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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – I'm back from the NFL owners meetings, and back in this Titans mailbag.

It's hard to believe we're now less than a month away from the NFL Draft.

Let's keep the dialogue going heading into Easter weekend.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Martin Abenitez from Montevideo, Uruguay
Question: Hi Jim hoy are you!? I make you a crazy/bold/hypothetical question: What do you think about jump to pick #4 or #5 or maybe #6? Maybe offer Tannehill or another player and some picks, then pick Harrison jr or Nabers in some of that picks (because the most probable is that the first 3 picks will be QBs) and then in pick #7 get Alt.. I talk about that and some people tell me I/ dreaming. It's something like that possible? Good week and Titán Up!!

Jim: Hello Martin. You are dreaming. 😄 And, I probably need to clean one thing up first: Tannehill isn't under contract with the Titans, so he can't be a part of a trade package. I can't see the Titans trading up, but I could see the team staying at 7 and picking either Harrison/Nabers on an offensive lineman. They're not going to get a combo of Harrison/Nabers and Alt/Fashanu or any of the top tackles. The latest buzz sounds like four QBs could go before them, which is going to leave a really good player at 7. Yes, I know the team needs a left tackle. But if one of those receivers is there, man, it would be hard for me to pass him up.

David Grissom from Huntington Beach, California
Question: Jim, do you have a recipe for crow, as I am going to have to eat it. When Ran was hired, I voiced my displeasure. When they let Vrabel go, I was mad. When they hired Callahan, I thought "what mistake". NOW, I see who our assistant coaches are and how aggressive management has been in free agency. Good thing I don't make the decisions. Initially, I thought it wouldn't be worth it to even watch the games, now, I'm looking forward to pre-season. I looking forward to you mail bag every week, THANKS!!!

Jim: Don't beat yourself up about it, David, because I can promise you, you're not the only one who has changed his/her stance on things over the past few months. The tone in this mailbag has sure changed, I know that. But it's all good. It's been an exciting offseason, but the goal is to win games this fall. There's still work to be done, but I think there's reason to be optimistic looking ahead. Hope you enjoy the crow. I heard it tastes like chicken. 🐔

David Tenpas from Sherman, New York
Question: Hello, hope things are well where you are. My question has deal with seating capacity (at the new Nissan Stadium) pertaining to special events. With the NFL requiring a minimum of 70,000 and the CFP requiring a minimum of 65,000, do both parties have an exemption for seating capacity? Only asking because it seems like that is a large number to make up in temporary seating. Thanks for all the hard work you do.

Jim: Hi David. Hope all is well. I'm not sure where you got the minimum numbers from, because I'm not aware of those. I do know the attendance for Super Bowl LV at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas in February was 61,629, and attendance for Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens in 2020 was 62,417. The seating capacity for new Nissan Stadium is expected to be around 60,000, although standing room only tickets would allow for a number that would eclipse those previous totals mentioned. Everything I've heard is Nashville is going to be in great shape to get a Super Bowl.

Eli Rodgers from Corinth, Mississippi
Question: Hey my friend. As always, thank you for helping us fans survive the off season with updates on our team. I have a question about the defense that I'm hoping you can answer or can find out the answer. I read that Coach Wilson is going to run a 3-4 defense. What is to stop a team from running a defense that can flex between 3-4 and 4-3? From a scheme standpoint, I would assume it would just be a matter of knowing the roles and assignments. Do the personnel inhibit it, ie. you keep more linebacker depth in a 3-4, vs more defensive line depth in 4-3? Just a fun thought I had, to see a defense that can switch back and forth, to confuse offenses completely.

Jim: What's up, Eli? I think you're going to see a defense under new DC Dennard Wilson that's pretty versatile. And yes, I'm expecting some 3-4 looks, some 4-3, and much more. The team is looking for players that can play a number of positions, and move around. Some will depend on the opponents, and matchups, and some on how the games are going. But, just like a lot of things, we're going to wait and see how things play out because all of this is so new around here.

Todd Cross from Lebanon, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim, what this team needs is "dudes." Let's 1st round the best playmaker, Bowers, Rome, Nabers...etc. If the Man Ran is a good GM, he can find someone like the Big Estonian-born Michael Roos in the early second rd.

Jim: I hear ya, Todd. And, the GM reminded me at the owners meetings this draft is deep at tackle, and that there will be some good ones throughout. He's not committing to any player/position right now. I love playmakers myself…

Ben Mead from Cherry Valley, New York
Question: Hey Jim! My question for you today is with the new kickoff rules do you see teams changing the way they fill out their rosters? With the sprint down the field on the kickoff eliminated, do we see teams fill their special teams with more linebackers who are better at shedding blocks and filling gaps? Or will there always be that need for speed because of covering punts and the desire to have sideline to sideline coverage? Thanks

Jim: Will be interesting Ben. It certainly makes a speedy, good returner more valuable. And while I don't think it will change how rosters are filled out necessarily, it will change how guys are coached, and which guys might be on the field for special teams. The blocking aspect for kickoffs, for example, is going to be completely different. The technique used will be adjusted across the board for everyone involved. I think it's going to make the kickoff much more exciting.

