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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Well, we've nearly made it to the end of February.

The month flew by, huh?

Things should get interesting in March, when free agency begins, and the NFL Draft draws closer.

Let's discuss in the weekend edition of the Titans mailbag…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Robert Starkey from Corpus Christi, Texas
Hey Jim, always look forward to reading the weekend mailbag. At times it is actually quite entertaining reading what is said by some; not that I am a GM or NFL coach but some of them along with your responses is a joy for me. Anyway, with our upcoming free agency and the suspected CAP reduction where do you see JR and Vrabel doing in terms of keeping our guys, i.e. who do you think they will try to lock up first? I'd really hate to see CD sign anywhere else after this past year. It looked like CD and AJ could be a monster tandem for years to come and our offense is pretty much ready to go if we get to keep him. Then there is Jonnu as well, he reminds me a lot of Delanie Walker but if we can only have one, I think it would be best to keep CD. That is no slight to Jonnu at all BTW, not that he'd care if he read this. On defense, ugh, I'd say try and resign King, I really liked what he brought over to the DB's when he got here. Have a good one and as always Luv Ya Two-Tone Blue!!!!

Jim: Hey Robert. I appreciate you reading, and joining in. And when it comes to free agency and on which guys the team might keep, as they say, it takes two to tango. So, it's hard to say which players the team could lock up first, or at all. The team has a number of players scheduled to become free agents, from Corey Davis to Jonnu Smith to Jayon Brown to DaQuan Jones. Some of these guys will want to test the market and gauge their value. I suspect the Titans are discussing numbers with many of their own players, but I'm not sure what it is going to take to get some of these deals done. The franchise tag, of course, is also an option, but I certainly don't expect it to be used on Corey.

Michael Kennedy from Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Hey Jim- As usual, love the mailbags and really appreciate your time. I know how badly we need an edge rusher, but I just don't see an opportunity in this year's potential draft class to correct this. But I must admit I don't get to watch much college ball. Is there any particular player that you have seen that could potentially be drafted to fill that role? And do you have any recommendations for a draft guide available for purchase to help educate those of us who just don't get to watch much college ball. I would love to have some reliable insight into what is out there and what our potential options are.
Titan Up!-Michael

Jim: Appreciate you being a part of it as well, Michael. I have my eyes on a bunch of the edge rushers, but I don't want to say my favorites yet. I'd like to see how some of these guys perform at their Pro Days. As for the draft guide, I really like Mike Detillier's NFL Draft Report. Mike is very thorough, and he puts it out just before the draft so you can have the most current information. His website is

Bill Caldwell from Lebanon, Tennessee
Well enjoyed the weeks worth of snow. We moved from California partly to experience all four seasons. Certainly got that in 2020. Back to football. Seems with the uncertainty regarding Isaiah Wilson the team will need to shift their focus from mostly defense going forward to a more balanced approach. Maybe the best player available approach may work going forward and adjust accordingly. The offensive line needs certainty and depth going into the next few seasons. I think the coaching staff is strong and needs to focus on personnel development and building up their game time decision making. Enjoy, we love Tennessee. Go Titans

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Bill. Glad to hear you're enjoying Tennessee!

Jaquari Caldwell from Chattanooga, Tennessee
What type of wide receiver do you think we are looking for -- a speed guy or a big physical 50/50 ball type guy?

Jim: Hey Jaquari. I think the team needs both at this point. Here's how the GM described what he is looking at receiver earlier this month: "I think the priority for that position would be to get open and catch the football, and then run with it after you catch it," GM Jon Robinson said. "There's a lot of fast guys in this league that can't catch, a lot of fast guys that can't get open. I think that when it comes to that position specifically, however they get open. A.J. (Brown) gets open different than Kalif Raymond, Kalif gets open different than Corey (Davis). They all get open different ways, but we want guys that can get open, catch the football, run with it after they catch it. One of the more unsung jobs is their ability to block because we've got a guy we like to hand the ball to a lot, and we've got to have guys that can go in and dig out those safeties, dig out those weakside linebackers."

Dave King from Redding, California
Been a Titans fan since they came to Nashville (where I was living at the time). Do you see any chance that we go after Jurrell Casey now that he's been waived? Perhaps on a one-year deal with a reduced price tag since his injury?

Jim: I knew I'd get a ton of questions on Jurrell, and of course I did. I'm doubting Jurrell's first thought after getting cut by the Broncos was: 'Hey, I'd love to sign a one-year deal with a reduced price tag now.' Just keeping it real in here ...

Casey McNeil from Silicon Valley, California
Suppose this unlikely scenario:
1) Titans resign Jadeveon Clowney.
2) Titans sign and are reunited with Jurrell Casey.
3) Titans sign JJ Watt.
The question is: who, in your opinion, should wear #99? Clowney has it now, Casey had it for 9 great years with the Titans, and Watt (who has worn 99 for his professional career) will likely sign for the most money (by far) out of the three.

Jim: 99 problems but this ain't one…

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
The Titans should apologize to Jurrell Casey for the way they handled the trade (last year) and they should make a team-friendly offer to Casey. I think that if Casey returned he would be excellent off the bench in rotation.

Jim: I respect Jurrell as much as any player who has ever suited up for the Titans. He was a great player, and a great representative of the team and the city for his work in the community. But the Titans made a business decision when they traded him last offseason, and it proved to be a prudent one. I remember the GM was ripped for that trade, which saved the Titans over $13 million. The trade was made because of questions about Jurrell's health moving forward, and Jurrell ended up playing just three games in 2020 before suffering a season-ending injury. So, again, it was a smart trade. As for owing him an apology, so, you think a team should always tell players if they're being shopped? Well, what happens if you can't end up trading the guy and you end up keeping him? Think he's going to be as fired up moving forward? I doubt it. As for what happens next, it's hard for me to forecast a reunion. The Titans parted ways with Jurrell last year, and again, how many players out there are thinking: Hey, I'd love to sign a team-friendly deal?

