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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now into late June and about a month until the start of Titans training camp.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far.

We'll keep this mailbag going as long as the questions keep coming in, and believe me, there hasn't been a shortage.

I appreciate it.

Let's open this weekend's mailbag …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Johnathan Johnston from Possum Trot, Kentucky
51 year old lifetime football fan from Possum Trot ky. Been with the Titans since the beginning..before that it was whoever John Elway played for.....My comment is thank you for your insight for every team we have had..My question is this.....Do you think with the over the top move that Jon made with Julio, and a revamped, optimistictly better overall defense...Well do you think they could be as good as The 99-,2000 team ,which were the type of team that whoever we played win or lose,,they didnt play right the next Sunday...anyway,,you get it man.....Thank you,,BTW,instead of just TITAN UP!!!!,Can we change to STRAIGHT UP-- !!!!!!!!! !!!!! TITAN UP. !!

Jim: Hey Johnathan! This is the first mailbag question I've ever received from Possum Trot. I was curious, so I did a Google search and discovered it's located on HWY 62 near Calvert City. The search engine also said "the origin of the name has been disputed for many years. Some believe it got its name because many of the young people in the area would often trot down the road, so much so, that they were called 'possum trotters." Not sure if this is true or not, but great story. … As for your question, I think this team can be pretty darn good. But the 99 team (that went to the Super Bowl) and the 2000 team (which in my mind was better) set the bar high. One nearly got it done (99) and the other (2000) fell short of expectations. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of story this 2021 team writes.

Shane Butt from Houston, Texas
Jim. I'm from Perth (Australia) and usually make it back once a year. Feel free to pass my email address ( to Aaron Judge from Perth (who wrote into Tuesday's mailbag). I can then arrange to bring something for him on my next year. TitanUp Perth

Jim: Very kind of you, Shane. We're bringing folks together here in the mailbag!

Joe Levickis from Joelton, Tennessee
Hey Jim. I am super fired up about the upcoming season. However, I think the biggest area of our team that gives me concern (and a pit in my stomach) is our lack of a proven kicker. It seems like a few games hinge on this position each year and we can't seem to figure it out. I've got to believe our week 1 starter is still not on our roster. What are your thoughts?

Jim: Hey Joe. Well, I kind of have the same thoughts. But maybe Tucker McCann or Blake Haubeil will prove me wrong in training camp. I suspect those two will be given a chance to win the job, and to convince management to not look elsewhere. I know Stephen Gostkowski still lives in Nashville, and other options are out there. We'll probably have to wait a bit for our answer on this topic.

Jonathan Toole from Florence, Alabama
Is there a chance on earth the Titans give a kicker like Deestroying a shot?

Jim: I don't mean to destroy his chances here, but I doubt it…

Mik Harris from Manila, Philippines
Hi Jim. Greetings from the Philippines. A thought and a question.
Like all Titans fans I love the Julio signing and the story of the number. I just think we can take it one more step.
AJ 11. 1+1=2. Julio 2. 2x11= 22. Henry. Brilliant!. But then Henry 22. 2x2=4. 4+2+11=17! You can't fight math!
My question. Bud Dupree is a great addition but he is coming off an injury. Our (innocent until proven guilty) rookie rusher might get a suspension. Hopefully we avoid the worst but even if we do, how about signing a veteran rusher? There are still a couple of guys out there who could help out on a rotational basis.
I see your thoughts on adding a TE and am right with you, but maybe we can do both? One more restructuring for the road?

Jim: Oh man, Mik, my head is spinning now… This sounds like a problem for a guy like Racey McMath. Get it?- McMath? #dadjoke… I think the Titans are in pretty good shape at edge personally. Along with Bud, the team has Harold Landry, Derick Roberson and Rashad Weaver, a guy who looked good this offseason. A number of other guys are in the mix as well. There's pretty good competition and depth there as well. And while I still think there's a need at tight end, some younger guys are going to be given a shot to make a case for themselves as well. I don't see any big-money moves or jaw-dropping trades at either spot, I'll say that.

Sheldon Kahan from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. First of all, I'd like to thank you for your insight, video clips and wry humor.
I'd also like to add to the discussion of the numerology of our four headed monster:
2 X 11=22;
2 cubed = 8 (2 X 2=4 and 2 X4 = 8);
8 expands to 1 + 7 (Ryan Tannehill's number).
Hope this clears everything up.
May the Titans stay healthy and bring home the trophy this year!
Titan Up!

Jim: Oh man. This is all adding up now … We've got folks from the Philippines and Nashville thinking alike

Omar Parker from Bay Area, California
Hey Jim - Hope all is well. Great to be on the edge of a new season finally! I had a quick question for you. Love the Julio pick-up of course, can't wait to see him opposite AJ. Like a lot of folks...I am still wondering about the TE position. It would be great to get Ertz, but in the case that doesn't pan out, what other veteran free agent TEs are still around that could still make a large impact on the Titans roster? Wanted to know your thoughts! One more thing, speaking of's to hoping his nickname this season will be 7/11.....always open and always scoring! Thanks Jim!

Jim: Hey Omar. Hate to disappoint you, but don't hold your breath on a guy like Ertz. As I just mentioned to Mik, I don't think you're going to see anything earth-shattering move at TE. The team just traded away a valuable pick with the Julio trade, and also used a bunch of cap room. That was the big offseason trade. My current thinking is the team is going to let the young guys behind Anthony Firkser and Geoff Swaim battle it out, with Tommy Hudson being in the best position of the guys currently on the roster to win the No.3 job, ahead of Jared Pinkney, Briley Moore and Miller Forristall. And, like I've said in here previously, I'm not going to be surprised if someone else is added to the mix at some point.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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