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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Ready for a battle of undefeated teams?

Sunday's Titans vs Steelers game should be a good one at Nissan Stadium in what's been a fun season already.

Once again there's plenty to talk about, and I'm going to get right to it.

Let's go…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Garius Jones from Dinwiddie, Virginia
I'm loving my Titans this season. Last year I went to my first Titans game as a 20 year fan 😥😓. It was the game against the Bills – a lot missed field goals sent me home with a long face. But my question is who was the person that made the call to switch Tannehill and Mariota? Always wondered what a great choice... I pray we beat the Steelers I wanna feel that best in the afc feeling like with cj2k in 2008 stomping the terrible towel we own that year thank for your time TITAN UP 5-0 BABBBYYYY 💪🏿⚔️💪🏿⚔️

Jim: Hey Garius. Oh man, I remember that game last season. It was a rough one…
As for the decision to promote Tannehill last year, ultimately the head coach makes that call, but I'm sure Mike Vrabel also had a lot of discussions with GM Jon Robinson and the coaching staff about it, too. It was the right call, 100 percent. Not only was Marcus struggling, but the Titans knew they had something in Tannehill. I remember a lot of folks bashing the decision back then. I don't hear from those folks any more.
And how about this stat?:
Since his first start with the Titans last year, which took place Oct. 20, 2019 against the Los Angeles Chargers, Tannehill has completed 309 of 443 passes for 3,968 yards, 35 touchdowns and seven interceptions. He leads the NFL in that time period with a 117.3 passer rating.

Dwight Creasman from Olive Branch, Mississippi
What do you think at this point of the season are the biggest needs or problem areas of the Titans? Secondly-will the Titans be active on or before the NFL Nov.3 trade deadline to address those needs or areas of weakness? Thanks and Go Titans!!

Jim: Hey Dwight. Third down defense tops the list. The Titans are dead last in the NFL in this category, allowing opponents to convert 58 percent of the time. How do you fix it? Well, it's a combination of a lot of things. The pass rush needs to be better and the guys in the secondary need to play better as well. Tackling needs to be more consistent. Simply put, the defense needs to step up – it's allowing way too many points per game. As for whether the team makes a trade, well, I never put anything past the GM…

Mark Severtson from Duncanville, Texas
Hello, Jim. I am a diehard and long term fan from back in the LUV YA BLUE days. Have been a fan since then, and was also a season ticket holder in Warren Moon's first season. From watching the agony of "THE BIGGEST COMEBACK EVER" to the ecstasy of the "MUSIC CITY MIRACLE", I have been with them for the good, the bad, and often times, the ugly. My question is when is our defense going to actually show up? If that side of the ball can put it together, this team stands to be something special. We can't continue to rely on Tannehill to rally in the waning minutes and also scoring over 40 week in and week out. Do you think that we will see a full time DC soon, or is Vrabel going to continue in this role? Finally, where are the pundits that questioned taking King Henry with that "free" pick that we had in 2016? Keep up the good work, and thanks again.

Jim: Hey Mark. I think everyone agrees the defense needs to improve, and it's not all on the coaching either. Keep in mid OLB coach Shane Bowen is serving as the defensive playcaller, but of course Vrabel is heavily involved. I think things will get better in time. At least it better.

Ram Piyaket from Bangkok, Thailand
Hi Jim. Second time writing here. Just finished watching the Titans' Blitz show and felt the need to send this in. First, this is the biggest game for us. The battle of the last two AFC undefeated teams. I like our odds coming in as an underdog at home. I know that our guys will play their best and leave nothing on the field. But more than anything else, if we come away with the "W", the most credits will have to go to J Rob, Vrabel and all their coaching staff. We have witnessed in the last 5 games how our coaching staff has been able to come up with terrific plans on how to win games, and pretty much outcoached the other side. They did it despite all unfavorable conditions that have plagued our team from injuries to COVID-19. So hats off to them.
Second, we always play better against a good team. Granted, the Steelers are for real this year. But so are we! So, I'll be staying up till 3-4 am again this Monday to cheer from the far away place.
Thanks for all you do and #TITANUP.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Ram! Hope it's a good one.

