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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Hope everyone had a great week.

We're now into May and getting close to the NFL schedule release, and OTAs.

The results of the NFL Draft remain a hot topic in here, so we'll discuss it all.

Let's go.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Jason Petty from Lebanon, Tennessee
I also have personally seen Colton Dowell play in person on multiple occasions, as my son played on the same team at Wilson Central. Colton Dowell is a kid who wants the ball, and can/ will give his 100% EVERY DOWN, and is a playmaker. I know Colton, Kyle, NW-I, and Chig. Will make plays in the passing game.

Jim: Good intel, Jason. I like the looks of Colton myself, but don't have background you do. I did see him play against UT, and I saw him in person at the local pro day last month. He's a good-looking prospect. I'm looking forward to seeing him at rookie minicamp next weekend, and to what he can do with the Titans.

Eric McClellan from Metropolis, Illinois
Jim, thanks for the work you have done on the draft coverage of our new Tennessee Titans' players. Now that the book has closed on the 2023 NFL draft, I am beyond ready for the next step of the offseason. Any word yet on what date the 2023-24 NFL schedule release is slated to happen? Season ticket member here, and I am ready to see the schedule for home games. But I am really excited to get my plan together for traveling to New Orleans to watch our Titans take on the Saints. Who Dat? Nah, Titan Up!!!!

Jim: Appreciate it, Eric. I'm hearing Thursday for the NFL schedule release date. And, it sounds like we'll know the London game – date and opponent – on Wednesday. I'm anxious to find out all the dates myself!

Federico Alatriste from Querétaro, Mexico
Hola Jim!! Man people are jumping ship at the first sign of doubt. I read too much hate in the "questions" the people send to you and I imagine you only post the least offensive ones. Well here is another hate message for you... I'm kidding hahahaha. I think we have to trust the new gm and coach Vrabel. One thing that I can tell is that Vrabel s body language was way more positive that last year's.
Talking about the picks now I got to questions. 1) do you think the offense Levis ran in Kentucky is more similar to the Titans or the one Malik ran in liberty is more similar?
2) Do you think that from now on they will put mayonnaise on the coffee breaks right next to the cream and sugar??
Everyone is mad, I'm not I like to see the term take the risks to be better. Titans up!

Jim: Hola Federico! There's no doubt Will enters the NFL better prepared. He was in a pro-style offense, where everything was brand-new for Malik heading into the league. He had plays called in while he was at the line of scrimmage at Liberty, and he didn't work under center. … As for the mayonnaise, Levis said himself he doesn't really use it in his coffee (a crazy thought, huh?). It was something silly that got a lot of attention in the pre-draft process.

David Garton from Coventry, England
I'm really hoping the Titans keep hold of Ryan Tannehill as now we Will Levis who is the potential successor to the QB1 throne he will push Tannehill and just when Ryan came to the Titans to compete with Mariota we got the best out of him then but since Mariota moved on there has been no real competition for that role which I appreciate you can't pay big money on 2 Quarterbacks but completion is good.
Do you think there is space for 3 QBs on the roster? As I still think Willis needs time to develop would be a shame to move on so early.

Jim: Hi David. Mike Vrabel said there's a chance the team could keep three. I think it's going to be hard to make that happen on the 53, but we'll see. I do think the Titans would love to develop him further. I wonder if he'd make it through waivers and could come back in the practice squad? Malik just needs to compete and make it a hard decision. Plus, you never know how things could play out in the competition.

John Greene from Ashland City, Tennessee
Greetings Jim , first thing my guess was wrong lol , over all I liked the picks well most of them . reaching for a QB when there's a QB named Caleb Williams. next year, and did I hear right the RB that we traded up for has a bad knee I sure hope I heard wrong , Didn't JRob lose his job for those types of moves Then no defense picks ?? only 6 picks didn't help, but then to giving away picks for next year ... C- is my grade . Any word on the founders wall sure hope it gets treated with respect 20 plus years perhaps a statue of a Fan with the name plates around it. TITAN UP !! John , Shout out to my TITANS family Sec.120 Row Y

Jim: Hy John. Not sure I'd call Levis "reaching" for a QB. He fell to the second round, and they went up and got him there. Most everyone agrees it was a great value pick. Now it's just a matter of how he turns out. As for Williams, I think he's going No.1 next year. Let's hope the Titans don't have the No.1 pick. As for the running back, he looked pretty good on that "bad knee" last year…

Kalani Clemente from Kapahulu, Oahu
Aloha Jim. Follow you on every mail bag. Appreciate your insight and answering some of the negative questions. I have been an Oiler/Titan for the last 50 plus years. Being from Hawaii and having no Pro team of any sort here and viewing all the negative comments about fans not supporting the Titans for the draft picks is Poho. The fans that do not want to support our Titan's I hope they give up their home game tickets to purchase, so this Hawaiian can come to Nashville and see the Titans in 2027 at the Stadium. Mahalo and Aloha, Jim.

