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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The big weekend is upon us.

The home opener against the Indianapolis Colts, and the jersey retirement for Titans great Steve McNair and Eddie George.

It should be a special Sunday at Nissan Stadium.

Until then, let's talk Titans in this weekend's mailbag…

Darin Finkelstein from Chatham, New Jersey

Question: Hey Jim. Great way to start the season! In 2018 Titans stepped up against good teams and played incredibly well. Last week we saw another strong performance against a good team. In addition, it feels great that Titans appear content to fly under the national radar with no calls for "heightened respect." There have been times in the past where the Titans have won big games, excited the fan base and followed up with a disappointing performance the following week. Not trying to place too much emphasis on one game but it feels like the Colts game is an opportunity for the Titans to show consistency and move from good to great. Question: Based on your observations from this week, do you see a different approach and attitude from this team that will help maintain the momentum and achieve the consistency that great teams display?

Jim: Hey Darin. Guys are fired up. Several players this week talked about the inconsistencies of last season, and how they don't want to go down that path again, following up big wins with losses. The attitude is good, but it's all about what happens on the grass. We'll find out Sunday.

Hunter Phelan from South Pasadena, California

Question: HI, Jim what a great week. So proud of every TITAN . What a team win last week. Im kicking myself, for not springing, and planning, for a trip to Nashville to see the retirement, of the great Eddie George, and Steve McNairs numbers. All Titans and old Oilers fans favorites . I don't care about numbers, both men are HALL OF FAME worthy bottom line ,and should be in. Wish i was there for two of my favorite players ever!!

I watch the games streaming from NFL Sunday ticket on my video game console. I'm not sure if CBS will be showing the half time celebration live. What would be the best way to catch retirement halftime ceremonies if not?

Hope you have a great weekend Jim!!! Thanks for all you do! Go Titans and lets beat those pesky COLTS!!!

Jim: Hey Hunter. You're in luck. The entire halftime festivities will be streamed live on the Titans app, website and on all social media platforms.

Joanna Byrd from Lebanon, Tennessee

Question: Jim. I noticed Sunday that Wesley Woodyard had significantly less playing time than normal. Is he dealing with an injury that the Titans have not mentioned. That is the only thing that I can think of as to why the Titans leading tackler for the past two years is not on the field. Can you shed some light on the situation for me. Thanks.

Jim: Hi Joanna. You're right. Wesley played just 13 defensive snaps against the Browns, plus 24 snaps on special teams. The reality is guys like Rashaan Evans (58 defensive snaps vs Cleveland) and Jayon Brown (66) are now ahead of him in the pecking order at inside linebacker. Wesley is currently being used in different packages in the defense. Now I fully expect him to log more snaps in certain games this season, depending on the game plan. But Wesley still has a big role on this team, and that was hammered home even more by the fact he was voted captain by his teammates.

Grant Teckmeyer from Omaha, Nebraska

Question: Jim, hope all is well! It was great seeing you at the College World Series this year and congrats again to Vanderbilt baseball! My wife and I are excited for another season of Titans football and we're even more excited to attend the Titans home opener this year against the Colts for our 2nd Anniversary. Couple Titans/Nashville questions for you:

1. What are your favorite breakfast places to hit up in Nashville?

2. What restaurants on Broadway or in downtown Nashville would you recommend for dinner?

3. Are the Titans doing the number retirement ceremony to honor Steve McNair and Eddie George before the game or during halftime?

4. Are the Titans doing any promotions for the game?

Thanks again for taking the time Jim and TitanUp!

Jim: Hey Grant. It was great to see you and I enjoyed chatting before first pitch. That three-day trip was one of the highlights of my summer.

Favorite breakfast spot: Loveless Café or Pancake Pantry.

Broadway area restaurants: Martin's BBQ or The Southern.

Retirement Ceremony: It will be at halftime.

Promotions: The team is giving away a really cool flag honoring Steve and Eddie.

Hope to see you there! And Happy Anniversary!

