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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Lots of developments in Titans land of late.

Head coach Brian Callahan has put together most of his staff, and now the NFL Combine is next on the calendar.

Let's see what's on your mind in this weekend's Titans mailbag…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Blake Collins from Saltville, Virginia
Question: Hey Jim, hope all is well in the Music City. I really like our new DC. He talks about having an attacking defense and violent. Building the scheme around the defense which means it lets the players play to their ability and allows them to attack and be violent. This type of defense has proven it works. Look at the ravens in the early 2000s ...the legion of boom...these defenses would just go out use what God gave them and attack and be violent while also keeping true to the scheme given..don't get me wrong they are some great defenses in the nfl right now but I don't think they attacked the ball as much as those early 2000s teams did. A good question to ask is, Would this work against a Joe Burrow ...Pat Mahomes.. Lamar Jackson.. I think this style of defense would just create a nightmare for today's QB's...what do you think?

Jim: Hey Blake. The important thing is picking your spots. I like an aggressive, blitzing defense as well. And, it can work against any QB. But you can't be predictable, and you have to have a plan if the QB escapes the pocket. Listening to new defensive coordinator Dennard Wilson, I certainly got the sense he's not going to be afraid to blitz. But mixing coverages, and giving offenses different looks, will be a part of the plan as well.

John Cox from Camden, Arkansas
Question: This may have been asked before. If so, I apologize. Will we see the Oilers uniforms we saw this year against the Falcons & Texans for two games each year in the coming years or was that just a one-year thing? I know that I would love to see the Oiler Luv Ya Blues and Run n Shoots again.

Jim: Hey John. I would expect to see them again, although nothing is official yet. The team doesn't have to turn in its uniform plan until after the schedule is released, which is expected in May. But the team will have the option of wearing the navy blue, the white, the Oilers throwbacks, and the light blue Titans jerseys. The team can wear an alternate (combo of light blue and Oilers throwbacks) three times. A year ago, the team opted to make the Oilers throwbacks the alternate choice twice, and there was a possibility of a third (against either the Dolphins or Steelers), but that never materialized. There's a chance the Titans light blue could come back into the picture (with the Oilers throwbacks), but that's TBD. But, based on the positive feedback from the Oilers throwbacks last season, I'm pretty certain they'll be back in the mix for 2024.

John O'Neal from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: When a coach takes his first head coaching job where does the team playbook comes from? How do team playbooks get written?
Does he use the existing one that the team has been using and modify it? Does he bring the playbook with him from the team he just left and modify it? Does he have a collection of playbooks from previous teams and years?
Does he start from scratch with his own playbook?
Basically, how does that whole process work of developing a playbook for a new coach coming to new team?

Jim: Hello John. Well, Brian Callahan will have his own playbook, with plays, new terminology/language, etc. It won't look anything like the previous one, with OC Tim Kelly. And, I'm sure it will be a variation of the offensive plan/scheme used by the Bengals. But so much will be designed to take advantage of his new team's strengths, and personnel. And, of course, the plan of implementing it, will take place as we get closer to the season. We're just at the start of changing times for players, coaches, and fans.

Ed Lake from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Question: Jim, I understand you're employed by the Titans, so "The King is Dead, Long Live the King" mantra must be embraced. As a steadfast fan (Founders' Club), I'm ready to move on to support the new regime, too. But frankly, some of the Vrabel revisionist history still being voiced needs to be addressed.
No offense, but your response to LT Gaston in Tuesday's (2/13) Mailbag is a case in point: We had a "championship-caliber roster in 2019" and didn't win it all. What?? In fact, that team was an improbable over-achiever! 9-7, 2nd in AFC South. Upset the 12-4, 1st in AFC East Patriots, then the 14-2, 1st in AFC North. Lost to the 12-4, 1st in AFC West and eventual Super Bowl winning Chiefs, all on the road. I'd say top-notch coaching had a whole lot to do with that performance.
Then there was the ill-fated 2021 playoff experience. Titans top seed in AFC at 12-5, lost by 3 points as time expired to eventual Super Bowl runner-up Bengals, thanks to 3 game-changing Tannehill INTs (last with 20 seconds left in tie game) and CB J. Jenkins losing Bengals most dangerous receiver for big gain before game-winning field goal. Oh, and BTW, Titans had 9 sacks in the game and Henry was just coming back from the foot injury. Hardly a head coaching failure.
All that said, let's respect the successes after years of poor teams, and the grit, toughness, and never-say-die efforts Vrabel brought to the Titans, while we look forward to what the next level of success our new management, coaches, and players will hopefully bring to the Titans. Go Blue!!

