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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now at the end of March, and marching toward the NFL Draft.

Man, time is flying by this offseason.

The questions also continue to fly into the mailbag during what's been a busy stretch for the Titans.

Let's dive into another batch ….

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Brian Weber from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Hi Jim, I am a longtime Oilers/Titans fan. Now that JRob has made moves in free agency, how do you think it may change his draft mindset? Do you agree that corner, edge, and linebacker are the Titans biggest needs or do you take a chance on a big name wide receiver or TE if they happen to fall in the first round? Thanks for doing what you do, Titan up!!

Jim: Hey Brian. I now think a lot of things are in play. Heading into free agency, I had edge rusher as priority No.1 in the NFL Draft. While I still think it's a need, I don't think it has to come with the first pick, although I'm not ruling it out. But I also think receiver, a d-lineman and a defensive back are all now in play as well, and as you mentioned, linebacker. Do I dare say an o-lineman, too? It's pretty wide open at 22 now. The Titans will have plenty of options in the draft, but still good players remain out there in free agency, too. What happens in the next few weeks could provide more clues as well.

Tom Darko Jr. from Great Falls, Montana
Hi Jim. My question is with all the hours and work the paid coaches and GM have put in so far in free agency and with the loss of Jonnu Smith and Corey Davis, in your opinion would it be a possibility to bring back Delanie Walker on a one-year deal to shore up the tight end position or do you believe they're possibly looking to draft that (among the various) position?

Jim: Hey Tom. Good to hear from you. Bringing Delanie back, as much as I like him, would surprise me. I suspect the Titans will address the position further in the draft, and with another player in free agency. MyCole Pruitt is still out there, and he remains a possibility as well.

Scott Martin from Satellite Beach, Florida
Jim, love your work, your candor and always your wit! This is more of a statement or opinion, and yes everyone has one. Mine is about Isaiah, I'm unsure why someone with god given talent, size, and strength, with the opportunity that 99.9 percent of the population will never get to earn millions and be able to invest, take care of his family, and retire young would throw this away to party. I wish ill will on no one, and hope if it's mental illness he gets it fixed. However, with what JR said "he is a different person than who we met and spoke with on numerous occasions". I believe "LayZay" should be reprimanded for telling our leaders what they wanted to hear and basically lied. Everyone these days is afraid to speak in reality, calling out those who should be for such behaviors. Making excuses and fearing stepping on toes has pushed truth and responsibility to the background and FRANKLY, our TITANS DESERVED BETTER! Sorry to offend anyone, but it bothered me immensely. Thank you Jim, and I love the Titans.

Jim: Hey Scott. I appreciate you weighing in. I really do think the Titans did their homework on Isaiah, and in all the years I've covered the team I've never seen such a disappointing result. At this point, the Titans have no choice but to lick their wounds and move on. Picking him turned out to be a mistake. I sincerely hope Isaiah can get his life in order at this point and find his way.

Jack Walker from Calabasas, California
Hi Jim. Off season's getting exciting... I know the Titans Brass already know more about the Draft than any of us fans... so I'm not going to make SUGGESTIONS, maybe just a few wishes. Hold off on EDGE at Pick #1. I think Christian Barmore, as a book-end to Big Jeffery would give greater returns overall in pass rush + run defense than a Kwity Paye or Joseph Ossai. Then let's watch for Kadarius Toney and Elijah Moore in rd2 and get our EDGE in rd3, Patrick Jones from Pitt.

Jim: It's going to be interesting, Jack. Thanks for weighing in.

Steven Crosio from Brick, New Jersey
Hey there Jim, as we know Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel showed up at Alabama's Pro Day. In your opinion what does that mean? Are we looking into Christian Barmore or will there be a trade for Devonta Smith, Jaylen Waddle or Patrick Surtain II in the upcoming Draft Future?

Jim: Alabama has the best program in college football. Robinson and Vrabel went because they're loaded with players, and possibilities. I'd take any of the players you mentioned, by the way.

Robert Kisner from Lebanon, Tennessee
Are the Titans going to play gravel defense this year or are they going to get an actual defensive coordinator that will call the plays? I would love to see the Titans going to Super Bowl this year but they will be a bust if gravel is calling the plays. He is a great coach but he's not a play caller.