Jim: Aloha and Mahalo, Kalani! And, I now know what Poho means! Mahalo!

Jimmy Palmer from Virginia Beach, Virginia
Hello Jim. The first-round pick was much needed and a good one at that. After that, it gets a little shaky in my opinion. Will Levis could be a steal, only time will tell. I just don't understand why we waited until the last round to draft a WR? We are spread thin at that position, and hopefully they have something up their sleeve this summer. How do you think the draft went?

Jim: Hey Jimmy. You said it best – time will tell. A week later, every NFL team thinks they had a great draft. I like a lot of the team's picks, and some I'm not sure about. All of the rookies will be on the field for a rookie minicamp next weekend, so I'll get to see them up close.

Rodney Dixon from Richmond, California
Hey there Jim. Thanks for always giving your honest opinions and up to date Titans news regarding the team. I will admit, at first I had doubts regarding some of the players that we selected in the draft, but after looking at the value of those players and WHERE they were drafted I loved what the team did. Do you think that the Titans will bring in some veteran wide receivers to compete for a role with the team? Someone like Corey Davis who may be a cap casualty could really help us out.

Jim: Hey Rodney. I do think the team will bring in more help at the position, it's just a matter of who and when. Right now, not a lot of guys are available. Later, there will be more options. I've heard the Corey Davis chatter as well, but right now he plays for the New York Jets and it sure sounds like they plan to keep him.

Terry Sanchez from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Hi Jim long long time reader, first time writing. My take as a long time PSL holder is ... Tany has 2 good years left, the King is good for 4 more years. Why rush things? Let things develop so we can get these guys a ring. I don't get it .. people trying to push Tany and the KING out. Huge mistake. Let's take what the draft offered and move forward.. TITAN UP!

Jim: I think that's an optimistic timetable, Terry, but we'll see.

Taylor L from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim, I hope you're doing good today! I have two questions: Do you think this roster is in a good spot even with the lack of WR's drafted? Second, with the potential upgrades to the offensive line, do you think that is why WR may not be as big of an issue as fans think? In my opinion, giving whoever is under center an extra second or two to process should allow the current receiving core to operate much better than last year, so i hope.

Jim: Hi Taylor. I think more help is needed at receiver myself. But I do think an improved o-line helps everyone.

Eli Decko from Youngwood, Pennsylvania
Guess what I've been doing since the Titans drafted a questionable quarterback 2 years in a row? You guessed it. I've been watching Will Levis games. In 2 years he had 2 games where he looked like he was the best player on the field. They were both 2 years ago from the 2021 season. Funny cuz that was his transfer year if I'm correct. This guy will throw the ball into 3 defenders with a 5'9" 175# WR as his target. I mean that's pretty bold and BAD! Houston got much better this off-season, Jacksonville showed us last year that they are no longer punching bags and Indianapolis is luckily looking a lot like the Titans, lost. Jim, Skononski is a fine pick. He better play Tackle. Dillard is not an NFL level starter Philly showed us that. Good thing film doesn't lie right! Mingo the WR from Ole Miss was there for the taking at 41 but Ran moved up for Levis? The rest of this draft was just very bad. Haskins is so much better than Spears and he is a fully healthy player. The Tackle from Maryland looked lost in every single Big10 game Maryland played in, yet we drafted him? I don't get it. Robinson traded away a Future Hall of Famer and it got him fired. We replace him with Ran and Ran trades up, giving up a mother load in the process, for a BUM QB while the need was WR and he still has a job? Does anyone take this job of General Manager seriously? Jim, I'm for real, help me get an interview with Amy Adams. I will do the job and I will do it right, for 100k. Which is a huge discount for the heap of garbage she's currently paying for. This is a D grade Draft and if it weren't for Skoronski it would be a F grade!

Jim: Your wife needs to limit your computer time, Eli. 😊

Karen O'Keefe from Spring Hill, Tennessee
In Ran I trust. Nice draft. Note: It is Levis not Levi's. Turn off autocorrect. Titan Up!

Jim: Hi Karen!

