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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Now, it's on to Christmas.

Actually, it's on to Indianapolis for the Titans.

A big AFC South game coming up on Sunday, huh?

Let's talk about it in this weekend's Titans mailbag…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Vinny Balsamello from Westville, Illinois
Hey Jim, the next man up mentality has been working in our favor and I think it's the best mentality to keep going into the later part of the season, with quite a few starters out we get to see guys like Amani Hooker play very well, Breon Borders has played very well I think. But, will we ever get to see a dose of Daren Bates on defense or Isaiah Wilson on offense? We may have 1 or 2 people in depth above Daren Bates but.... Isaiah Wilson has to be considered right? Thanks as always Jim.

Jim: Hey Vinny. You're right – Amani and Breon have stepped up big time for the Titans. Hard to believe Hooker now leads the team in interceptions (3), and Borders has been solid while playing pretty much every snap now. As for Bates and Wilson, I think Bates will continue to be a key special teams player, since Will Compton is ahead of him at inside backer. As for Wilson, he's still trying to work his way up with other guys ahead of him in the pecking order.

Josh Karnett from Boston, Massachusetts
Love reading your stuff every week, makes the week easier to get by with your content! Great win Sunday, but still think this team has yet to hit their ceiling. What are some adjustments you expect to see against the Colts in this AFC South rematch? Surely, I think Henry will touch the ball a lot more than he did a few weeks ago against Indy and hoping the defense has plans to get a lot more pressure on Rivers.

Jim: Thanks Josh. How about a whole new gameplan vs the Colts? Just kidding, or maybe not... The last game against the Colts was dreadful, I think we all agree on that. The defense needs to be more aggressive this time around and keep Colts QB Philip Rivers from picking them apart. The special teams unit needs to avoid another meltdown. Offensively, I'd like to see Derrick Henry be even more of a factor. But there's no doubt the Colts can be had – heck, the Ravens beat them by two touchdowns in Indianapolis just a few weeks ago.

Jordan Newbury from Cushing, Texas
In July of this year, my Pop passed away from lung cancer. Only 63 days later, we lost my beloved Mom to a liver disease that she was born with. She raised me an Oilers/Titans fan, while the rest of our family were Cowboys fans. Since I was a child, watching the Titans every Sunday was our thing, and we didn't miss a game! Mom loved this football team, sir, and never wavered no matter how low the lows got. So, I have a request, nothing crazy, no autographs, memorabilia, shoutouts, etc. I ask you, Mr. Wyatt, if the opportunity presents itself, please just let some, even just one of the players know, that Kay Waddell adored their team, and every player on it for many years, and that she is without doubt watching every snap, hollering at refs, and cheering them on from a better place!! Her favorite current player was AJ Brown, but Big Jeff was a close 2nd! As I said, she loved them all!! Please don't feel any pressure, sir, I understand things like this aren't as easy as some folks think! Thank you, Jim, and God bless!!

Jim: Thanks for sharing this insight, and for your support, Jordan. I'm really sorry to hear about you mom and dad. My dear mom's name is Kay as well. May God bless you and your family, and we'll spread the word about your devoted mother.

Donley Canary from Raymore, Missouri
Up and down season so far, but I believe in the Titans and as a 22-year season ticket holder I have faith that we will achieve a championship at the season's conclusion. My question is regarding Adoree Jackson. The Titans picked up his 5th year option and Adoree should be a huge factor in our defense. However, a knee injury has sidelined him. Will he make it back this season? Information on his injury has been minimal. Do the Titans expect him to be sidelined the entire season? Seems like the team should be more forthcoming with the extent of his injury. Keep expecting to see he is ready to go, but he does not even practice. Did he get hurt again? Please give us the scoop on his injury.

Jim: Hey Donley. Thanks for your loyalty, and support. Going to do my best to clear some things up here regarding Adoree', because I know it's been a source of frustration for Titans fans. The Titans planned on Adoree' being a starting cornerback from Week 1, but he suffered a knee injury the week before the opener. He was placed on Injured Reserve, and after giving him a lot of time to rehab the injury, the Titans had a choice to make last month – activate him and give him more time (and a chance to play this year), or keep him IR, which would have ended his season. The Titans activated him, of course. But a few weeks later, he's still not ready to play yet. So, the team now has the option of making him an inactive each week until he's ready. He's already been ruled out for Sunday's game against the Colts. Is there a chance the team and Jackson ultimately decide he's not going to be able to play this year? Well, I guess that's also a possibility, considering it's almost December. As for the team not disclosing information, it has no obligation to do so. And the reason it remains a mystery nearly three months later is not the team's fault, and it's not Adoree's fault either. At least that's the perspective of the guy (me) who covered the team as a beat reporter for The Tennessean for over 15 years, and felt like it was his job to find out everything. In that job, it was MY fault if something remained a mystery, because that's a beat writer's job. And I can promise you I never complained because the team wouldn't tell me something. A beat writer's job is to find out. But enough about my old job. In my current job, working for the team, I'm not going to deliver any "scoops" on injuries. The day I do that I'll be scooped out of my seat and looking for another job.

Michael Ward from Clinton, Tennessee
Hi Jim hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I've been reading you're mailbag for at least 2 years now and always wanted to write you but I work a lot. This week is the Colts it's a business week for us this is a game we gotta have to at least have a shot at winning the division. I hope we can pull it off Jim. I love my Titans since the Oiler days and Steve McNair was running the show. My only question as of right now is Adoree Jackson what is going on with his status because he has missed over half the season. I'm a big fan I love the questions and your answers I'm just glad to write you Titan up !! Family let's support our team as they make their final push for the playoffs and Happy Thanksgiving!