Jim: I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place with this one…

Eli Decko from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Good morning Jim. I have had some time to digest the changes in our team and I'm still upset but not angry. Releasing Adoree Jackson and Malcolm Butler to sign a well past his prime Jenoris Jenkins makes absolutely no sense unless it is a 1 year less than 1 million dollar deal. I used to love some Jenkins but he is far from the player the Rams drafted these days. Bud Dupree being given the bank is an absolute LOSS, granted UPMC has the best doctors in the world so his knee is not my worry. The worry is this: His career high is 11.5 sacks. Which it took TJ Watt and 5 other DOMINANT players on the front 7 for him to accomplish. My point is that he does not CREATE. So he doesn't make anyone better. So both of these signings are absolute dog food in my opinion. Letting Corey and Jonnu go to spend money on a Dupree is truly sad. These two guys gave the team everything on every snap. Jonnu was on pace to have the single greatest season ever for a TE, but when Lewan went down he unselfishly became the 6th offensive lineman. NOBODY else in the league would have done that. We all know about Corey and his guille so that doesn't need explaining. Unless we draft Terrace Marshall, physically resembles Davis, then what is the point? Elijah Moore is a good receiver but he reminds me too much of Kendall Wright, no blocking skill at all, but he is a good player. Do you see us resigning Clowney at least? That would make good sense at this point considering Dupree needs a superstar to play opposite of him to have success? Please help us understand Jim, or at least me. Thank you as always for giving us fans honest insight and up to date information on our team.

Jim: Oh man, Eli. I've never heard you this worked up. Personally, I think you're selling Dupree and Jenkins short. As for Clowney, I suspect he'll sign elsewhere.

James Jackson from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Will we still have the same game announcer on game day at the stadium?

Jim: Hey James. No, Mike 'Duke" Donegan retired at the end of last season following a great career. The team is in the process of finding his replacement.

Anthony Eddins from Loretto, Tennessee
I'm a psl club seat owner and I'm concerned about the ability to get the attendance back up to 100 percent! What steps are needed to get us there? If we don't get to 100 percent, why are we allowing other teams to take our home field advantage away from us by buying up the seats? I am looking forward to the season Go Titans

Jim: Hey Anthony. The expectation – and hope – is to pack Nissan Stadium in 2021. I believe every team in the NFL has hopes of filling stadiums at 100 percent. Of course, the pandemic will decide plenty in the coming months. Here's hoping vaccinations will help rid the country of this virus, and allow stadiums to be filled with fans. As for fans of other teams buying up the seats, the schedule won't be out until May, and right now only season tickets are available for purchase.

Derrell Lyles from Lanham, Maryland
Hey Jim. I hope all is well with you. What is the deal with our Defensive Lineman Larrell Murchison, who was drafted in the fifth round of the 2020 NFL Draft.? Is he going to play? Or will the team cut him?

Jim: Hey Derrell. Larrell is still with the team, and I expect him to compete for his roster spot and playing time in 2021. He'll have to earn his way onto the field. I think he's a developing player with talent.

Paul Wiese from Munich, Germany
Being a Titans fan I constantly get the feeling that Titans players often don't get the respect they deserve. Particularly Henry not getting any MVP votes or Tannehill not voted into the Pro Bowl is ridiculous imo. Do u agree? Can u come up with any reasons for that?

Jim: Hello Paul. I do think small-market teams like the Titans sometimes get overlooked by media/fans. But there's no doubt they're respected across the league by their peers, and coaches. Derrick winning the league's Offensive Player of the Year award was great recognition, and looking at the guys who made the Pro Bowl at QB this year, I think every one of them deserved it.

Shaw Hall from West Monroe, Louisiana
Hello Jim. Really missing the gameday periscopes. Will this seasons OTA be in person are virtual again?

Jim: Hey Shaw. I know you're one of the regulars on the periscopes! I always recognize the 'West Monroe' because that's where my sister, Angie, lives. As for the OTAs, it's TBD at this point. I know coaches would love to have the players in person, and I suspect a lot of the veteran players don't mind going virtual and working out on their own. This will be worked out by the NFL and the NFLPA. Stay tuned.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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