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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We've made it to Conference Championship weekend.

And, the last weekend of January.

Questions continue to pour into the mailbag as Titans fans weigh in on the state of the team, and what's next.

Let's dive into another batch of questions …

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Jonathon Harris from Lewisburg, Tennessee
Hello Jim 1st time writing my question is a play that happened in 2 critical games recently the 1st is in the Titans vs Jags. the Josh Dobbs fumble play that cost us the game (we were running out the clock)and the 2nd one over the weekend in the Cinn vs Buff game were Josh Allen's foward pass had the same motion as Josh Dobb's ours remained a fumble and Buffalo got to keep the ball just wondering if anyone else saw the same thing? I know it's too late but could you possibly review tapes and get back with me please and thanks from the biggest TITAN fan ever frfr!!!!!TITAN UP

Jim: Hey Jonathon. While I agree the Dobbs fumble play cost the Titans the game (because I don't think the Jaguars were scoring otherwise), I don't think we're going to agree on this – I thought it was called correctly. I think it was a fumble. I think the ball was knocked loose as Dobbs dropped back to pass, and his subsequent arm motion sent the ball forward after he lost possession. The Josh Allen play looked like more of a forward pass to me, but it could've/should've been called a fumble as well. I did think it was ridiculous how little time the officials spent reviewing the Dobbs play. But the Titans didn't lose because of the referee's call – they lost because Dobbs didn't get the ball out before the unblocked blitzer got to him, and because the play call required him to wait until receivers that were too far downfield to get open. It resulted in him taking a hit, and fumbling. Everyone is going to have to get over this.

Lucas Thomason from Moonshine Capital, Virginia
I feel with the recent success this team has finally had, fans are way past eager to keep it going. With the AJ trade, the fall off of the OL and a bad year, IMPATIENCE is at an all time high. I feel they can win with Tannehill. But obviously that cap number isn't helping this team grow. That said, do you think the new GM is willing to negotiate him down? Or make a deal for a different vet? Does it make sense to bring Lewan back (if he even wants to) at a lower cap price tag? He seems to be on a lot of other team's radar.

Jim: I'd try to keep Tannehill, but some conversations are going to need to happen. Lewan has said himself he expects to be cut. Heck, he seems to be enjoying his life, and doing Bussin' With the Boys. It wouldn't surprise me if he called it a career…

Randy Phillips from Mount Vernon, Illinois
Is it just me or would it make sense for the Titans new GM Mr. Carthon, which I believe is an excellent hire for the organization, to try to extend Henry's contract? Although he will be turning 30 just look what he did during this past season with all of the injuries to the O-line. Also, I am hoping Mr. Carthon makes a call to Monti O. to see what it would take to get Deandre Hopkins in Two Tone Blue. I won't mention my thoughts on the QB position yet, but will save that for another day. P.S baseball season is around the corner I take it you will be heading to Busch Stadium to see the Dodgers play this summer. (Go Cards)

Jim: The new GM certainly sounds like he likes Derrick, who I think still has it. Heck, I'd love to see Hopkins with the Titans as well, but I'm sure a lot of teams would love to have him. … Yes, already eyeing another road trip to Busch Stadium. I'll tip my Dodgers cap, make that visor, as I pass through Mount Vernon.

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Hey Jim, just a short one this time because my Wife has made it very clear I have written you more emails in the last month than I wrote her in my 24 year Navy Career! GO NAVY! Love the addition of Ran Carthon. His opening press conference was awesome. The way he used words like, "we", "us", "Team" and "with Mike Vrabel". I know J Rob did some great stuff for the organization. I just think a fresh set of eyes will push the team in a better direction. Can't wait to see the additions and subtractions he makes. TITAN UP!

Jim: I appreciate the emails, Jeremy, and thank you for your service. 😊
I thought Ran did great right out of the gate as well.

David Gornto from Alcoa, Tennessee
Hi Jim, I hope all is well with you and playoff football just is not the same without the Titans. So we have a GM, great hire in my opinion, and now my question is how do we rebuild the offensive line. Do you see it draft picks, development of players and getting healthy, free agency, or a little bit of all of the above? Thank you for all you do in keeping us connected to the team all year long!

Jim: Hey David. I think it's going to be a combination of things. As I said in the Tuesday mailbag, I think we could see 3-4 new starters on the Titans o-line in 2023.