Jim: Hey Ed. I'm not going to walk back what I wrote previously, and, I'll remind you, I said all of that, in here, while Vrabel was still the head coach.
The 2019 team went on a magical run, and was definitely capable of winning in all. It didn't. The 2020 team lost in the first round of the playoffs, at home, to a mediocre Baltimore team, and will be remembered as a disappointment. The 2021 team underachieved, there's no way around it. Sorry, but losing by three to the Bengals at home as the No.1 seed while racking up nine sacks is nothing to brag about. It was a wasted effort for the same Titans team that smoked the Chiefs (27-3), their would-be AFC title game opponent, earlier in the season, and bludgeoned the Rams (28-16) in LA, their would-be Super Bowl opponent, in the regular season as well. That was a championship team, no doubt about it, and it didn't get it done. The easy thing to do is to blame Ryan Tannehill for it all. A lot of folks want to blame Jon Robinson for some of the franchise's failures, and he was far from perfect. But I contend he built a championship-caliber roster several seasons, and none of those teams found a way for one reason or another. No, it wasn't all Vrabel's fault, but it was on his watch. No one will ever be able to convince me the 2021 team didn't blow a golden opportunity, just like the 2000 team, and the 2008 team. All three had the No.1 seed and lost the first game, at home. Here's hoping future Titans teams will be able to finish, like the Chiefs did last weekend – as the AFC's No.3 seed.

Ron Williams from Astoria, Oregon
Question: Jim, with the new staff coming together and work still to be done putting the puzzle together for the 2024 season, I sure hope the OC will use the Tight Ends more which would also help the Offensive line out as they adjust to a new system. Kevin Radar is a player that I think could help the team, he is also a great special teams' contributor as well. Your thoughts on that position?

Jim: Hey Ron. I like Kevin, too. He's an underrated, hard-working player. But the tight end position will be addressed this offseason. Chig Okonkwo ended the season on a high note, and I suspect he'll keep getting better. But the team needs to be more dynamic, and better. I think Callahan will help Chig take the next step.

Ed Helinski from Auburn, New York
Question: Hey Jim, In your estimation what will the Titans roster slicing and dicing look like with a new coaching regime in place? And might it be done with precision of a scalpel or big chunks taken out by a chainsaw?

Jim: Hi Ed. Very descriptive scenarios, Ed. I'll just say things are going to look different – they always do. And, with a new coaching staff, that's definitely going to be the case.

Benjamin Fanikos from Knoxville, Tennessee
Question: Greetings Jim. This is just a shot in the dark, but I was wondering if you are able/would be willing to pass on a play call idea to someone in the building. It's a very simple setup, and I have seen the titans run it once before, several years ago against the Jets as I recall. It's an end of game lateral play where all the offensive linemen, except maybe the center, are replaced with skill position players. This adds to the chances, albeit slim already, of a successful lateral play by making more athletic players available to throw to once the ball moves downfield. It seems like something every team would be running, considering that defenses rush almost no one on these plays as well as the fact that most lateral plays end when a clunky o-lineman is forced to either catch or throw the ball. Anyways, that's just my opinion, thanks

Jim: Will pass this along, Benjamin. We'll call it the "Benji Miracle play." 😊

Luis Macouzet from Victoria, Tamaulipas Mexico.
Question: Hello my friend, first of all, nice to greet you, I thank you for giving us fans of this country the opportunity to express our opinions.
I read and see with enthusiasm that the new coaches bring the best intentions and the best speech for next season.
I wish with all my heart that their plans bear fruit in the short term, and this does not remain just words.
God bless you greatly and I hope on my next trip to watch my team's game I can meet you personally.

Jim: Appreciate the email, Luis. Take care. Give me a shout if you come this way.

Terry Anderson from Edmonton, Kentucky
Question: Hello Jim. Hope all is well. I really enjoyed your article on the Callahan's. The quote from Brain at the end, I would paste it in here but people can find that article on When I read it the excitement that Brian has for the opportunity to coach with his dad was palpable. All sons want to be their dad. This is cool. The answer to the question when Brian was asked about interviewing his dad. I don't remember the exact question but Brian said I didn't think it was a possibility because of his contract with the Browns and basically it was Bill going to the Browns and having the conversation about coaching with his son. The Browns could have been more of an antagonist but they were not. It was classy in my opinion that the Browns understood the unique circumstances surrounding the opportunity to coaching with his son and basically allowed Bill to opt out of his contract. How cool is this for the Callahan's?

Jim: Appreciate it, Terry. It's definitely cool. And, you're right, it was great of the Browns to allow it to happen because they didn't have to. But the Titans ended up getting arguably the best o-line coach in the league in the process.

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Question: Hey Jim, It's been a few weeks. Thought I would give you a break from my weekly opinion and grill more!!! I am liking what Callahan is putting as a coaching staff. Looks like this will not be the same old Titans Offensive. I really like the Dennard Wilson hire. With the attitude of Baltimore and the talent the Titans have up front, I see Simmons having a great year and the work on the secondary will be put in. Hopefully Titan Faithful are breathing a sigh of relief now that they are seeing the pieces coming together. have a great week Jim! As always TITAN UP!!!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Jeremy.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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