Carter Cheeseman from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Hey Jim, I am very excited with the way the season has gone so far! I noticed that against Buffalo there were several times where Jeremy McNichols went in instead of Derrick Henry in situations where you would expect 22 to be (not just on third down). This was evidenced by his season high number of carries. I was a bit confused why this was at the time. However, looking back is it possible that the coaches and Vrabel were attempting to keep Henry as fresh as possible? The Titans had a decent lead and were coming off time off so maybe Vrabel wanted him to rest up. I mean if this was the case, DANG! It worked. Big day for 22. I love the tenacity of McNichols and am glad he is on our team. If he can keep grinding while giving the King a rest, I'm all for it! Also can you tell me about Evans? I know he is on IR, but is it season ending or will he be able to come back? Have a good one and TITAN UP!

Jim: Hey Carter. I think it's a combination of a few things. The Titans have tried to pick their spots to give Derrick a rest, but also the team really likes McNichols in pass protection. Vrabel and other players have bragged on him on multiple occasions. Plus, I think McNichols has done a nice job as a runner. Evans, meanwhile, is still on Injured Reserve and working his way back. He didn't suffer a season ending injury.

Marcus Cobbs from Baltimore, Maryland
Jim PLEASE forward this to J. Rob:
The AFC is a three team race, it being Kansas City, Baltimore, and Us. Baltimore is unable to beat KC and we can and have beaten them both which makes us the superior team. Kansas City made a good move in bring Leveon Bell in. I think he fits the style rb that Andy Reid likes. Baltimore with bringing in Ngakoue was a good move for them. I feel that we should make a move as well and the move is this:
1st round draft pick
Corey Davis
(and possibly a late round pick)
To Atlanta for:
Julio Jones.
I don't know what the cap space is like, but I think the money to Julio is worth it having Tannehill and Henry locked up and A.J. Brown on his rookie deal. We would have the most explosive offense in the NFL and bring the first of many Championships to Nashville. Thanks for your time and consideration about this. #Titanup

Jim: Hey Marcus. Will let the GM know…

Doug Goldstein from Las Vegas, Nevada
Reading Tuesday's mailbag I just have to laugh. I'm a long time Titans fan and I understand getting upset at some bad play or a questionable coaching decision. However, fans blowing up your mailbag before the dang game is over? Pathetic. That's gotta be some "want it now" millennial fans. Us older folk were taught it ain't over till the fat lady sings. No offense to the fat lady, OK millennials?

Jim: Hey Doug. You should see my Twitter feed when things aren't going well…

John Clark from Hampton, Virginia
Good football season Jim and Titan fans quick question for the Titans organization will they please consider signing Earl Thomas and Antonio Brown? We could really use the help to elevate our offense and defense. The only coach and organization playing chess is Andy Reid everyone else is playing checkers. We most definitely could use Thomas to help strike fear on our pass defense and signing Antonio Brown would really benefit Tannehill passing fame and could you imagine having AJ Brown on one side Antonio Brown and Raymond on the other side plus Jonny Smith, Frisker not only would that take the attention off of King Henry but that would make the play action something sucking. If you come across Mrs Amy Adams and Coach Vrabel please whisper in their ear about them two free agents! Thanks

Jim: Hey John. I'm sure you've seen the reports stating Antonio Brown is signing with the Buccaneers. I haven't asked a soul about the second guy you mentioned, but I'm doubting Thomas. #dadjoke

Adrian Lopez from Caracas, Venezuela
Jim primero que nada te felicito por tu trabajo sigo la columna desde hace 4 años... Primero que nada queria felicitar a Jon Robinson y Amy Adams asi como al HC Vrabel ha sido la definición de la palabra TITAN ... el equipo esta perfecto en la temporada y es obvio que lo importante no es como empiezas sino como terminas la temporarada pero vaya que el equipo me tiene impresionado desde el cierre de la 2019-2020... Tannehill y Henry son jugadores del clutch definitivamente... Desde Venezuela los sigo semana a semana mi pregunta es con relacion Lewan es un jugador de pro bowl y se le va a extrañar, se espera algun movimiento de la gerencia??? Esta semana vamos a demostrar de que estamos hechos contra los acereros... Titan up ... Let´s go 6-0....