Bob Galasso from Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Question: Hi Jim. It's been a while since I've wrote you and its amazing how many fans have appreciated "The King" and were so upset to see him go. Rightfully sad and I was as well, but I think after the last game of the season and Derrick's message to the fans the writing was on the wall. I was one of his biggestfans and wore my Henry Jersey proudly every Sunday... Just like I did my Earl Campbell, Warren Moor, Steve McNair and Eddie George - Point being players come and players go and the NFL has become almost as much of a business as it is a game. I am really excited at the moves the organization is making - our free agent signings have all been solid - and Ilike where the offense is headed under our new coach. I think we have actually added some much-needed speed on both sides of the ball and we still have the rest of free agency and the upcoming draft to go! Yu'll notice I have left out the individual names not centering on one or two players and that is intentional. - One or two players do not make a team - but multiple players with a team focused winning mentality does and I think we have a good core group of veterans in that locker room. - Also glad to hear the news regarding the uniforms this year! Love the Oilers uniforms and the light blue jerseys. - Miss Amy, Cam and Coach Callahan are doing a super job in my opinion and I'm grateful to see the Front office willing to spend money to put a competitive team (Do I dare say Super Bowl Winning) on the field. - Thank you for all you do on a daily basis to keep us all informed - God Bless and Titan Up!

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Bob.

Terry Anderson from Edmonton, Kentucky
Question: Jim hope all is well. Titans got a great deal for Sneed. 2025 3rd and a swap of the 7th round pick, Ran has had an excellent offseason thus far. Just hope it comes together on the field. Hope the guys are ready work. Wonder what plan Ran has for the draft? Titans are under the radar right now. Sneaky build right now

Jim: Yes, that deal was finally announced by the team on Friday. Turns out there were a lot of things to work through to make it official. He'll be introduced in Nashville in the coming week. Ran is now turning his attention to the draft. He's not about to give away any big secrets right now…

H Lee Swain from Joelton, Tennessee
Question: Is it not obvious, and rightly so, that the goal of the "rebuild" of the Titans roster is to culminate with the opening of the new domed Nissan Stadium? And when do you expect Nashville/the new Nissan stadium will host a Super Bowl?

Jim: 2029.

Donald Tutt from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Question: Is there going to be construction cam streaming so all of us Titan fans can watch the new stadium go up? I think would be amazingly cool and a great way to make some additional funds by sponsoring it. But what do I know I am just a fan.

Jim: Hey Donald. I got this question from James Cares in Shelbyville last week as well. The answer is yet, but not sure of the exact start-up date yet. Will keep you posted.

Jeff James from Brookhaven, Mississippi
Question: Hi Jim, I grew up an Oilers fan and followed the team when they left Houston can say there are very few games I have not watched. I know the players by name and the colleges they played at. I love the Titans and keep waiting on the season we go all the way. We have a few seasons a few years ago I thought was our year. I have to admit I wanted the organization to do more and Keep Derrick Henry I just believe with some of the changes that has been made in free agency adding Ridley to help the offense. I just believe Derrick would be so much more productive now that we are adding weapons in the pass game. I'm not happy with the Pollard move and left in awe. My question is: Why did the organization move so fast in that area with Pollard and do you think we can look forward to grab a bigger downhill back in the draft. I don't see a future in Pollard as our running back unless the organization is happy with speed and interchange the backs very frequently to stay fresh. Neither one our backs are built for that. Sorry for being lengthy there. Look forward to a great 2024 season.

Jim: Hey Jeff. Well, we're just going to have to trust the personnel folks on this. Pollard is a guy they identified before free agency began, and they went after him. I like him myself. I asked Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy about Pollard at the owners meetings, and he raved about him, and he thinks he's back to being healthy and expects him to have success. I do think you're going to see Pollard and Tyjae Spears be used in tandem, because they are interchangeable. The plan is to use them both. Frankly, I'd be surprised if they took another back in the draft after hearing Ran talk about Pollard and Spears, along with Julius Chestnut and Hassan Haskins.

Josh Bell from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Question: Hi Jim, first time writing in, and I've always enjoyed your perspective! My frustration has mostly been a lack of consistency, and not knowing whether we'll start off strong, only to let our foot off the gas; or if we'll fight our way back from behind for a nail-biting finish. I'd love to hear your thoughts on improving consistency to dominate the AFC South like I know we can. I appreciate your insight, TITAN UP! 😎

Jim: Hey Josh. Good to hear from you. Hey, I've been watching the same games as you. Let's tell it like it is: The Titans have been pretty consistent of late, and that's consistently not very good. The team has lost 18 of the past 24 games, and the offense has struggled. And, that's part of the reason the franchise made a coaching change this offseason. One of the best ways to improve consistency is to get better players, and more imagination on offense. The team has taken steps to do that, and hopefully the results will be better.

Steven Anacker from San Francisco, California
Question: Hi, Jim. "Hasta la vista, Eduardo." Love it! Well done.
No big question for you. Like most Titans fans, I'm excited about this next season. So many interesting things to pay attention to. How quickly do all the new additions gel? Will we get a good idea if Levis is the man? The new coaching. What difference will it make? The new schemes. The player management. Everything feels new, and that is a lot of fun. Hope all's well with you.

Jim: Appreciate it, Steven. I don't think anyone will mistake me for Arnold in The Terminator, but I couldn't resist! 😊
Lot of questions to be answered for sure!

Happy Easter weekend everyone!

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