Brick, New Jersey
Hey there Jim. Do you regret that Tennessee Titans turned down a chance to get Tom Brady now that Tampa Bay Buccaneers are Super Bowl champs?

Jim: All the Tom Brady-to-the-Titans talk last offseason was overblown from the beginning because no one could get to the root of it all. It was all a bunch of uninformed speculation. The Titans were never in pursuit of Brady, and I suspect Brady had his sights set on Tampa Bay from the beginning. And let's tell it like it is here: Ryan Tannehill – and Tennessee's offense – was never the problem in 2020. Heck, the offense finished 2nd in the NFL, averaging 31 points per game. Brady doesn't play defense, and that's what the Titans needed the most help with in 2020. The way Brady's season ended was a perfect scenario for the Monday Morning QBs and second-guessers. Here's what I think would've happened if the Titans had been interested in Brady, and they'd signed him: The Titans would've finished second in the AFC South, and lost in the first round of the playoffs at Buffalo instead of winning the AFC South and losing to the Ravens at Nissan Stadium. Asking if the Patriots regret letting Brady go is a more legitimate question.

Indiah Carter from Nairobi, Kenya
Titan'd Up here in Nairobi, Kenya. I have a few comments about free agency and some JUICY sleeper players for the 3rd-6th round picks. PLEASE bear with me Jim I put a lot of thought into this, but I'll ask my question first. Is it possible to have a Titans game in the Africa? I feel we should cut Corey Davis, I've always felt that we forced ourselves to draft him, like we forced ourselves to get Isaiah Wilson just because we needed a wide receiver(WR), and out of a WR class that year where everyone was mediocre, he was the #1 mediocre prospect, he doesn't show up when it counts most. Also we should leave Clowney to save money because the edge rush class is deep this year, resign Jayon because I feel David Long will get injured quickly considering how he throws is body like a silver bullet ; he won't last 16 games and jayon knows the D. Resign Desmond King, trade Isaiah Wilson, he's more focused on being a star (which for his position is not likely) than being player, we need to cut our losses while he is still worth a 2nd rd pick. We should have traded Adoree Jackson last year and kept Logan Ryan, he led our team in tackles what was up with that!? I like Jonnu Smith a lot but I suggest we HEAVILY incentivize these contracts instead of guaranteeing millions if we are trying to be on par with talent like Tampa and Kansas City. While we're at it lets trade Humphries, we could easily get a WR his talent or better in the draft for pennies on the dollar. Here are some draft sleepers for Vrabel:

1. Royce Newman G Ole Miss
2. Payton Turner DE Houston
3. Elerson Smith DE Northern Iowa
4. Rodarius Willams CB Oklahoma State

Jim: Great to hear from you, Indiah! Right out of the gate, I haven't heard any buzz about a game in Africa. I know the NFL is doing everything it can to play International Games to increase popularity, but I have not heard of any plans to that degree. And while nothing has been decided yet for 2021, I'm skeptical about games being played outside the country again next year because of the lingering coronavirus. As a country, we botched this pandemic from the onset here in the United States, and we're still paying for it in so many ways. Here's hoping things will improve dramatically by the fall. As for Corey, his contract is up, so it's a matter of re-signing him or letting him go. I'm on board with some of your moves, but let's be honest: What team would want to trade for Isaiah Wilson right now? Just keeping it real here. Appreciate you taking the time, and for these draft sleepers, too.

Chad Rozak from Plover, Wisconsin
Hello sir, my question to you sir is: If Clowney is interested in staying with Tennessee do you think J Rob and coach Vrabel would sign him for another year?

Jim: Hey Chad. I saw where it was reported Clowney was interested in staying in Tennessee. I chuckled. Of course someone in his camp would say that, because it helps his value when free agency starts. The more teams interested, the better it is for the player in negotiations. My bet is he's interested in any team, especially a contender, willing to pay him a nice contract.

Jeffrey Busby from Terrell, Texas
I am a long-time fan. I was a fan way back in the 70's with the Oilers. My question is how will the team do through the Covid 19 virus? Another question is will yall play the run and shoot in 2021? This is effective plays that will make people and players on the other team thank twice about the Titans and can scare them into making the wrong play.

