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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're now rolling into July, and getting closer to Titans training camp.

We're also closing in on position previews, a sure sign we're just weeks away.

Thanks for keeping this mailbag hopping.

Keep firing questions my way and I'll keep answering them…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Tod Knopp from Franklin, Tennessee
Hey Jim - thanks, I had a good July 4th weekend. Went for a cruise and happened to see Racey McMath riding a custom motorcycle down Hillsboro Pike. The LSU lid was a dead giveaway. Curious how he's been coming along?

Jim: Hey Tod. It was a good 4th on my end as well. I can neither confirm nor deny Racey was on that motorcycle – I've never seen him on it. But good looking-out by you if it was in fact Racey. As for how he's done this offseason, well, he's been slowed because of an injury/recovery, decked out in a yellow jersey in the 7-on-7 and team drills. I expect him to be back in the mix in camp, and he should be in a good position to contend. Racey impressed during last year's training camp. Heck, A.J. Brown said he reminded him of a young Julio Jones. But Racey has to stay consistent. I'm looking forward to seeing how he does.

Joseph Carney from South Anchorage, Alaska
Hi Jim! Dog days of summer patiently waiting for some football...
So our Titans get no love from the national football media. Bonus for us as that skews the betting odds in our favor. lol
But we've got a top defense that will only be better with the return of Caleb Farley and Rashad Weaver. I know you play it low-key but you've got to have some excitement for the return of those guys!
Hopefully we can hold up at RT. Someone (Morris?) recently wrote down the gauntlet of pass rushers we have to face the first several weeks of the season. Scary. If Radunz doesn't work I'm not sure we have a real solid plan b. Petit-Frere is an impressive young man from an intellectual/interview perspective but that won't translate to physicality on the field. Your take?
And we're banking on J. Jones at LG? Vrabel seems to have alot of faith so I gotta role with that.
How big of deal is the Burks asthma saga? Is that the ONLY reason he was held out for most of the offseason? Hope the young man is healthy and good-to-go!
Otherwise we are poised for another run! LOVE our rooks! Saw someone (Morris again??) projecting all 9 to make the team. Could be a stretch. Your take on the rookie class as a whole?
Thanks Jim!

Jim: Hey Joseph. I'll fly through some of these.
I am looking forward to seeing Caleb and Rashad as well, two of my favorites from last year's draft class. As for the national media, you shouldn't waste any time worrying about trying to impress them. None of it matters.
Radunz is the guy to beat at RT, and I'm not really looking at Petit-Frere as a true contender as a rookie.
At LG, I consider Aaron Brewer as the favorite.
The Burks asthma saga has been overblown.
I like this year's rookie class, but heck, these guys haven't even put pads on yet. It's took early to make a big judgement on any of them.

Donald Hudson from Aromas, California
Hello Jim, I am a little different of a fan that normally ask questions of you. I am curious as to why some of the other tight ends never show up in your answers about the tight end situation on the Titans? There is a tight end entering his third year on the Titans. Been there through many injuries and a suspension (Bad pre workout from China). Arthur Smith had high praise for this young man before he left for Atlanta. So, I humbly ask what you think of TE Tommy Hudson? Thank You Mr Wyatt

Jim: Hi Mr. Hudson. Good to hear from you. I was actually asked about the tight ends in last week's mailbag, and this was my answer verbatim: "I think at least three tight ends with make the roster – Austin Hooper, Chig Okonkwo and Geoff Swaim. The team likes Tommy Hudson, but he's had trouble staying healthy." … I like your son, Tommy. I think he's a tough kid, and when he's been healthy, he's had some good moments. He's a fine young man, which he proved again when he went out of his way to help the tornado victims in Kentucky last year. But the reality is he's had bad luck from a health standpoint, and that's continued this offseason. Like I said last week, I think Hooper, Okonkwo and Swaim make the 53-man roster. Tommy is in line to be the fourth, either on the active roster or practice squad. But he has to stay healthy to give himself a chance. I wish Tommy, and your entire family, the best.

Randy Phillips from Mount Vernon, Illinois
I don't pay a lot of attention to all of the rankings of teams and position groups for "respect factors", but there was one that caught my attention recently. The Titans defensive front was ranked #10. Did the person that wrote that article actually watch Landry, Simmons, Dupree, and Autry play together? I have been to about 50 games in Nashville, but I am looking forward to taking my 8 year-old son to his 1st game vs the Jags this season. On a side note you heading to STL to watch the Dodgers play in a few weeks?

Jim: Hey Randy! I think the Titans defense, especially the pass rush, is underrated. … And yes, I do plan on being at Busch Stadium this week to see my Dodgers! May have to swing by the Steak n' Shake in Mount Vernon on the way up!

Sam Mann from Birmingham, Alabama
Jim, any updates on renovations to Nissan Stadium or a new stadium next door? Also, what are the odds we ever see the Titans wear an alternate red jersey ? Titan up!

Jim: Hey Sam. Nothing new to report on the stadium. I think we'll know in the fall. I think the odds are better that we'll see a new stadium instead of renovations to Nissan. ... I've heard nothing about red jerseys.

Tommy Henley from Cookeville, Tennessee
Hi Jim always glad to hear the news an hope you an your family is well, my question is about Ryan I no he really got down on the loss to Cincinnati, have you seen any changes I no Tannehill can do it, he's a good QB an I hope he builds some confidence this off season He's brought this team a long ways since he's been on the team an if he's reading this, I got complete faith in him he's a leader so I'm hoping he builds a good relationship with his receivers, this year but thanks Jim for letting me say something bout my team im a Titan 4LIFE an never been to a game I hope and pray I can see one this year. Go Titans!!!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Tommy. Ryan had a good offseason, from a performance and leadership standpoint. But we all know he's going to need to show improvement on game days compared to a year ago

Isaac Diffenderfer from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Hi Jim, I don't like the Colts, I don't like the Colts colors, I mean, white and blue don't look all that nice together to me. Thy also have a dumb stadium that looks like a barn and is named Lucas Oil. What a stupid name and design. Their fans are annoying to, they talk about how great Matt Ryan is and how he is a top ten qb in the league! Well news flash, he isn't! And when their stupid team does bad they don't make any comment! They always blame it on one reason each time and never admit they just lost! Also their logo is a dumb horseshoe, who makes their sport team logo a horseshoe! Even if it was a horseshoe throwing team it would still be lame! That's like a football team's logo being a football! My blood boils while thinking of them! Like just why! Ahh! Blahhhhhh!
So anyway, what are your thoughts on pizza?

Jim: Isaac coming in hot here! ... And, I had pizza for dinner last night (Blaze Pizza in Brentwood)

Paul Franchina from Stansbury Park, Utah
I am more just wondering a nice restaurant in the Nashville area to take my wife for her birthday in September?

Jim: Two food questions in a row! I'm going to go with The Southern Steak & Oyster, which is in downtown Nashville. Kayne Prime is in the Gulch, and it's outstanding as well. If you're looking for something more casual, I say Martin's BBQ, which has a location downtown.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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