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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Well, it's been an interesting week in Titans land.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit home as the virus spread at Saint Thomas Sports Park, forcing Sunday's Titans-Steelers game off the schedule for Week 4.

The Titans vs Steelers game is now set for noon on Sunday, October 25.

I know the team is thankful for all the prayers and support.

Hopefully this will be behind us soon, and everyone will be in good health, and ready to play football.

In the meantime, we'll keep talking Titans and everything else in the mailbag.

The latest edition starts now…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Aaron Turner from Virginia Beach, Virginia
Hello Jim! I am a Nashville native but have been living in Virginia for 15 years now. I love and represent my Titans loudly and faithfully! I am very pleased obviously with the way the team has started the season being 3-0, but the Gemini/Pessimism in me can't help but ask the obvious question. … Can we beat the Chiefs?!!!!!

Jim: Sure. Remember, the Titans beat the Chiefs last year during the regular season. But it's Week 4. I point to last year's Baltimore Ravens, the AFC's No.1 seed, as a reminder it's too early to pencil anyone in as the team to beat. The Titans have to keep taking care of business to get there, and so do the Chiefs.

Reuben Alvear from San Francisco, California
Yes, I've read all the news. I hope you are maintaining good health. My thoughts and prayers are with all in the Titans family. Thank you for continually giving us Titan news and musings with wit, patience, sarcastic humor, knowledge and savvy :-)

Jim: Appreciate it, Reuben.

Josh Carter from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Jim. This is an opportunity for me to say that I am glad that I was wrong. When the Titans tried out Gostkowski I wrote to you to say that I hoped we wouldn't sign another struggling kicker. After week 1, I felt very justified in my assessment of Gostkowski and also very nervous about how our kicking game would support the hard play of all of the other phases of our team. I was wrong about our kicker! This week he amazed me as he hit 3 kicks beyond 50 yards and hit 6 total. I couldn't be happier to be wrong about my assessment of a new Titan! Glad that Gostkowski has Titaned Up!!

Jim: Hey Josh. He's made a heck of a comeback, huh? Were you among those tweeting me to leave Gostkowski in Denver during the opener? It's all good. Same for his last nine kicks.

Gabriel Erb from Nashville, Tennessee
Hi Jim. HUGE Titans fan!!! Great season so far! Heard about the Covid19 outbreak, and want to help "the boys". There is a super easy treatment to kill any virus. The virus lives in your nasal passages for the first 3 or 4 days after you get infected, and a hair dryer set on high fan / medium heat for 5 minutes will quickly kill the virus. All you do is hold the hair dryer about 5 or 6 inches from your face, blowing it towards your nose, and breath in the hot air. You can spray your face and nose with cold water from a spray bottle as you do it, so your lips don't dry out, etc. The virus cannot live in this hot condition. It ruptures and dies QUICKLY!!! Many people know about this treatment, and use it, and it works every time. By the next day you feel great, two days later you feel completely normal. I've used it 3 times already, and it worked every time!
I pray you don't think this is hocus pocus information, because it's not. It's the real deal. It's based on researched science by Dr. Dan Lee Dimke PhD, and it's been known for decades. Sadly, today, YouTube and Facebook will not allow this information to get out. If you try and upload a video about it to their sites, to help people, they immediately remove it. It's a sick world we live in - no pun intended!
I truly believe if your guys would do this simple 5 minute procedure, once getting a positive test, within two days they would be getting a negative test, and your testers wouldn't know how that's happening! They wouldn't know how the virus is gone from your guys! It would be amazing! I want ALL you guys healthy, able to practice, and let's win that Super Bowl!

Jim: Well, Gabriel, I thought I'd seen – and read -- it all in this mailbag. Until now… Sounds like you're full of hot air…

Jordan N from Cushing, Texas
Hello Jim, I have a comment and a not so serious question. As of now, we are sitting at 3-0 - perhaps it's a tad bit shakier 3-0 than we'd like to be but hey, ya don't lose when you win, and ya don't win unless you score more than the opposition. Fans can say what they want about this team but the truth is, the Jags, win or lose are going to play us close at least once per season regardless of their record, it's been that way since this AFC South rivalry began. The Vikings were absolutely playing for their season so we got the very best they had to give with their very talented roster, yet we still found a way to leave Minnesota with a W (thank you Mr. Henry & Mr. Gostkowski). My point is that I don't think the teams we've played are as bad as their records indicate, though I could be wrong. I do know in the past this Titans franchise has found ways to lose those types of games, but this year, the offense and defense have stepped up and made plays at critical points in each win! Now, totally off the subject now, my question is: Do coaches salaries count against the salary cap? Thanks for the good work, Jim! God bless and TitanUp!