Eli Decko from Youngwood, Pennsylvania
As you know I've been hyper-critical of the Titans this season. Usually I'm optimistic but curious. I'm so glad the Titans got rid of Downing and Carter. Huge addition by subtraction move. I am optimistic about the Carthon hiring because he wants to HELP Vrabel and not put the lights on himself like Robinson did. Since Carthon was a player and he's a likable guy from what everyone is saying, do you think it is possible he gets Tannehill and Lewan to restructure and continue to be Titans but with incentive heavy contracts so they can still EARN the money they are worth in their eyes? Nobody can deny what they have meant to the team. Tanny is the best QB without a shadow of a doubt the Titans have ever had, I loved McNair but as a QB he doesn't ever come close to Mariota. Lewan is toughness personified and helped in the original turnaround. I mean the dude came in for an injured Michael Roos and never looked back. Lots of fans talk about cutting Woods for cap, but Woods isn't even owed anything from what I've seen. Dupree should be gone for sure. He has been underwhelming as Kevin Dodd was. I do have an idea though. Farley is under contract and sure he's hurt, but would a switch back to receiver could probably help him from a standpoint of making the team. He is tall, incredibly fast and can jump over the grand canyon. Just some thoughts Jim. Happy New Year!

Jim: I hear ya, Eli. A lot of Titans fans were frustrated by what happened this season. Appreciate you weighing in here.

Christian Drolet from Quebec City, Canada
Do you think the team is ready to go All in with Malik Willis? With a fixed O-line and a playbook designed for him, it could be interesting, but with the choice of Josh Dobbs for the last two games, I'm not sure the Titans organisation has a lot of faith towards Willis. Merci et bonne journée!

Jim: Hey Christian. If you're asking me if the Titans are ready to make Malik Willis the starter in 2023 when you say 'ready to go all in' the answer for me is 'no'. Merci et bonne journée!

Dillon Raper from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Hey Jim, what's the chances we take a shot at Aaron Rodgers this offseason and from what I've seen Stefon Diggs was upset and rumored wanting to go elsewhere and maybe we should take a shot at him as well? Of course along with a better O-line as we know that any quarterback thinking of coming to the Titans would not be enticed with our existing o-line.

Jim: So, where are you seeing these Stefon Diggs rumors? He was upset because they lost and it's already snowballed to this?

Sean Williams from Germantown, Tennessee
: Can Tennessee move on from Tannehill? Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers may be in the market. Diggs probably wants out of Buffalo as well, he'd be a superstar to fill the void left by AJ in what possibly could be the worst trade in NFL history.

Jim: Oh man, this Diggs rumor is spreading fast…

Jonathan Humphrey from Rumsey, Kentucky
GM win JIM! GM WIN!!! I love that Ran came over to the Titans and I believe he will be WONDERFUL for our organization. It looks like that is the overall consensus from the fans and the front office folks as well. Cant wait for to see what is yet to come in Titans football this year. My question Jim is for some of the coaches (more so the OC) I see the Titans are looking at hiring from within house. Are they also looking out to other teams that lost head coaches this year? If you ask me Frank Reich would be a GREAT replacement for Downing. Its just my opinion and maybe also a pipe dream. I know its possibly a stupid question and i feel the answer is "YES, they are looking outside the office as well" but of course i have to ask it. Follow up question: I dont work in professional football obviously but are the candidates more favorable if they are already in house vs from another organization? At my corp job, they always offer inside before they even offer the job outside the walls. Does that have a lot of truth here as well? Thanks again JIM!

Jim: Hey Jonathan. Coach Vrabel is handling the search for the openings on his coaching staff. When he says he has deals in place, I'll be reporting them here. I suspect he's talking to candidates on his current staff, as well as coaches across the NFL. Vrabel is doing his best to find the right fits for each job. Stay tuned.

Jamie Holladay from Guyton, Georgia
Hi Jim! What do you think about Vrabel's multiple comments about speed?
Will we get a glorious draft everyone always wants where hi draft capital each round is on Wr, TE, RB /returners? maybe an actual Rb/Slot/returner type for a change up? Anyways we can dream right?

Jim: What did I make of it? He wants faster guys across the board, and I think the team needs it. Heck, I've even been working on my 40 time. Already shaved two-tenths of a second off it since end the end of the season...

Have a great weekend everyone!

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