Joe White from Kingsport, Tennessee
Hi Jim, I just read the Tuesday mail bag and have to admit that there is a lot of overreaction. However, a lot of us are very disappointed with this year's draft overall. I like the 1st pick but after that it's goes off the rails for me. I don't understand the Levis pick at all. He really was not a good college QB. I mean that doesn't mean I'm not hoping he comes in with a "Tom Brady" sized chip on his shoulder and proves us all wrong. I just doubt that will happen and like others don't understand not taking a WR earlier than round 7. Having watched the film my guess is Carthon is impressed by Levis physically, but he seems to make too many mental errors. So, my question is what is there that all of us are missing? What is there to like about our new QB?

Jim: Hey Joe. Well, I think his size and athletic ability are two good qualities. Plus, he has a good arm. And, what's also important: Mike Vrabel and Ran Carthon believe in him, and they know a lot more about football than I do.

Sandy M from Chattanooga, Tennessee
I'll have to say I'm embarrassed by most of the comments about the draft. I didn't know we had so many ex General Managers in the area. I'm like everyone else in the fact I had my picks and preferences. As a former college football player I'm going to trust that Ran and coach Vrabel are making the best decisions for the franchise and their future. I will continue to support the Titans and hopefully we'll give these guys a chance to prove themselves going forward.

Jim: Thanks for chiming in, Sandy.

Stephen Parker from Mount Juliet, Tennessee
Hi Jim! Long time listener, first time writing in. Always love your commentary and how you approach everything! Thank you for what you do. My question is mainly on our last two picks of the draft Duncan and Dowell. Duncan has been noted everywhere of needing to stay motivated. Do you see anything in this staff that would help do that to get the best out of him? For Dowell how much can we read into his RAS score and film when he wasn't playing a ton of bigger teams? Thank you and look forward to hearing from you!

Jim: Hey Stephen. Not sure where the Jaelyn Duncan lack-of-motivation chatter is coming from. Yeah, I've heard it, too, but he seemed plenty motivated on the conference call after he was picked, and I've heard good things about him. If he's not motivated, he won't be around here too long. But I don't have any reason to believe he won't come in here fighting for a job. As for Dowell, he's a good-looking athlete. No, he didn't play against top competition every week, but that's not his fault. I remember Cortland Finnegan arriving as a seventh-round pick out of Samford many years ago, and he adjusted pretty well. The NFL is full of guys with small school success stories.

John Burnett from Dickson, Tennessee
I thought the staff did their homework and had a good draft. With only six picks they were limited in what they did. They did add help in other needed areas in free agency (edge rusher, secondary and offensive line. Do you think they are done in free agency or do you look for them to add others if cap space allows? Thanks for giving the fans a place to either vent their spleen or give their hoorahs.

Jim: Hey John. I don't think the team is done adding players, but the options are somewhat limited right now. Not a lot of elite players out there right now. But some guys are available, and others that could be a good fit will be at some point.

Terry Anderson from Glasgow, Kentucky
Jim, I have seen a lot people feeling disgusted about the draft. Let's face it, we had an opportunity to get a game breaking type of receiver like Quentin Johnson. However, I have no problem with the team drafting the best available offensive lineman on their board in the first round. I understand that people are concerned about Will Levis. The quarterback position is the most important position on any team. You have to be able to protect the quarterback. Last year we couldn't even run the ball the last half of the season because well our offense was offensive. I will say every AFC south team has improved on paper. Non more than the Texans. That's how you draft. Suck so bad one year that you pick 2nd and then trade for the 3rd pick. Get the best LB in the draft Will Anderson Jr great puck. I was hoping we trade up for him. With all the great quarterbacks in the AFC now, defense is going to have to improve just to keep the game closer. Our lack of a passing attack will again have fans wondering if we are crazy because we keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. However, being a Wildcat fan and watching Will Levis play for a couple years, he's tough as nails and has a Josh Allen rocket arm. He may may complete a few passes a game because we run it 50 times a game but if Will can get it 60 yards down the field like he did in college Burkes and boys betted catch the ball. I'm looking to far ahead anyway. I believe that if the offensive line gets better and keep Ryan healthy, gives him time and gives Henry lanes, we will win games this year and make the playoffs. Get in the tournament and you have a chance to win. The 1 can fall just we did 2 years ago and the Bucks did this year. Old school smash mouth football is on life support and hopefully the coaching staff will get it back on track.

Jim: Appreciate the feedback, Terry.