Jim: Hey Michael. Thanks for the well wishes and I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving as well. Make sure you read my response to Donley just above about Adoree'.

Johnathan Conway from Cottonwood Heights, Utah
Good morning Jim. I love watching all the camaraderie out on the field! It reminds me of my time in the military, there's just nothing like it. With the camaraderie the Titans have, they can get through anything- they are truly Tennessee Tough!!!! I'm one of many Titans fans from Utah, and just wanted to show the team that there are fans all over the country rooting for the Two Tone Blue!! #TitanUp

Jim: Good to hear from you in Utah. It is a tight-knit group that's had to battle through a lot of adversity this year. Big challenge coming up on Sunday for sure…

Jonathan Wright from Bishop Auckland, United Kingdom
No question just a few thoughts to share. Like several contributors I was ready to let off steam during the Ravens game Sunday, but I'm glad I held off. Absolute monster performance from AJ Brown, reminded me of Earl Campbell videos I caught up on thanks to a Colts fan's recommendation from one of my annual Titans trips. I still believe we're sorely missing a DC, but guess that'll have to wait until next year. Listening to Tony Romo calling the game makes me believe we need to follow his advice and leave Henry in and make teams stop him, the two point conversion was a perfect illustration of his effect. I'm of the belief that had we used him more against Indy we'd have taken something from the game, so hopefully we'll ride The King more this Sunday and get the win to split the series. Big shout out to the o-line, with all of the injuries they've suffered this year, their performance has been amazing. That's all from me, but I hope to be able to be back over next year to restart my annual pilgrimage watching the Titans. Might even convince my wife I need to make an extended visit and take in a few games.

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Jonathan.

Ray Crisera from New York, New York
Hey Jim. Loved seeing the Titans will themselves to victory on Sunday. Defense stepped up in a big way, especially considering all the injuries. I love our front office, but I do have a couple of questions about two of the decisions they made in the off-season: why was no effort made to bring back Logan Ryan? At his original asking price, I get it. But he ended up signing with the Giants for less than that, and is an important piece of a very solid defense. Also, why didn't they pick up Corey Davis' option? Yes, he did underperform his draft position, but you yourself said the team appreciates his roughness and team first attitude more than the fans do. Yet they didn't pick up the option. No lesson learned from losing Jack Conklin in FA? Oh, one more I thought of: Any chance they bring in Wesley Woodyard since we lost Jayon Brown?

Jim: Hey Ray. I still get a lot of Logan Ryan questions in here, which speaks to his popularity and the impact he made while in Nashville. He's a great guy. I admit, I miss seeing him around, too. He's not here now because I think the team had a $ figure in mind at that position, and it wasn't going to go above it. And Logan got paid elsewhere. The Titans drafted Kristian Fulton to fill that void, and unfortunately, he's dealt with injuries. The Titans didn't pick up Corey's option because it would have been for about $16 million. It was the right business move. It doesn't mean the team can't re-sign him after this season. As for Woodyard, no movement there this week…

John Clark from Hampton, Virginia
No question here just a comment. I'm glad our squad won against the Ravens but I refuse to get to excited because this is ongoing issue. It seems like they only play better after being scrutinized. I will start bragging about my Titans again if they beat Indy or even if they lose it's not because of piss poor playing or coaching like 2 weeks ago and I pray they stop losing to garbage teams from Ohio.

Jim: Thanks for the heads up, John. I'll let the fellas know.

Martin Walker from Whiteville, Tennessee
Hi Jim, thanks for sharing your Intel on our team. I'm glad we got the OT win over the Ravens and that we were back in first place of our division if only for a couple of hours. I like our chances this week even though the Colts look strong in all of our weak areas. I'm hoping Coach Vrabel will show us his strategic prowess (like Belichek would) and put up a dominant performance. I'd really like to see someone get a hand on Rivers. Maybe we can blitz a lot like the Steelers. No team wants to face that. And I'd like to see our offense set up the run by passing on first or second down once in a while with a RB to help block. We seem so very predictable. Most of the time, if Derrick Henry doesn't get three strides before contact, like on the edges, we end up in obvious passing situations. I'm looking forward to a Superbowl run starting this Sunday, including a chance to knock out Pittsburgh on the way. Titan up!!!!

Jim: Have a good one, Martin.

Kevin Yoshizu from Honolulu, Hawaii
Aloha again Jim. Hey Jim, can I get your opinion on an idea I've been tossing around. Since Mike Vabrel has been doing a better job as a Head Coach than a Defensive Coordinator with the Texans and since Matt Patricia was doing a fine job as a Defensive Coordinator from 2012 to 2017 with the Patriots (they averaged approx 13 wins per season) than as the current Head Coach of the Detroit Lions, do you think Mike Vrabel would be interested in hiring Matt Patricia as next year's DC if he would be available? If Dean Pees doesn't come on board next year and Matt Patricia loses his job as HC of the Lions, I think Matt would definitely be an upgrade for our defense rather than a DC by committee like we have now. Titans could be on the verge of greatness if we had a good and proven DC this year. What do you think of this idea? Aloha Jim.

Jim: Aloha, Kevin. This is hyper on hypotheticals. I still have 2020 vision.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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