Jim: Hey Jordan. I've covered the franchise for a long time, all the way back to 1999 to be exact. I remember those teams from 1999-2003 finding ways to win late. Then I covered a lot of teams that found ways to lose. These Titans have found ways to win close games, which is good. But it has to continue. As for your question, no, coaches don't count against the cap.

Juan Coyote from CDMX, México
Buen día Mr Jim. Espero se encuentre bien al igual que sus seres queridos; después de 3 semanas se que tenemos preocupación por como está jugando el equipo a la defensiva, pero por ahora la mayor preocupación es que el equipo y todos los que trabajan en la organización se encuentren bien. Deseó que las personas reportadas por COVID-19 tengan una pronta recuperación y les envió un fuerte abrazo. Titan Up! 👍🏼🏈🗡️

Jim: Muchas gracias Juan. Sí, la salud de los jugadores es la prioridad número uno y es de esperar que todos se recuperen y sus familias se mantengan saludables. Cuando llegue el momento de volver a jugar al fútbol, entonces sí, será el momento de jugar mejor a la defensiva.

Joan Dutton from Cerritos, California
Hi Jim a crazy week to say least! I would like to express to you and the entire Titans organization speedy recoveries to all that have tested positive. All of you are in my prayers and I hope we have gotten a hold of this not spreading to anyone else in this great organization!! I appreciate the NFL for deciding to reschedule the game against the Steelers to a later date.

Jim: Thank you, Joan.

Russ Sicard from Lockport
3-0! I'll take it! As you said "would you rather be the Texans?" I keep hearing that the Titans are 3-0 but they haven't played a good team yet. I think John Harbaugh said it best when he said, "Every game is a big game," It's hard to win a game in the NFL.' The Titans have shown tremendous resiliency coming from behind and overcoming mistakes to win. Yes, I've seen the poor tackling, absence of a pass rush and mediocre run defense yet here they are atop the AFC South. I'm confident that Mike Vrabel and his staff will take steps to improve these issues. Also, let's not forget that A.J. Brown and Adoree' Jackson are not on the field. Derrick Henry may be leading the league in rushing but they have been tough yards. The addition of Clowney and Beasley will show dividends as well. I think the best is yet to come, (Yes, I just knocked on wood!).

Jim: I agree with everything here, Russ.

Pernell Windom from Memphis, Tennessee
I saw a lot of people talking about our defense but have they not realized that most of these guys have not played together because of the Covid-19. But what I want to know when will AJ Brown be back because I see how good we can be already with everyone healthy!

Jim: Hey Pernell. I think it's soon. The one good thing about the Titans being off this weekend is guys like A.J., Taylor Lewan, Adoree' Jackson, Isaiah Wilson and Chris Jackson all have another week to heal up. The hope is some of them could return for the October 11 game against the Bills. What happens on the practice field next week will reveal plenty.

João Gabriel Schutze from Campinas, Brazil
Hey Jim! How are you? I've planned to write a lot but got a little busy here. Well, I'm happy we already got 3-0 and I believe it's going to 4-0. I'm relieved the fate was nicer to Gostkowski than to Cairo. I see a lot of complainings about our defense and I understand but I believe each game helps the guys to trust more and know how to play with each other. Something like synergy. Our team is testing our heart each game and I don't care since we keep winning hahahahha. Simple question: Do you think our playbook is already done or Vrabel can surprise us soon? I saw you answering questions auf Deutsch und en español! That's amazing. Should I write in portuguese next time? It's really cool to see Titans around the world. Specially because we aren't too famous for people who are "out" of football world. Take care

Jim: Hello Joao. I think the team has put together game plans to beat the Broncos, Jaguars and Vikings. But the team still has a lot more it hasn't used, and when some of the injured players get healthy, that will help as well. And I agree: It's cool to see Titans fans in here from everywhere.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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