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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Happy Easter weekend everyone.

Hoping everyone out there is doing well.

There's a lot to talk about, so I'm going to hop right into this weekend's Titans mailbag …

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Kaden Welch from Ringgold, Georgia
Hey Jim. A lot of talk about the Titans trading up to snag a quarterback in this year's draft. The strategy seems to be based upon taking away a solid QB that could fall into the hands of a division rival, which would be the Colts who have the 4th pick. It also appears if the Titans do trade up it would be to get Anthony Richardson.
My question is: Why would the Titans want to go after Richardson when we still don't have a complete answer on Malik Willis. I know Willis struggled last year, but everyone knew he was going to be a project. I feel that going after a QB in the first round can only hurt the organization. We need draft capital and need to start looking toward the future. If the organization doesn't feel Malik can be the guy, then they need to start looking at options for next year. Drake Maye and Caleb Williams seem like two great candidates the Titans could go after in next year's draft if they truly want to find a franchise QB. I'd rather the team fill needs at other positions this year, so when we do go after a QB they have the protection and weapons needed to be successful.
Thanks for the time and TITAN UP!

Jim: Hi Kaden. I get your line of thinking, but you're also making some pretty big assumptions here, from Richardson being the guy the Titans would move up to get to the team being bad enough in 2023 to be in a position to pick either Williams or Maye in the 2024 draft. I'll say this on Willis: We all saw this past season how much work he needs to do to get better. In the event the Titans, or any team for that matter, picked a QB in the first round it would be because they think that player has a chance to be special. The Titans took a flier on Willis in the third round, which is different than taking a QB in the first. With all that said, you're right that the team has other positions that need to be addressed as well.

David Towry from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Just my opinion for the first pick of the draft. Please tell Ran and Mike that Mr Hooker is as good as any QB in college. Trade down a few spots and get HOOKER IN HERE. He has the "it" factor! Thnx Titan Up!

Jim: I'll let the fellas know, David.

Timothy Benson from Nolensville, Tennessee
Jim. Is there a point when you think the Mock Drafts become more clickbait than actual projection? I believe some of these coming out now are just going off the rails. I wouldn't be surprised to see the next one predicting the Titans trading three first round picks and a defunct Mrs. Winner's Chicken and Biscuit franchise for the second overall pick this year.

Jim: Oh man, I loved me some Mrs. Winner's Chicken and Biscuits back in the day. There used to be one not too far down the road from me in Brentwood. Now the closest one to Nashville is in Huntsville. Some of these mocks certainly make a mockery of draft season, but oh well.

Terry Anderson from Glasgow, Kentucky
Hello Jim hope all is well. As the draft approaches let the mock draft 1,000,000,001 from ESPN, Titans trade the 11th for the 3rd pick and draft Quentin Johnston. I'm guessing that mock draft 1,000,000,002 will have them trading 11th pick for the 3rd pick and selecting Will Levis. What are your thoughts on the greatest need for this team? It's not like we will have Josh Allen, Joe cool, Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rogers, or Trevor Lawrence under center, Ryan has won football games for us. I am still bum puzzled that the AJ Brown trade made this team that bad. I hope coach Kelly can get the offense balanced. Our Defense will be steady. Happy off season and get some hot chicken for lunch.

Jim: Dang, back-to-back chicken references. Now I'm getting hungry. Let me think about the needs a little more and will get to it with Marcus in a few questions. Keep reading.

Joni Daniels from Antioch, Tennessee
With all the rumors floating around about Derrick Henry (the latest is the Dallas Cowboys) I am saddened by the thought of him not being a Titan. After all he has meant to this team, the mention of him on another roster is beyond belief. He is the centerpiece of the Titans!! Do you really believe this could be a possibility? I have been a PSL and season ticket holder for a long time. After losing A.J. Brown and now the possibility of losing Derrick; my faith in the Titans organization continues to deteriorate.

Jim: Don't get yourself worked up over every rumor out there, Joni. It's not good for your health.

Mark Gartrell from Milton, Indiana
Hey Jim, hope all is well with you in these troubling times.
I've written in a couple times, Oilers/Titans fan since 78. Big Earl. My question is, do you see a scenario where we pull off a deal with the Cards where we swap picks and pick up Hopkins which I think is the perfect Titans type player, tough, cerebral and dedicated to his trade. If so, what do you think it might take to pull this off?
If this plays out, and with the addition of Dillard and Brunskill, and reduction of the human turnstile Dennis Daley, The offensive line is vastly better. I still like Tannehill and I think with better protection and another weapon in Hopkins to add to the King and Burks and Chig, he can lead this team deep into the playoffs. Instead of drafting a Qb, Draft Will Anderson, who is the best player in the draft with the third pick instead of a Qb. Worst case scenario, last year of Tannehills contract and tons of cap space, move on and sign or draft a Qb. and walk away with possibly the best defense in the league.

Jim: I know a lot of folks that would love to see your scenario, Mark. I can't go there because of tampering rules. I don't think the team has a chance of getting Anderson, however. He's going early.

Keith Traverse from Union City, Tennessee
Would like to see Titans drop down and try to get an extra pick, maybe 2nd round this year? My 1st pick, TE, out of GA, Darnell Washington! He is like a 6th lineman, and I believe he would help Dillard out. Remember, this is still Derrick's team. I believe he has a lot left. Titans run a lot of 2 tight end sets. Chig is a split end, cross between Jonnu and Delanie ... lol ... Washington averaged 17 yards a catch. Cedric Tillman at 42. Best interior lineman with your 2nd, 2nd round pick. Best defensive player on board @ pick 72.

Jim: This is not outside the realm of possibility, Keith. The Titans currently only have six picks, and every GM wants more. Darnell Washington is a beast, no doubt. And, I also like Cedric Tillman. He's big and he can run.

Kenneth Tripp from Edgewater, Florida
Jim. My thoughts go out to all that were and possibly going to be impacted by the tornadoes and severe storms, I witnessed the impacts on my community from back-to-back hurricanes last year flooding out many residents here in Edgewater Florida. My question for you is have the Titans brought anyone in for visits yet prior to the draft? I have made my annual draft board crossing my fingers for solid picks that will help improve our Team. Titanup!!!

Jim: Appreciate the thoughts, Kenneth. As for the pre-draft visits, while I can't divulge the names of the players, yes, it's been busy at Ascension Saint Thomas Sports Park.

Jeffery Jarman from Greenback, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Just wondering: How is Harold Landry?

Jim: Harold is making a great recovery, Jeffery. The only positive about his injury last year was it happened early, so he'll be ready for the season.

Marcus Banag from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim and the titan fanbase! I hope all is well with all of you! It's my first time writing here so I'm really excited. I want to take the opportunity to praise Ron Carthon and the entire Titans management team for doing such a good job this off-season. It was sad to see household names like Ben Jones get cut. However, looking at the biggest picture , these moves will be beneficial for the titans in the long run. The titans cap space has more space than ever , which allows the team versatility in pursuing future free agents. If the next few drafts are done right , the titans can be contenders again in no time ! Also , just wanted to know which position do you think is more of a priority coming into the draft - Cornerback , wide receiver or Offensive tackle? There is a need in improving each one of these positions coming into the postseason. Personally, I feel that we should use our highest picks on a solid, versatile receiver that can add more depth to our receiving group and an offensive tackle to bring stability to our offensive line. I like how our young secondary is improving so I feel that we should only use our middle-draft picks to pick a solid cornerback. Of course, there are other positions to be improved as well like Edge rushers and Tight End. Have a great day!

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Marcus. Personally, I think receiver is the biggest need, along with the o-line, help in the secondary, etc.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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