Pavel Voráček from Prague, Czech Republic

Question: Hello Jim, as a member of a small community of Titans fans here in Czech Republic, I want to thank you for great inside information, so we can better imagine atmosphere in team, and get a lot of information that are in the articles. Thank you again for your great work! Pavel

Jim: Hi Pavel. Thanks so much for the email and for following the team from the Czech Republic!

Matt Washburn from Memphis, Tennessee

Question: Hey Jim. Appreciate you taking the time to read this. While i believe MM8 has been unfairly criticized the past few seasons, it seems he finally has everything he needs in order to prove he's our guy. With an awesome performance in week 1 already in the books, what kind of stats do you think MM8 will need to hit this season in order to earn his extension?

Jim: Hey Matt. I honestly don't think he needs to necessarily hit any statistical benchmarks. Of course a QB's TD to INT ratio is important, and he's off to a good start there – 3 touchdowns, 0 interceptions in the opener. I wasn't a math major, but projecting over 16 games, he's on track for a 48 touchdown, 0 interception year. That would sound good at the bargaining table. 😊

Scott Kelley from Eugene, Oregon

Question: People in Tennessee say Marcus Mariota needs to be traded. But they are retiring Steve McNair's jersey this weekend.

Here is a comparison of both thru their first 4 years:

Steve McNair (45 games, 38 starts from 1995-1998)

Stats: 634-of-1,130, 7,659 yards, 56.1 %, 6.8 pass yds/att, 170.2 pass yards per game, 38 TDs, 28 INTs, 78.0 rating, sacked 79 times, 23-22 record.

Marcus Mariota (56 games, 55 starts from 2015-2018)

Stats: 1,015-of-1,605, 12,004 yards, 63.2 %, 7.5 pass yds/att, 214.4 pass yards per game, 69 TDs, 42 INTs, 89.4 rating, sacked 130 times, 28-28 record.

And this is with coaching changes almost every year and a offensive line with no protection.

Jim: Point taken.

Robert Orr from Katy, Texas

Question: Jim. After a dominant performance over our friends, the Cleveland Browns, the pundits continue to doubt and cast shade on us. My question is, how do the players and coaches deal with this? I know that if I was in their position, it would be difficult for me to ignore the lack of respect that has always been a hallmark that hangs over the head of this team. Thanks for the insight.

Jim: Hey Robert. I actually think the team and coaches don't want to hear it. It's too early to talk about the lack of respect in my opinion. Some guys started doing that after a 3-1 start last season, and the team stunk it up in Buffalo. My advice: Shut up and play.

David Maniaci from Honolulu, Hawaii

Question: Aloha Jim, I will have to admit this new Titans regime is killing me with these lack of injury report reveals. A few questions, Why the secrecy? And who really cares if a player is on the injury list other than fantasy players or people who bet? We all wish and hope for a speedy recovery and perhaps we can all help with our prayers and well wishes. You never really know how the universe works. I feel like we are back in the Fisher era in this regard (not good) and I think coaches owe it to the fans and players to be truthful instead of all of the speculation the media might bring. Mahalo!

Jim: Hey David. Aloha Dave. I hear ya, but the head coach has a number of reasons he treats injuries the way he does. For starters, any competitive advantage helps. Also, as a former player, he's more protective of the players and what they're dealing with from an injury standpoint. Lastly, as a former Tennessean beat reporter who used to fight, scratch and claw to get any inside info, including injuries, there's nothing keeping today's beat reporters from digging themselves. If stuff is not getting out, it's not just because the head coach isn't telling them. Just sayin'.

Eli Decko from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Question: Derrick Henry!!!!!!!! Yes he's that damn good. I love it!!!!! Marcus looked really good once he got settled in. AJ earned himself some more playing time. All that is what us fans are feeling right now Jim, but how about that rookie OC! Adjustment city! Marcus clean for the second half, wowzer! Just saying, super proud of our team. Btw I didn't forget the defense, THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!

Thank you Jim for letting me celebrate in your Mailbag!

Jim: Hey Eli. Now the team has to keep it going. It's on to Indy …

Have a great weekend everyone!

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