Jim: Hola Adrian. Gracias por las amables palabras y por ser fan del equipo. Tiene razón: el liderazgo es bueno y esa es una gran razón por la que el equipo ha tenido éxito. No hay duda de que el equipo echará de menos a Taylor Lewan. Ha sido un pionero y una gran pieza en la línea ofensiva. Todos tendrán que dar un paso al frente sin él. Busque a Ty Sambrailo en su puesto de tackle izquierdo el domingo.

Richard Reyna from Elk City, Oklahoma
TITANS fan since I was a little boy. I'm happy the way things are going 5-0 feels really good TITANS are on their way to better things like giving us another chance to go to the Super Bowl. I just want your opinion on Tannehill he wasn't very good in Miami now he's become a super star with the TITANS how is that possible I'm at an aww with that hopefully you can give me an insight.

Jim: Hey Richard. I just think he's found the right spot, in a perfect offense for him, and with playmakers around him. I'd be lying if I said I expected him to develop like he has, but the Titans have sure benefited from his work ethic and ability. He's the franchise's best quarterback since Steve McNair.

Melody Deel from Denver, Colorado
Jim. Long time follower, first time question. I feel our defense has been a bit lack luster this season. I am comparing to the group from last year. Kevin Byard (just a fan) is always on the money! I just have seen a lot of missed tackles on first contact. I am curious if the trade of Jurrell Casey has been part of the issue. I know the Steelers are going to be rough, any insights to what we can do to keep them in check! Thanks always keeping us updated! From the Mile High City, Melody

Jim: Hi Melody. Good to hear from you. I have too much respect for Jurrell to say him being gone has nothing to do with the problems on defense. I'll just say the issues have been bigger than the team missing one player. The Titans need to clean things up, and I really do believe things will improve.

Dean Williams from Halifax, Nova Scotia
Hey Jim. Greetings from Canada! First time writer, long time Titans fan.
Wow, what a win (over the Texans)! The offence has been incredible this year, and Tannehill is playing at an MVP level. (Not bad for someone who only hands off to Henry, eh?)
I'm most impressed by his poise and leadership in clutch situations. He never seems rattled, and the team feeds off his energy.
The defense looks great in spurts, and Jeffery Simmons has been dominate, but third down and rushing the passer seem to be our Achilles heel. Hopefully Jackson will be able to return soon!
My questions to you are: Any news on the status of Adoree? And do you see JRob making any trades to help "Titan up" the defense? Thanks and all the best,

Jim: Good to hear from you Dean. Adoree' returned to practice this week -- he practiced all three days, and he's getting close to returning. All I can say is stay tuned here. As for the GM, as I said earlier, nothing he does surprises me. They call him "Trader Jon" for a reason.

Rick Hahn from Sparta, Tennessee
Jim, Let's get straight to it. Vic Beasley. He played Sunday vs. The Texans- not sure how many snaps, but not a single TACKLE, much less a sack. Not sure if even a pressure. Given his contact and expectations, what's up? Is he long for this Roster?
No one seems to be talking about this. Is his contract guaranteed? How much patience is called for and are The Titans "stuck" now even if he's released?

Jim: Hey Rick. Vic Beasley played 11 plays against the Texans. And he's not on the verge of getting released. Has he made a big impact yet? No. But keep in mind he missed all of the offseason and was late getting going. Let's give him some more time before we start bashing him after he's played in just three games.

Kristijan Šimunko from Vinkovci, Croatia
Hi Jim! One thing which makes me so mad are the people who talks about the Steelers like it's going to be the our toughest game of the season. Of course they are good, but we are better! Like, they really didn't play against the real opponent (we did Bills and Texans without O'Brien) and they are blitzing like crazy, which is another thing where is Tannehill a solid QB. This season he really makes quick passes, and his decision making is solid! My worry is our defense, we cannot AGAIN let our opponent to score 30-35 points. If we fix that, we are clearly favourites. They have to be scared of us, not we of them! Cheers!

Jim: Hey Kristijan. Hope all is well. I'm not going to dismiss the Steelers. I also think they are the best team the Titans have faced this year, and the team is going to have to play well to win. No one is scared of them, but everyone respects them.

Lee Hills from New Albany, Indiana
Hey Jim, what is it going to take for the Titans to beat the undefeated Steelers?

Jim: More points. 😊

Have a great weekend everyone!

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