Jack Rosamond from Ridgeland, Mississippi
To everyone who is saying stuff like, "Will Levis made me stop being a Titans fan", why don't you guys just give him a chance? He has lots of potential and he really is an awesome guy on and off the field. None of us fans are professionals and none of us are Ran or Mike. None of us can do what they do. Also, let's give Will a chance! We need to stand behind him! A true fan would welcome him with open arms to our team and we do this! Welcome, Will. We are so happy you're here!

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Jack.

Ryder Wallace from Stewart County, Tennessee
Personally I love the 2023 draft class I think we definitely could have picked up a different qb in the draft like Hendon hooker but I understand the pick with his surroundings with oline qb rb and wr but ultimately love the pick with Peter Skoronski in the first he had 1 flag and allowed 0 sacks in all the games he has played in college props to Mike Vrabel and the team. Hope you have a good day. And always TITAN UP!!!!!

Jim: Have a great day, Ryder.

John Mellos from Montreal, Quebec
Hey Jim! So it looks like a lot of people are really running with this no WR thing eh? I'll admit, I was also hoping we would grab a receiver with our second round pick so we could have a more immediate return on the offensive side of the ball. But, while it hurts to use that pick on a position I thought had been addressed in last years draft, it clearly hasn't worked out that way, and Levis was certainly a great value pick to give us a future option at QB. Especially considering we managed to fill what was, in my opinion, our greatest need in round 1 by adding an absolute stud like Peter Skoronski to the offensive line.
When I look at Levis' tape I see him excelling in areas that are a key part of the Titans brand. Running play action, fitting the ball into tight windows over the middle of the field, running RPOs effectively, and being tough as nails. I think if the coaching staff can keep him from making unnecessary throws (that lead to interceptions) and take on a more conservative approach while giving him time to develop he might just be exactly what we need at QB and a legitimate threat with his legs.
The Tyjae Spears pick in round 3 surprised me as much as anyone, but it also dawned on me that Dontrell Hilliard, who played a huge roll in our offence last year, remains unsigned. This leaves a big hole that Tyjae Spears could effectively fill. Considering a lot of the worth while receivers had been selected at this point in the draft I don't think it's a bad pick at all. From then on I think the options at WR dwindled and we were better off filling other needs.
Although this draft by the Titans may have defied expectations and left us without a guarantee at WR I think we did a good job making value picks and taking the best players available to us in each round. And while we still need help at WR we can't forget that we had two solid rookies join us last year in Kyle Phillips and Treylon Burks, who didn't get a chance to reach their full potential due to injury, and another impressive rookie at TE in Chig Okonkwo. I think it'll be a lot easier to fill out that group through other avenues than to watch another year of us trying to play "Titans football" without a decent offensive line, or to be successful in future seasons without a legitimate option at QB. Cheers and Titan Up!

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, John.

Trey Williams from Paducah, Kentucky
Let's be honest here. The only reason people are mad we drafted Levis is because those fans wear orange on Saturdays. I know he has his flaws, but think you got to keep swinging on a QB in the draft is there is one available. Our division has the potential to be very difficult for the next 10 years.

Jim: I believe there is some truth to this. I don't think every Vols fans feels this way, but I've heard from several that do.

Charles Johns from Hermitage, Tennessee
Jim, this has to be the most negative fan base around or maybe it's just a very loud segment of the fan base. Even if you have the number one pick, drafting a QB is usually a crapshoot. No one really knows how good Levis will be. He has all of the tools to be really good. Everyone was complaining about the OL and it should be much improved after this offseason. I get the complaints about not improving the WR room and that still needs to happen. But did anyone really expect this roster to be fixed in one offseason? If so then you don't live in reality. Let's support the men we drafted and this staff until they at least get on the field and have a chance to develop. TitanUp!

Jim: A lot of folks pledging support after that Tuesday mailbag. Appreciate it, Charles.

Rob P from Cookeville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. So many negative waves out there. Makes me laugh. The reality is no one knows what these young men or this team will do in the future. I look forward to seeing what they do and hope the Titans can still be the top of a division that is starting to look a lot different than it has. I think the AFC South might have just jumped up out of the cellar and hopefully will no longer be the punching bag it has been in recent years. What are your thoughts on the AFC South going into this season? If all this talent we have in our division pans out, it will make for some really fun games in the coming years.

Jim: Hey Rob. I think the Jaguars, based on what happened at the end of last year, should be the favorites heading into the season. The Titans have a lot to prove. And I think the Colts and Texans should be better. With everything that's happened of late, the AFC South should be interesting for years to come.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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