Jim: Hey Jeffrey. Good to hear from you. Now that the offseason is here, guys aren't in the building every day, and they aren't getting tested regularly like they were during the season. Hopefully by the time the team starts practicing for 2021 – which conceivably could be in July for the first time – the virus will be under control, and guys will be vaccinated. A lot TBD here. What I can tell you for sure is the Titans won't be running the Run and Shoot in 2021.

Tom Holler from Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Hi Jim! Thanks for all your hard work. It appears that Houston is releasing J.J. Watt. Would he be a fit for the Titans? And could he be had at a reasonable price?

Jim: Sure, and not sure.

Bobby Dreke from Price George County, Maryland
Hey Jim. I came here to put this in the minds of Titan's Brass: JJ Watt and Patrick Peterson make us a Super Bowl team immediately (in theory). We have a glaring need of leaders and pass rush JJ Watt should be a priority. Him and Vrabel should have a good relationship. So I say bring him to Titantown!!! Let's go!!!! TITAN UP!!!!

Jim: I'll let the GM and HC know, Bobby.

Daryl Matthews from Sylvan Lake Alberta Canada
Hi Jim, not really a question but a huge shout out to the people of Tennessee and Nashville and coach Vrabel and owner Amy and GM JRob from fans from the great white north! I've been a fan of the team when Warren Moon was slingling balls for the Houston OIlers via Edmonton. And to say some years were lean are an understatement, the highs of the McNair and George years to the lows of the Locker and Young years, and I really believe the team is on the rise after the last couple years. My wife and I make a yearly sojourn to Nashville to watch the Titans and take in some great music and love the hospitality of Music City! It is slowly becoming our second home as my wife cheers two tone blue like I do. Hopefully we can make it again in 2021, but anyways love Nashville, and thank you Jim for all you do to keep us informed, and TitanUp in 2021!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Daryl. Thanks for writing in.

DEric Jackson from Antioch, Tennessee
Hi Jim. I'm an Alabama native recently moved here to Nashville enjoying this great state. My question would be how much the organization is leaning towards drafting a few DL from SEC? Thank Jim

Jim: Hey DEric. The GM is looking for the best players he can find, no matter what conference they play in. Does playing in the SEC help? Yes. It's the best conference in the country, with the best talent. If you can play at a high level in the SEC, your chances of being successful in the NFL are enhanced.

Roy Wright from Smyrna, Tennessee
Read some of the questions last week. Why in the world does everyone wanna get rid of Kelly so fast? First Henry had over 2000 yards with one constant that was Right Tackle undertaker Kelly . I could be looking with sunglasses on because ive always liked Kelly. With all the talk about MVP which I was disappointed with the media for selecting Rodgers again. My question about that to all I talked to about it was if the 2 super bowl teams Bucs and Chiefs had Henry they would have been favored from the start . If either team had Rodgers as their quarterback I dont think they are in the super bowl ,,, so in reality who was most Valuable .. U ask all the coaches if they could pick one guy Derrick or Aaron most would say Derrick. So in reality MVP should read MVQB . Next Year another QBack can do what Aaron did this year lots are capable. But if someone rushes for over 2000 there is really only one person capable to do that.

Jim: I hear ya, Roy. Dennis Kelly was very good in 2020, and he's been a great pro since he's been here. As far as MVP talk goes, we all know how difficult it is for anyone other than a running back to win MVP. But I'm not going to throw shade at Aaron Rodgers in here, because he had a heck of a year. And, to be completely honest, if you asked coaches to pick between Aaron and Derrick, my bet is most of them would pick Aaron, because he's a QB.

Matt Wood from Newburgh, Indiana
I've been a Titans fan for a long time and Ive seen a lot of QBs come and go. Do you believe that Tannehill has a lot of years left or Do you think we should consider drafting a QB and developing him for a few years?

Jim: Hey Matt. Ryan Tannehill signed a lucrative long-term deal less than a year ago. He's not going anywhere. The only question in my mind is whether the team drafts a QB to compete with Logan Woodside for the No.2 job.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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