Mark Donahey from Sanford, Florida
My daughter bought me a set of Titan floor mats for a 2019 Ram Long horn crew cab. Christmas 🎁 These were custom made for this truck. The manufacturer had lost the first ones, so they were replaced with the 2nd set. We just received the first set Thursday, and then of course, the 2nd set came in as well. So I am looking to give this set a way to someone. Let me know if you can help me bless someone please. I can send a picture if you are interested.

Jim: This is a very kind offer, Mark. As we discussed, I'm including your email for anyone interested:

Jonathan Humphrey from Rumsey, Kentucky
Hi Jim! Longtime Oilers/Titans fan and my first time asking a question. I am going to stop beating a dead horse and not ask about the Def because we all know we can only go up from here. I am optimistic more so than most for new DC Bowen. Hey, we can only do better than last year because it's going to hard to do worse than rock bottom so TITANUP fans and get behind Bowen and let him do his "Thang". My question and concern is with the kicker. It is apparent that we have lost some very crucial games because of missed POT and 3 pointers. Do you think that the Titans are going to be looking at some new kickers before the upcoming season? I like Stephen Gostkowski but one thing: he is getting old, and the second thing: he wasn't very dependable according to his track record this year. I think he might hold a record for missing 5 in one game if I'm not mistaken. I'm a firm believer that field goals win games. If we dont have a reliable kicker I'm afraid that would DEFINITELY us out of yet another Superbowl. Your thoughts? GO TITANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Jonathan. And I hear ya. As for the kicker, the head coach said recently the team plans to talk with Stephen Gostkowski about what he wants to do since his contract is up. At the same time, Mike Vrabel certainly made it sound like he plans on having competition for the job.

Danny Sasnett from Chandler, Arizona
Hey again, Jim! I hope you're doing well. My question is about the draft. I don't think we should take anything other than a pass rusher in the first round. One thing we really need as well, are difference makers and big personalities. Someone who brings fire to our team just based off their presence and chemistry with the team. —Do you see any players you really like in this year's draft from that stand point, that are good possibilities for the titans? —And have any players been stepping up as leaders this offseason? I really like David Long and I know he can be a leader this team needs, I just want to see some more players step up and bring more leadership to our team. Thank you for your time, have a good one Jim!

Jim: Hey Danny. It's too early to know which guys are stepping up this offseason, because guys left town at season's end and they're now working out on their own. I like David Long, too. As for this year's draft, I'm with you on the edge rushers. Need a dynamic playmaker off the edge.

Caleb Parris from Cookeville, Tennessee
Hey Jim what is the latest you have heard about Jonnu Smith I think he should be our top priority to re-sign even if we have to franchise tag him you can't let that type of talent walk.

Jim: Hey Caleb. Hopefully the Titans find a way to keep Jonnu. The franchise tag for tight ends is more affordable than, say receiver, so we'll see. The best-case scenario would be to sign him on a multi-year deal.

William Scott from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. More of a statement then a question, I guess. The fact our 1st rounder Isaiah Wilson is out, or so he says, is a big thing—-and I'm sure you'll hear a lot of folks opinions on it. Opinions are like ears, we all have them. Here's mine: Many will say the Titans didn't Vet him properly. I honestly don't know what happened with him and if they could've done a better job. But I doubt it. All of his coaches and teammates at Georgia said positive things about him. He seems to be a very intelligent person, who is well spoken. His play spoke for itself. It's easy to be a Monday morning quarterback, and say the Titans should've figured out whatever his issues are. But I'm not so sure. I suspect it's substance related. And folks who have those issues can be very good at deception, until they hit the brick wall of reality and rock bottom. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try and no matter what you do, you can't see someone for who they really are, because they hide it so well. And that doesn't become apparent until after you have committed to them. So, those who say the Titans should have known better, might think about this. How many of them have picked the wrong girl – – or even the wrong wife? It's one of the most important decisions they will make in their lives. They spent tons of time with the person. they spent all kinds of energy and time around people who knew them the best, including their family. They were sure she was right for them. They committed to her in the most important way of all. And then, despite all their best efforts, she turned out to not be the right thing at all—-and maybe very, very different from what they thought she would be. Unfortunate. But it happens—-and even so sometimes no matter what you do, and no matter what the Titans did, you just can't know that someone is going to change and be very different from what they appeared to be, even after spending an incredible amount of time trying to figure out who they are.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, William. Now, Robert is going to close it out with his take on Isaiah …

Robert Mills from Memphis, Tennessee
Hello Jim. I just saw the article about Isaiah Wilson saying he's 'done with football as a Titan' and actually got a good laugh out of it, considering he obviously never even got started with football as a Titan. I got a second laugh when the article stated he was upset because the team didn't acknowledge his birthday. Well Isaiah, my employer has acknowledged my birthday on every one of the 27 years I've been with the company, but of course, I actually DO MY JOB. My question to you Jim: Why should the Titans, or any other team for that matter, be held liable to pay one red cent to a natural born loser like Isaiah Wilson? I know he was given a contract, but for goodness sake there should be a clause that would release the team from any financial obligation when the player CLEARLY makes no effort to be a productive member of the team. I recall leading up to last year's draft most NFL evaluators felt this kid would benefit from another year of college. My evaluation of Isaiah Wilson is he would benefit from several more years of living with his parents learning how to be an adult.

Jim: Isaiah hasn't lived up to expectations, which I know is a big understatement. We'll have to wait a little longer to see what happens with his fate …

Have a great weekend everyone!

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